Spy Shots: Kia Is Working On Optima Hybrid

The 2016 Optima is already on its way to Kia showrooms all across the US, which is good news for the brand, as it allows them to focus all their attention on hybrid models of the sedan.

The 2017 Kia Optima hybrid and hybrid plug-in models are being worked on at the same time by Kia engineers.

The 2017 Optima hybrid, which will share the same technology as the Hyundai Sonata hybrid, was recently spotted being put through its paces at the Hyundai-Kia R&D center in Korea.

A few spy pics have now surfaced of the vehicle that will be sold as the K5 Hybrid in the Korean market.

2017 Optima hybrid spy shots

New Kia Optima Hybrid carUnder the hood of the Optima Hybrid will be a 2.0L GDI 4-cylinder engine mated to a 38 kW electric motor.

The engine will crank out 156 horsepower and 19.3 kg,m, which is a pretty solid increase over the previous model.

The electric motor will have a maximum torque of 20.9 kg.m, which is an almost 9% increase.

These upgrades will allow the Kia hybrid vehicle to deliver improved fuel efficiency, with the power from the aforementioned engine being sent to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The new set-up is designed specifically for hybrid vehicles, with almost all of the hybrid components tucked away in the transmission. This helps to keep energy losses to a minimum, whilst also ensuring excellent fuel efficiency.

2017 Optima plug-in hybrid

We can also expect to see a plug-in hybrid version of the 2017 Optima in the near future, which will be a first of its kind for Kia.

These will represent the first steps that Kia are taking to expand their eco-friendly line-up. (photo: bobaedream)

2 thoughts on “Spy Shots: Kia Is Working On Optima Hybrid

  1. Is the six speed auto a torque converter, or the 6 speed semi-auto Deficient Control Transmission.

  2. I wonder why we haven’t seen any real Kia GT spy shots? I’m begining to wonder if there was even a plan for the Kia GT in the first place.

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