Kia Motors Receives President’s Award For Design

Kia Motors received prestigious President Award for Design at the 10th annual Korea Design Awards.

This award is considered the definitive design award in South Korea and was announced to be in recognition of the company’s design-centered management strategy, that Kia implemented in multiple stages since 2005.

The award was presented by the President of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Myung-bak Lee, and recognizes Kia’s leadership in design.

Since Kia appointed Peter Schreyer as a Chief Design Officer two years ago, the company has unveiled a series of new production vehicles and concept cars, focused around what Schreyer calls a “linear and minimalist” design language.


The award also recognized the creative, above-the-line corporate advertising campaign introduced in the Korea market since 2007 as well as newly designed vehicles recently released in Korea.

Those models includeLotze Innovation (known as Optima or Magentis in US and European markets), the Mohave Luxury (Borrego), Soul and Forte (on sale as Spectra in US).

President of Kia Motors, Mr. Euisun Chung, said: “Our cross-company pursuit of design excellence since 2005 has finally come to fruition.

We will use the Korea Design Award as a stepping stone to continue to infuse our creative design spirit throughout many aspects of Kia’s business, not just limiting our efforts to product design.” [Source: Kia]

2 thoughts on “Kia Motors Receives President’s Award For Design

  1. I own a ’08 Rio. Striking styling, so much room in the drivers seat that I feel like I am sitting in an auditorium. The seat goes back pleanty far, I am 6 feet tall. I appreciate pulling up to gas pumps on the correct side. Not like some cars, where the gas cap is on the wrong side of the car (passenger side). I changed all the fluids to synthetic. Now I am getting 40 to 41 m.p.g. Now I am glad Ford Credit turned me down. Rock N Rio!

  2. Congrats on your 08 Rio, Steven. It’s a really nice commuter car. What Ford did you intend to buy before they turned you down?

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