Kia POP concept car images released ahead of 2010 Paris Auto Show

Stunning Kia POP concept car set to make its official premiere at the forthcoming 2010 Paris Auto Show!

Kia Motors Corporation today released a set of images previewing the all-new POP concept car, which is scheduled to make its official debut at the upcoming Paris Auto Show.

With the new POP concept car, Kia continues its tradition of unveiling an eye-catching and environmental friendly concept vehicles at motor shows, which are all primarily used to showcase the automaker’s design and development capabilities.

According to Kia, the all-new POP concept car is a zero-emission electric vehicle, which features electric motor and next-generation lithium polymer battery.

As evident from the released pictures, the POP concept car offers seating for three, with two seats placed at front and additional one at rear. With only 3 meters in length, the POP concept vehicle is smaller than Kia Picanto, which is currently the smallest vehicle in the automaker’s model line-up. Its about the same size as Toyota iQ, which is already on sale in Europe.

The latest Kia concept is inspired by Kia Ray electric concept car, which has been unveiled earlier this year at New York Auto Show. It features LED lightning and large panoramic roof that reveals vehicle’s purple colored interior and chromed dashboard.

Kia announced it will take the wraps of its latest Pop concept car at the 2010 Paris Auto Show on September 30.  That’s when we expect to see more official shots and hear more details about the vehicle’s powertrain technologies and capabilities. Stay tuned!

Kia POP concept car image gallery:

Kia Kia-paris-auto-show Kia-POP-concept-car


20 thoughts on “Kia POP concept car images released ahead of 2010 Paris Auto Show

  1. I always believed the Picanto should not be a 5 door. If Kia is serious about this design and want to use it in a production vehicle, I say the next gen Picanto should take lots of design features from this concept.

  2. I truly believe some design ideas found on the Kia Pop concept will make it in production someday soon. We might see them on new Picanto or Rio.

  3. I’m eagerly awaiting the day that they reveal the range of this vehicle. Hope they won’t disappoint.

  4. Wow, 4 lugnuts for this segment is a lot. The Smart only has three! IDK why, but I always notice how many lugnuts a car has. I hate when cars have only four lugnuts. That’s one thing Kia did right for the Forte – 5 lugnuts.

  5. What do you mean 3 cylinder turbocharge all electric engine? Is it diesel only, partially electric, or full electric?

  6. what he meant to say was, Picanto will have a 3 cyl turbo AND and optional all-electric version in the next model year (europe only i guess)

  7. I dont know what it could really be, but as far as I can tell, thats some type of Heads Up Display (HUD) on the dash which you can see in the third pic that shows the front of the car (you know the type in the corvette where the speed is projected on the windscreen).
    Also notice from the top view pic, there isnt much of a gauge cluster behind the steering wheel, but instead i see some sort of “second level” display, centered at the back of the dashboard (at the wind screen edge).

  8. car’s that are smaller than fiesta are what’s needed for brands operating in Europe. Audi’s come up with A1 and S1, Aston Martin with cygnet, toyota iQ, nissan micra and BMW’s planned 1-series shows that there is market for these cars over there. So the POP, or whatever the production version will be called is pretty important to Kia. I think they have other things in mind for Rio (Maybe another concept?)

  9. Ah, another problem with Kia’s stupid Alpha numeric system. What do they call this car? The Kia K0.5? K1 would be Picanto. They need to leave well enough alone with the names. Since when is there going to be a “new Carens”?? All they are going to do is sell the came Carens with nothing but a grille change until 2015.

  10. But this really could be what the next picanto (or picanto replacement) turns into – i.e. a 3 door. Making picanto a 5 door was pointless in the first place. Cars of this size, should primarily be 3 door. So it can be the K1 (That’s if they sell it in S. Korea. This sort of car only has a market in Europe and maybe some South Asian countries.)

  11. I’m sure Kia Motors of South Korea has bigger fish ta fry than what they’re gonna name their great vehicles. Eh?

  12. I’m really liking my grandma’s new 09 Amanti. Even if the styling on the outside is bad. The inside is quiet, and the ride is like a cloud. Too bad its not a better looking vehicle. Kia had a real winner with the Amanti. Hopefully the Cadenza has a ride like the Amanti.

  13. Very nice car and a beautiful original design, we have an Toyota IQ a very different car also some Japan hated car enthusiast said about the IQ it is a copie of the Smart but we can tell after having a Smart it is a big lie.

    These people are liars and are sheaps follow other footsteps they walk after others and they do not have any charisma or character.

    Please manufacture this very beauty car, and we will bought it, we like modern small cars,


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