Kia Motors Aims To Be Premium Brand By 2017

Kia has some big plans for the next five years, with the goal of becoming a global premium brand at the top of the list by 2017.

Kia’s Vice-Chairman Lee Hyoung-keun revealed the company’s plans at a recent gathering of the biggest and best of Kia’s global dealers and distributors.

Kia Motors Corporation have been in the process of developing gas-powered vehicles and hybrid cars that are even more sophisticated than the last.

That natural progression leads Mr Lee to believe that Kia will be a premium brand on a par with their Japanese and German competitors within the next five years.

A big part of this process has come by Kia being able to sustain an extended period of continuous sales growth.

They have also engaged in global sports marketing by lending their name to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It’s this and more that makes Kia believe they will be a “first-class brand” by 2017.

Mr Lee revealed that Kia Motors had already set a target of exporting 2.21 million units to overseas markets during 2012. That number would be an 8.3% increase over the 2.04 million units that were shipped out of Korea in 2011.

Kia is looking to build this premium profile on the backs of their stylish models like the 2016 Optima mid-size sedan, the newly re-designed 2016 Sorento SUV, and its new premium flagship model, the K900.

The latter of the three is slowly making its way into a number of different global markets.

Slower growth, higher quality

Kia Motors’ rise to prominence in the last decade has been an incredibly quick ascent.

They are now looking to take a slower paced approach to future growth, with their focus being to improve the quality and technology of their products. It’s that they feel that will improve their brand perception.

2 thoughts on “Kia Motors Aims To Be Premium Brand By 2017

  1. Easy there kia. Establish your brand first. Kia has a nice name but not luxury type association. creating a new brand would be wiser, but competition is fierce and shameless. Be patient and wait for your oppirtunoty.

  2. Hyundai’s plan is to be consistent and drama free. No ridiculous mileage claims or steering issues. Confident naming strategies and sharp looking cars will be critical for them.

    It is pretty evident that the japanese are not playing with any sense of common decency at this juncture. They will copy Peter Schreyer like no tomorrow until all of their models look like an optima soul rio and forte.

    Hyundai needa to spend more rd for future technologies and cist reducing techniques plus more vertical integration. From headlight manufacturing to engines. That is the samsung way. With the right bounces and some misteps among the competition hyundai should continue to gain marketshare. That is a big if at this present moment

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