Kia Motors’ singing hamsters win Gold Effie Award

The popular hamster ad campaign from Kia Motors has just been awarded one of the most prestigious advertizing awards, the Gold Effie award by the 2011 North American Effie Awards.

The hamster oriented advertizing campaign for the Kia Motors’ Soul urban crossover vehicle was awarded the Effie in the “David vs Goliath” category.

This category recognizes campaigns and brands that are punching above their weight in the market – the advertizing David taking on the advertizing Goliaths.

The campaign consisted of dancing and singing hamsters, and was called “This or That” campaign.

The “This or That” campaign comes after another successful campaign called “A New Way To Roll”. Both the campaigns have attracted attention from customers, and led to increased sales of the Kia Soul, as well as more awareness of the Kia brand.

It was with help from these campaigns that the Kia Soul became only the second Kia vehicle to sell more than 10,000 cars in a single month in the March of this year. The sales have continued to increase, with the May numbers showing a year on year increase of more than 50 percent.

The latest campaign was created by Kia Motors America’s advertising agency, David&Goliath.

The advertisements featured loveable and singing hamsters that poked fun at the boring competitors of Kia Soul in its category.

They were seen in different media platforms, including print and billboards, TV spots, a dedicated websites with downloadable games and tracks and even video games.

The hamsters seen in the ads sang Hip Hp, and cruised through the city and compared the Alien Green Soul to a number of other the mundane cars, which were represented by objects such as cardboard boxes and washing machines.  The spot was also released in movie theaters across the country in late-May 2010.

The ads feature the Kia Motors‘ Soul hatchback, which comes in four trims:  Soul, Soul!, Soul+ and Soul Sport. The 2011 Kia Soul is a five-door crossover vehicle that comes with the low price tag of below $14.000, as well as a style that is utilitarian as well as unique. The vehicle provides a surprisingly spacious interior for its small footprint.

The Kia Soul will come with even more power and still delivers better fuel economy.  It will also have LED lighting, a hands free Kia UVO communications and infotainment system powered by Microsoft and new wheel designs.

4 thoughts on “Kia Motors’ singing hamsters win Gold Effie Award

  1. Maybe, the hamsters will be singing a brand new song when the 2012 Soul with Direct Injection and 6 speed transmissions finally hits dealer lots . . .

  2. don’t be hating on the commercial. It is the very reason why the Soul and Sorrento are so reasoning. The human mind is a very interesting area of study. And it is quite amazing to see that subconscious desires deep withing the human animal can be persuaded by visual or audio clues in ad-vert-is=ment(re-direction of a scheduled program). What is more interesting is that big players are heavily involved in manipulating the mind as Edward Bernays has said himself.

    Conscious and intelligent manipulation of the mind is an important element in such democratic societies, which is a paraphrase. since he wanted to control the direction or regiment of public discourse without the masses being aware of the manipulation.

    anyways, That is why the optima commercial failed. Since, the commercial didn’t target a specific desire based objective in the human psyche, which includes being attractive, popular, family oriented, elite or most prolific in technical expertise or aquisition.

    I do think if Kia motors or David and Goliath implemented my vision of the Optima Commercial in 2011, the car would have sold more than 7,400 cars in America as of May, 2011. You describe my vision as a man meets an attractive woman(human desire to meet and attract the opposite sex). They ride together in the car, kia optima(In which the car is immmediately associated with the attractive couple. So that couples who buy the kia optima think of themselves as attractive and elite). Flash fowards 3-5 years later. Two kids in the car with Yo gabba gabba dolls( which now targe the family aspect of Americans, implication of ‘safe’ friendly” environmentally green’ cache attached with the family attitude. Also pays homage to the 2010 Kia sorrento Superbowl commercial which was a Big hit. The music in the background could be something similar to Beatles’ “Obladi Oblada”.

  3. Is is the very reason why the sorrento and Soul are selling extremely well in a foreign market.

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