Kia Motor America’s website ranked by J.D. Power and Associates as the highest among carmakers websites for usefulness

The Kia Motors America consumer website has recently been declared by J.D. Power and Associates as the best and highest ranking car manufacturer website.

The J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study – Wave 1 (MWES) honored the website’s usefulness in selling new cars from Kia‘s product line as well as the site’s efficiency in navigation, speed, appearance and quality of content.

This is already the fifth award from J.D. Power and Associates, the most for any car manufacturer. The KMA website, kia.com, ranked highest in 2003, 2005 Wave 2, 2007 Wave 1, 2008 Wave 2 and 2010 Wave 1

Kia’s website features a virtual garage where Kia owners can customize their cars using various options in order to come up with their ideal Kia vehicle. Car owners can also mix and match different car colors, interiors and accessories.

Kia.com’s virtual garage uses Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) that does away with the normal photos and images. The website promises fun, information and virtual interaction to its visitors and Kia car owners. The popular website has been prepared and designed by Animated Designs, LLC.

According to Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing, KMA, “Our consumer site integrates seamlessly with the latest in Web service technologies and provides an immersive online experience while focusing on ease of navigation. And even more appealing, user-rich content will complement our new models, starting with the all-new 2011 Sorento CUV, keeping the Kia experience efficient and enjoyable online as well as on the road.”

The success of Kia Motor America’s website is primarily due to the manufacturer’s constant desire to improve their product site. According to J.D. Power and Associates, Kia’s seemingly tiny improvements to its site are very attractive to car shoppers. Its new car models such as the Forte and Soul are also getting much attention. The site’s ‘Experience Forte’ section is also doing well with shoppers.

“We took a big risk with a major Web site redesign, but this proves that with the right approach and attitude, good results will come from which the consumer benefits,” explained David Schoonover, national manager, CRM and affiliate marketing, KMA.

Kia Motors, a sister company of Hyundai Motors, is now gaining positive momentum in the US market with its dynamic stylish car designs. Its leading models are the 2-door Forte Koup, the personalized Soul, functional Rondo CUV, award-winning Sedona minivan, Optima midsize sedan and fuel-efficient Rio.

The top ranking of kia.com could very well mean increased sales for Kia Motors America. It is most likely that car buyers search for the best cars in the Internet and narrow down their choices to only a few websites left. In the weak global economy of 2009, only three car manufacturers saw a steady increase in car sales. These three were Subaru, Hyundai and Kia.

The recent citation from J.D. Power and Associates to kia.com is yet another proof that this Korea-based automobile has arrived in the United States.

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  2. I am confused? I didn’t know this was a social networking site Sheette. As far as car websites Kia’s was far from useful. The U.S and Canadian sites had conflicting info. I had to go to at least 4 different Kia sites (dealer and main sites) to try to figure out what the colour I wanted was called, what the difference between a Retro and a Burner was. and whether or not these came with roof rails. I also was confused about bluetooth availability. I have not checked any Kia sites lately maybe they have improved or maybe JD Power didn’t look too thoroughly?

  3. Kia USA and Kia Canada have completely different options for all of their cars. That’s why you get confused. For the Soul, USA trim levels are Base, +, !, and Sport. While in Canada they are 2U, 4U, 4U Retro, 4U Burner, and SX. That’s your conflicting info. Nearly everything is different.

  4. I have owned my Soul for 9 months now. I know all of that now! When I was researching this car it was very confusing. I basically had to go to a dealer and ask a bunch of questions which were not explained on the website! I still don’t know whether mine is tornado or tomato red. I do know that I really enjoy driving it though!

  5. Lol, actually, the red is called Molten. EVERYONE- beware! SheetteBoilia is nothing more than someone selling a drug. Both links go to ‘getpenisenlargement. net’

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