Kia Motors France prices new Soul at 14,990 Euros

Eeach day, I receive a few e-mails from my readers, asking me about the pricing on the new Kia Soul.

Until yesterday, all of them received my reply saying that unfortunately, the pricing was not yet announced, but we are expecting the Soul to be priced fairly and competitively, just like any other Kia car.

Today, after I received an inside official document, I can finally show you a brief preview on Soul pricing for the France market. Depending on country, the prices will most probably slightly differ, but let’s have this document as a general sample.

In France, the price for Kia Soul was set at 14,990 Euros. The starting price buys you the base Kia Soul model equipped with 1,6-liter gasoline engine, coupled with 5-speed manual transmission, but most buyers will probably opt for the 1,6L turbodiesel engine that offers same horsepower but lower fuel consumption.

The base Soul model, equipped with diesel engine, will cost you 2,000 Euros more than it’s gasoline powered counterpart. It’s pricing starts just a tad below 17 grand, at 16,990 Euros and goes up to 19,990 Euros for the “Edition Limitee” Kia Soul.

The pricing list also shows a host of new exterior and interior accessories that are available to customize the Soul. To mention only a few of them:

– “Burner” grille 220 Euros

– “Searcher” grille 220 Euros

– 18-inch “Burner” alloy wheels 1650 Euros

styling kit 1,600 Euros

The Kia Soul was officially unveiled on the 2nd of October at the Paris Auto Show and is scheduled to go on sale across the Europe in February 2009. In US, it’s sales is expected to commence approximately one to two months later.

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26 thoughts on “Kia Motors France prices new Soul at 14,990 Euros

  1. Starting euro price for a 1.6l almost 15,000 €????? they must be kidding, this car may be a big change for KIA because with that proce NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY IT. Lets be serious, i like the car and i was cossidering to buy it but….. how the hell the have gone from the top spec korean car of about 13,000 € to 15,000€ the basic european model?. The SOUL is not a MINI and KIA deffinetly is not BMW so, lets be honest someone had to had a big party with some prohibited substances before he wrote that letter because he must be competely out of his mind!!!! A NEW MEGANE IS CHEAPER THAN THAT and its a higher class car with way better interior materials. Do i sound frustrated enough? 😉

  2. Just a hint for US readers:

    14,990.00 EUR = 20,152.70 USD
    16,990.00 EUR = 22,843.41 USD
    19,990.00 EUR = 26,879.52 USD

    how does that sound?

  3. thanks for doing the currency exchange… there is no way it will sell at that price, hopefully invoice is 3g’s under

  4. Base cee’d model with 1,6 CRDI (90hp) diesel engine starts at 17,880 Euros in FRANCE, while the 115 hp cee’d diesel starts at 20,200 Euros.
    As I said in the article, prices will differ from country to country. Here in Slovenia, I expect it to be lower priced than in France. Base Cee’d diesel costs 16,090 Euros in Slovenia, compared to the 17,880 in France. SO there’s a difference of almost 2,000 Euros for the same model in two different countries.

  5. Don’t worry, in US cars have lower prices., for an example, starting price for Sportage 4×2, here in Slovenia, is set at 21,990 Euros ($29,640) while in US, the same sportage starts at $17,035!! Here’s a good example how prices differ and there’s now way Soul will sell at that price in US!

  6. Himi is right. You can’t simply use currency converters to extrapolate car prices in the US from ones in Europe or anywhere else for that matter. There are other costs included in the prices like very heavy taxes on the any car sold in Europe. The US prices are quoted as strictly MSRP with no taxes (since those vary by state).

  7. exactly, If all cars had same prices world wide, we would have just found out the price when when we got the price of soul in korean won.

  8. Wow!! Ivanhoe, I had done the same as you and did a conversion from Euros to US Dollars and thought what a very expensive car. I also did a conversion from Euros to the Aussie Dollar and it was nearly $30K for the cheapest version of the Soul. No way Jose!!
    If as you say Himi, Kia price their cars to what the market will bear and customers are willing to pay in a certain country, they must be peeved to hear they are paying a premium or top price compared to the rest of the world for motor vehicles.

  9. Look at what other comparable cars cost in the same country to get a better idea of where the Soul is positioned in a particular market. Prices are pointless outside any given country. It’s always been ugly to try to compare them in that way since there are so many variables involved.

  10. himi, is 15, 000 EUR cheap by european car price standards? could you tell the price of Qashqai and X-trail so that we get a better idea of where it stands in the market.

  11. Slovenia: Qashqai 1,5 Dci (105hp)…20,510 Euros### X-Trail, 2,0Dci…28,580Euros#### Cee’d 1,6L (90hp) CRDI…16,090Euros.
    France: ….Similar Nissan Qashqai…21,900 Euros#### X-Trail 28,990Euros########### Cee’d 1,6L(90hp) CRDI…17,880Eur

  12. It’s hard to say, but Eur15,000 in Slovenia is like a starting price for a base C-segment car (cee’d) equipped with diesel engine. As soon as you add some “toys” or more powerful engine, the price goes up to 20 grand, or more.

  13. If someone wants the Soul bad enough they will buy it. Don’t forget the 10 Year 100,000 Mile Warranty here in the US. Especially all the gizmo’s its going to be fun, people want a fun practical car. I am sure that US will eventually have CNG conversion kits to install one day. I know Korea is using CNG now. So once the CNG infrastructure is set up here it will be well worth the investment..

  14. himi, I just downloaded the Internet Explorer8 and it seems KW isnt yet compatible with this version. the pix dont load and the grey lines which you’ve used on the top of the page appears in other parts of the page besides the top. Hope its not too much of a hassle to make KW compatible with IE8 but no hurry cuz there’s a feature called ‘Compatibility View’ which allows me to view sites not compatible with IE8 temporarily.

  15. Do not forget that published prices are always inclusive VAT in Europe. I tought that in the states published prices are ex VAT. Furthermore the VAT rate in Europe is considerably higher than in the States. (Europe +/- 20%).
    As a comparative: in France a basic Rio is +/- 15800 USD, i thought that in the US that was around 13500USD ?

  16. I have been toald that the soul i Danmark will cost for basic model 26666 euro. But danmark is also the most expensive country to bay a car in europe so thats why my proceed cost 33.000 euro..

  17. I think i was hoping too much to get a top spec diesel SOUL for 17,000 euros more or less , basing my speculatios in the korean price. Maybe too naive, but i still think that the starting price for the diesel is quite high, i lieve in SPAIN an now here, because of the “worldwide finalcial doom” car manufacturers are offering very heavy discounts, for example you can get a GOLF TDI 105 bhp for as little as 18.900 €. Yes i know it has a less powered engine, but in terms of equipment, refinement and quality material its way way ahead the SOUL. Ill just wait for the official prices here in Spain, and maybe hope some kind of launching discount (right now here KIA is offering up to a 2,500€ discount in the CEED, leaving the 115 bhp diesel in about 17,100 € )

  18. Bornloser,

    The base Rio lists for less than$13k USD including destination and has been known to leave the dealer ship at $11k or less routinely, probably less now given the current economic slump.


    You’re making alot of speculations there for a person who has never driven the Soul. The Soul is not yet for sale and has not yet even released a price in Spain. The Soul is certainly roomier given the specs. I have no doubt that the Golf will feel more luxurious given my experiences with VW here in the States, but it’s hard to find a reliable VW here, in my experience.

  19. The Soul is a cool car, cooler than any other Kia we have seen until now, and it will have it’s own pricing. You know, that’s how this works. We all want Kia to be comparably advanced as other brands, but with all the progress, there always come higher prices.

    We have to face it, Kia is on the rise and so is it’s image (and prices as well)!

  20. himi, I asked you something…

    himi, I just downloaded the Internet Explorer8 and it seems KW isnt yet compatible with this version. the pix dont load and the grey lines which you’ve used on the top of the page appears in other parts of the page besides the top. Hope its not too much of a hassle to make KW compatible with IE8 but no hurry cuz there’s a feature called ‘Compatibility View’ which allows me to view sites not compatible with IE8 temporarily.

  21. Thanks for the notice Boris. I’ll look at what can bee done. I think this site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox, but lots of people don’t use it, so I’ll talk to the site developer and we will take a look what needs to be done!

  22. I have been to paris motorshow yesterday,
    i have all the prices and the info for the france market,
    europe market will be a bit different models.
    if you want the files send mail to lukasheiss@gmx.at

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  24. I just bought in the US a Kia Soul base gasoline for $ $14500 which is E 10100 excl. tax. Why is it sold more than 50% higher in the European market?

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