Kia Optima Wagon Confirmed For Production In 2016

During the Frankfurt Auto Show, we have learned pretty much everything about the upcoming Optima sedan.

But the thing that excites us most is the promise of more Optima models in the near future.

The fast growing South Korean automaker has just revealed plans to expand the Optima range with a new station wagon and a plug-in hybrid model.

The wagon version of the 2016 Optima will satisfy those consumers who want a bigger boot and, at the same time, help Kia grab a larger slice of the midsize car market in Europe.

The all-new Optima wagon will takes most of its styling cues from the highly-appraised Sportspace concept vehicle, which has been first unveiled at Geneva auto show earlier this year.

Kia Optima wagon

You can expect the model to look strikingly similar to the current Optima 4-door sedan from the tip of the front bumper to the B-pillar.

Beyond that, it will boast a longer roof line, a rakish D-pillar and sharp horizontal LED tail-lamps.

Engine-wise, the Optima wagon will share its powertrain technology with the 4-door sibling, meaning, a range of diesel and gasoline 4-cylinder engines are going to be available.

The European consumers will have a choice of a 1,7L CRDI diesel engine or a 2,0L turbo 4-banger tuned to make 245 horsepower.

Along with these highly efficient engines will come a brand-new 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

In addition, Kia also plans to launch a Optima wagon plug-in hybrid, which will incorporate the automaker’s latest hybrid car know-how.

It is believed that the hybrid electric drivetrain technology will be shared with the already-available Hyundai Sonata PHEV (on sale in the USA).

Exact technical details are not known at this point, but Kia has already revealed that the model will be able to drive on electricity alone (short distances only).

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4 thoughts on “Kia Optima Wagon Confirmed For Production In 2016

  1. Although several competitors offer AWD (VW Passat, Opel Insighnia), the Optima Sportspace won’t have the all-wheel-drive system.

  2. Hello,I wanted to ask kia why don’t they have any all wheel drive systems on their car as I would gladly pay the difference in the cost.why do es kia refuse to put a 8 way power seat on the optimas or does kia care if the passengers can see out or not?????//COME ON KIA GET WITH THE PROGRAM….BERNARD EDWARDS CANAL WINCHESTER,OHIO

  3. Just a thought, if you want an AWD wagon then why not go a Sportage or a Sorento? Is it really worthwhile on the Optima?

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