Kia Oil Change Coupons

Kia cars and SUVs are easy to maintain, if you have the right ingredients on your side.

Exclusive and sensitive as they are, you can not expect your Kia car to deliver quality performance unless you are careful about its daily maintenance.

Surely you wouldn’t want to be that unfortunate person who owns a brand-new vehicle from the reputed house of Kia and yet suffers from car breakdowns every now and then!

The key to getting the best from your Kia is to pay more attention to the oil changing process.

Change oil frequency

How often you get oil changes for your Kia car depends entirely on two factors: how old the car is and how you use it.

There are certain oil change intervals for each Kia model, so you should ask your Kia service about when to bring in the vehicle for a check in.

Where to find Kia oil change coupons?

You can get Kia oil change coupon codes at various websites on-line.

Think of Groupon, Livingsocial, Saveology or any other coupon code provider. There are dozens out there!

Once you decide on the coupon provider, you should browse through their website to search for the latest deals, specials and offers.

Sometimes, you’ll also need to provide some specifics like your car model, usage, etc. This information will help the website to throw up coupons that are more suited for your type of vehicle.

List of Kia vehicles: Soul, Sorento, Optima, Forte, Cadenza, Rio, Sportage, K900 luxury sedan, Sedona minivan.

Check for local dealerships near you that offer cheap oil change services and give them a call!

25 thoughts on “Kia Oil Change Coupons

  1. I am trying to find coupons for an oil change on my Kia I go to the dealer for my oil changes.

  2. I’m trying find coupons for an oil change at Kia and cannot find any.

  3. Looking for coupons for oil change and tire rotation for my kia soul. Question? Your prices are high for oil change compared to like Jiffy Lube why is so much higher?

  4. Cant find the coupons either. Kia needs to make it easier on their site. Very disappointed. Guess when I am there on the 22nd they will have to show me where they are.

  5. Went to ten locations looking for coupons for oil changes as promised by sales and service at Kia…still could not print any coupons…WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER…still waiting for a FULL sized copy of my contract not 9 pages printed on 2 pages and unable to read…how many times does it take for the Finance Dept. to get it right…I have asked three times…how old are the people working there anyway, 12.

  6. I will think twice about buying a KIA without any oil change coupons

  7. We have 2 kia cars, a sorento and a forte. I was told that I would get oil change coupons but have not received any from you. Please send an email coupon to me.

  8. im looking for oil change coupons for kia in Quakertown gateway kia please send to me thanks

  9. Please send me an oil change coupon. I can not find it on line anywhere? I have a Kia soul 2016, conventional oil to replace. Thanks

  10. Could you please email me a coupon for an oil change on my 2011 Kia Sorento. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find one. Thank you in advance!

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