Kia Motors puts MY2009 Forte sedan on sale in Korean market

Kia Motors has launched the 2009 Model Year Forte sedan in South Korea last Friday. Since the model is fairly new and has been on sale since June of last year, the 2009 Forte has not received any exterior or interior upgrades.

However, Kia announced it has upgraded the engine software and applied the Forte with an eco-driving system -eco lamp on the dashboard that guides the driver to drive in the most economical way- to improve it’s fuel efficiency. The ECO lamp was successfully aplied to the Lotze Innovation last year.

Kia Forte now provides higher fuel economy, which now comes in at15.2 kilometersper liter, a 7.8 percent improvement over the14.1 kilometersper liter fuel economy of the earlier version. This makes the 2009 Forte the first compact car in Korea to achieve the fuel economy rating which enables it to travel more than15 kilometerson a liter of fuel.


Since it’s official Korean launch, Forte has been recognized as the most fuel efficient car in the compact car segment and that has also been one of the reasons for a relatively good sales in the past year. During the first six months, more than 17,600 Fortes were sold in Korea.

12 thoughts on “Kia Motors puts MY2009 Forte sedan on sale in Korean market

  1. Can’t wait. According to Drive.com.au, the new Cerato should be here this month in Australia. I keep a look out everytime we take my brother to work as we pass a Kia dealer on the way, haven’t seen one yet however.

    I hope, but have doubts, that this ECO light will be equipped to the Australian spec ones.

  2. Well, the “Lotze Innovation” 2009 Optima the USA ha doesn’t have an ECO light yet, but it will.

  3. —–HOT: More info and images on the Soul concept coming within a few days!—–
    any clue to when? like JUST BEFORE the motor show or a few days before it?

  4. Very cool. Kia keeps forging ahead. I would like to see a Forte for myself. Maybe sometime this spring at a dealership I hope.

  5. Off-topic: I got a hint from a friend of mine that there will be another teaser shot released soon. I thought it will be within a few days, but I guess it will take a few more days until we see it.

    This is interesting how a few software changes can make such a difference and improves the fuel consumption. It now achieves 8 percent better MPG numbers.

    15,2km per liter of gas, means 35,3MPG (US Gallons)! Is this good or not, compared to Civic, which I think is the leader in the MPG wars!?

  6. If Forte got it, then Soul will also. It uses the same engine and transmission as Forte.
    Oh, by the way, I should mention, that those are the numbers for 1,6L engine equipped with 4 speed automatic.

  7. Himi,
    Four-speed auto with those figures, I think that is quite impressive fuel consumption.

    The Salesman,
    Arh well. I will still have a quick look as I pass the dealer.
    By the way, you wouldn’t happen to be the same ‘The Salesman’ from caradvice.com.au, would you?

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