Kia No3 mini MPV concept preview

Kia No. 3 Concept Car photo gallery attached to the Kia news blog!

In anticipation of next month’s Geneva Auto Show, Kia released three more images of it’s all-new mini-MPV concept car.

Dubbed the Kia No3 concept, this all-new stunning show car from Kia Motors promises to be impressive looking and also fun-to-drive.

Penned by Kia’s European design team, under the leadership of design guru Peter Schreyer, the No3 concept features a new Kia family face and puts a H-shapped front grille, LED-technology equipped head-lamps and brand’s corporate logo in a new constellation.

The concept also features a panoramic glass roof extending up over the rear passangers with a diagonal supporting bar and an electric sun visor.

Finished in matt Titanium Grey with contrasting gloss-white accents, the No3 measures 4045 mm long (13.27 ft) in length -ideal size for urban traffic- and also packs a set of funky looking 19-inch alloy-wheels.

Following the introduction of the production-ready model at the Frankfurt Show this September, the Kia YN will go on sale in Europe in early of 2010.

Kia will put it’s No3 concept on display at this year’s Geneva Auto Show alongside Kia cee’d ISG, cee’d hybrid and 18 other vehicles, including facelifted Optima/Magentis and Sportage. It’s world premiere is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd ( at 12.15 PM) at the Kia booth in hall 5.

Kia No3 photo gallery:

kia-no3-3-4-front-view.jpg  kiano3concept-1.jpg  kiano3concept.jpg

Find more photos of new Kia production cars and concept cars at the homepage of the Kia-World blog.

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39 thoughts on “Kia No3 mini MPV concept preview

  1. This thing is SO COOL! It looks crazy. I’m hoping Kia offers this stateside. This would give the Fit a run for its money.

  2. Did I just say that it looks cooler than Soul?? Day by day, I’m morei mpressed with Kia’s designs. They have really done a huge proggress, hope they can work on the interiors now.

    Have you seen the H-grille, it looks better than ever! Hope it comes to production.

  3. the grille looks awesome!!! It does look better than soul. can’t wait for to see what schreyer does from scratch on the sportage replacement.

  4. This looks BRILLIANT!!!… far better than the likes of the Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz/Fit, Mazda2 and Ford Fiesta. Bring it on!

  5. I like everything but the roof. Way too gaudy. Not to mention, if in an accident the tempered glass would come crashing down onto the passengers, and provide less rollover stability than a convertible. Ditch the glass roof Kia!!

  6. It would be a nice vehicle state side, too bad it will never make it across the atlantic or pacific to get here

  7. Not really true Greg, the safety is not any worse because of the glass roof. Other automakers have used glass roofs for years and none of their cars has suffered from bad crash results.

    Automakers always strive to produce safe cars, so if a feature (like a glass rof) or any other technology proves not to be safe enough they don’t implement it to the vehicle.

    And it will also be optional, so people who don’t want it, will not pay for it.

    My opinion about the glass roof on Kia vehicles: FINALLY!!

  8. Love the design! Never been a big fan of Korean cars but love this one. I particularly love the glass roof. Can’t wait to see it! I might even consider purchasing it if it comes available in the US market.

  9. Have you seen a sun visor on driver’s side? It has a shape of triangle and according to Kia, it is electrically controled.
    Very nice Kia!

  10. Very innovative and stylish. Kia continues to push the envelope, and this one looks like it could get real attention. I love small cars, especially minis and super-minis, and this one is cool.

  11. Small update: This vehicle WILL NOT become part of the cee’d family, and I’m not sure why everyone is saying that it for sure won’t come stateside, when Kia officials have said that this vehicle going on sale in other markets is not ruled out in the least bit. They may even have one on display at the New York auto show to see what reaction the public takes with it, they will have people fill out surveys, just like the Soul’ster. If they get a positive response to it, there is a chance that it will not only be sold stateside, but even made in West Point, if demand is high enough. Kia is not dumb. This vehicle is relatively the size of the Soul/Rio5, and the Rio/Rio5 have now been on the market for almost 5 years without any kind of design update. There is also the possibility of Kia making a sedan version of this (LN), that would show up as a concept next to this at Frankfurt. Kia follows market trends in the USA, and one of the major reasons Kia never brought the cee’d to the USA is because Spectra sales are still booming. If the market calls for it, it will show up stateside. Don’t rule it out.

  12. Greg: The only chance to see this car in the US is Kia’s gonna build it there. There’s no way Kia could import such a low cost car to the Sates. The cargo rates are not that cheap you know.

    So as you said, it could come to US if also built there, otherwise not.

  13. Woah, first, you can’t make such accusations because you don’t know what I’m really meaning, because you are exaggerating, that’s for sure. I don’t mean to act like a “know-it-all” either, I am just trying to help. Pictures can be very deceiving, and maybe someone who is new to the blog might not know the approximate size. And those who don’t follow the blog regularly might have been thrown off by it being called the “cee’d plus”. I am not trying to “get smart” either. You are probably reading it in a way that you are making it sound like that, because that is for SURE not my true intention. YOU MAY KNOW THAT SPECTRA IS THE BEST SELLING MODEL!! What about newcomers? Do they know that? And I don’t say anything that I’m not supposed to or given permission to, I’m not stupid. The Forte name coming to the states was a very last minute decision, and we were told it was going to stay Spectra for several months leading up to it. Don’t get all pissy, you are making yourself look rude.

  14. Besides, some people may appreciate the information. Although things can change very quickly, I always give information that is accurate for the moment. Just remember, my predictions are about as likely as the weatherman’s. And, besides, since my source is unverified, according to the law, I can say almost anything. I wouldn’t jeopardize the blog like that, I would have nothing else to do with my time. Go ahead, give your rebuttal, or maybe some more accusations. (Oh, and I am saying that in a very calm, non-“smart” tone, thank you)

  15. This, my car-crazy friends, is the coolest small car ever produced by Kia Motors. Man, they are making it harder to like Mitsubishi more than them all the time. These are my two favorites. Kia, bring the No.3 to the States, dudes! And if you can make it all-electrically-driven, go at least 85 mph, have a range of at least 200 miles, a loaded price of no more than $17,995 and looks that don’t go too far than this grey-black bomber, I may just have to get an itchy trade-in finger and come back to Kia again. This blows away the looks of any Rio Kia has made. I do remember a Rio with a special rounded body design, that Kia put on their worldwide website in 2000. I printed it out and eventually pinned it up in my cube at work. The car was orange, and I thought, these dudes and I, they understand what is so fun about cars. That car had 18″ wheels that were beautiful, and IIRC 4-doors. Of course it was a concept, and the production Rio in 2001 was good, but nothing like this Orange Tangerine concept bomber. I was driving a 1999 Kia Sephia sedan in 5-speeds and Violet Mist paint job at that time, knowing that Kia would just keep getting better and better with every passing year. And, guess what, fellow Kia admirers? They have! Build this No.3, preferably include an all-electric version-it’s perfect for it-it’s so light and small-dunno the vehicle’s weight yet-but I will find out. Awesome looking small car-my ’08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS (compact car)is about as large a car as I like. I like the Fiat 500 regular and Abarth, too, but it can’t hold a candle to this Kia No.3 concept. Whoo-hoo!

  16. Everyone keep in mind months ago it was stated that the Soul is based on the NEXT-gen Rio platform (B-class) so this could very well be the replacement, globally or simply for Europe as it appears now, for the Rio5. The Hyundai I20(same architecture) is replacing the Accent in Europe so I’m sure there is to be quite a bit of product realignment. Either way, this is a very well conceived design, with the exception of the paint, chrome & roof this IS the production model. Most Kia concepts historically have been thing guised production cars (Kia Sport-Rio/Multi-S-Rondo, etc).

  17. That’s not sure Darren, but it would seem a good idea. The current Rio has been around since 2005, and compared to other small hatchbacks it was already a bit outdated right from the start. Since then Kia has made a lot of progress both in design and engineering, and the current Rio (alltough it’s great value for money) is actually not up the standards of modern Kia’s.
    And before that little chap from Manistee starts screaming… I know it is still a good seller in the states, but that does not necessarily make it a good and/or modern car, nor does it say something about the American’s knowledge about good or beautifull cars… or does it? 😉

  18. Like I have said before, and I will say again, I can’t be sure of this, but from what I have heard, rumor has it that this vehicle will be built in Europe for Europe, in Georgia for north America, and in South Korea for worldwide markets. And when you put all of the pieces together, it actually makes sense. Along with the Sorento, Kia has said that they will build a small, fuel efficient vehicle, and that vehicle is scheduled to begin production in September 2010, which is about the time that the new Rio is supposed to come to the USA. Kia has said that if too many sales are taken away from the Rio by they Soul, they are dropping the Rio completely. If too many sales are taken away from the Sedona by the new Sorento, they are dropping that too. Just like Hyundai is dropping the Entourage because the Veracruz took almost all of its sales. Time and market trnds will tell.

  19. Production for the YN should start in september ’09, and from what I have heard it will be build in the new Hyundai plant in Europe…

  20. Kia Sportage has the same platform, same enfgines, same trannys as Tucson. So they can build two “different” cars at one production line. There’s no point (high costs) to build another similar production line for the Tucson in Hyundai’s European factory, which is by the way only about 60 miles away from Kia’s Slovakia plant.

  21. Kia has sure come a long way in these last few years with astonishing designs.

  22. Will this have 7 passenger capacity like the current RONDO? If that is a yes this car will be a hands down SUCCESS. Maybe I should not buy the 2010 Rondo hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

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