Kia press conference video from L.A. Auto Show

Vice president of sales at Kia Motors America, Mr. Tom Loveless opened the press conference at the L.A auto show, where Kia revealed the Soul urban crossover to the US audience.

The company has put 12 different Kia Souls on display at the show, each coated in a unique color and wearing different set of vinyls and exterior accessories.

He talked about the new Soul for a few minutes and provided lots of detailed information. He was later joined by Michael Sprague and Tom Kearns, a chief designer at KMA.

Tom talked about how the Soul evolved from a concept to a real production vehicle. The press conference ends with a funny video where Mike Torpey, a talented designer who drew the original Soul sketch, introduces the Soul crossover. We have seen this video a few days ago, and it’s really cool.


8 thoughts on “Kia press conference video from L.A. Auto Show

  1. looks beautiful in black. I see its has no armrest and centre storage but just a ‘pit’ to keep a diary or map but its not too bad. And I agree the best seat is the driver’s… :)

  2. Well, I thought it woul be great to have it here. It doesn’t really provide anything new to us, who know pretty much everything about the Soul, but still…

  3. yeah we’re all pretty much in the know more than anyone else thanks to you himi :) i like how the main guy had his kids on the iChat in the background. it was pretty cool. they’re definitely adamant about selling this thing to younger folks. which is good. maybe they really CAN out-scion scion. *fingers crossed*

  4. Gee, I hope they don’t use the same naming method for the sports model Soul as Honda do. ie Honda Civic Type ‘R’.
    I’ll leave it up to you to work that one out…….

  5. Well, the Soul’s trims are Base, +, !, and Sport. Go to kiamedia . com. There is lots of Soul info there.

  6. the armrest isnt there for front seats. didnt check the the back but I think I had seen armrest for back seat.

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