Kia Motors stepping up “Design Management”

Kia Motors will launch an internal campaign to promote the company’s emphasis on design, the automaker said Wednesday.

It will launch new office stationary and documents introducing a new logo for the “design” slogan Monday, as part of a promotion to foster the maker’s brand value to its employees first, Kia said.

The logo depicts the word “DESIGN,” with the letter “S” and “I” replaced with a question mark and light bulb, representing curiosity and innovation, respectively.

“Design is essential in our brand, and real brand management comes from inside the company,” Kia said. “We will reach a consensus on our value within our offices first so we can work for it better in the market.”

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Kia Motors has put great emphasis on design in recent years.

In 2006, the company brought in a renowned designer Peter Schreyer as its design director. Schreyer, who had worked for Audi for more than 25 years, created the German maker’s steady seller, Audi TT.


Following last year’s prestige advertisement with a design theme, Kia established a new team in charge of brand promotion last month.

The manufacturer, which launched the Mojave SUV in January, is planning to release a couple of new models later this year. Those will be a compact car and a mini crossover utility vehicle, currently referred to by their project codes TD and AM, respectively.


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  1. what the heck? the article says ‘kia mojave’. that should be cleared by now.

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