Kia Motor America reports August 2010 sales

Kia Motors America releases its monthly sales report. Sales of new Kia cars dip 19 percent from a year ago.

Kia Motors revealed its latest sales report today. The South Korean fastest growing carmaker announced its sales went down 19,2 percent compared to a year ago. The August 2010 was a tough month for most of carmakers selling vehicles in the US-market, including Ford, GM, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia and  many others.

According to Jeff Schuster, executive director of global forecasting for J.D. Power and Associates, there hasn’t been enough horsepower behind the recovery to motivate consumers to regain their confidence and purchase vehicles at a higher rate. Although August is typically a strong sales month, majority of carmakers struggled to find buyers for their new cars.

The decline in Kia sales during last month was most apparent in Optima and Sportage models. Both are being replaced with fully redesigned models soon. The all-new 2011 Kia Sportage has already began hitting the Kia dealers across the USA, while the 2011 Optima mid-size sedan has yet to reach the showrooms.

Kia’s best-selling car in August 2010 was the all-new Sorento crossover. The US-made Kia crossover vehicle caught attention of many US consumers and therefore its sales have been on the rise ever since the model entered the market. In August, Kia dealers delivered 9,038 units of new Sorento to the US customers. The 2011 Sorento crossover vehicle was the brand’s best-selling vehicle for the eighth consecutive month!

Taking second spot in August 2010 sales, was Kia’s funky looking Soul crossover. With sales of 7,021 units, the model saw its sales rising more than 20 percent compared to a year ago. Third best-selling vehicle in the automaker’s line-up was Kia Forte compact sedan. Once again, Kia sold more than 6,000 units of Forte sedan and two-door Koup.

The Forte range is going to be expanded soon. Kia’s going to introduce a brand-new 5-door Forte hatchback within a month or two. This was confirmed by Tom Loveless, vice president, sales at Kia Motors America who told: “The most aggressive new product introduction cycle in the industry continues with the on-going introduction of the 2011 Sportage, which will be closely followed in the next few months by the arrival of the functional 2011 Kia Forte 5-door.”

The all-new Kia Sportage has just began hitting the US and Canadian Kia showroom floor and it has already experienced some pretty high demand. No wonders here, since the model looks really, really attractive. If you haven’t seen it in-person yet, you’d better visit your local Kia dealership to check it out. It’s an amazing vehicle with sporty exterior appearance. For sure, we are going to see its sales numbers rise even higher in the coming months.

Kia’s year-to-date sales rose 9,7 percent to 237,953 units compared to previous year. To find more about August 2010 Kia sales, check out the sales by model below.

Kia Motors America sales by model: August 2010


11 thoughts on “Kia Motor America reports August 2010 sales

  1. Wow, only 17 Amantis. Too bad. Even though the Amanti looks like a constipated duck, it truly is a nice car. I LOVE getting the chance to drive my grandma’s Amanti. The handling is terrific, I took a 35 MPH curve at 70 without a second thought. Not to mention the seats front and back are like sitting on a cloud. I think its ugliness on the exterior is what held off a lot of customers from pulling the trigger.

  2. I actually loved the looks of the first gen Murano. Now it looks like an alien that needs braces. The Amanti looks better.

  3. Just saw the 2011 Forte. KDM spec has 1.6L GDI (hoping we get that engine in the US, fingers crossed) and 6 speed auto with a new style gearshift. Other changes are a different grille and different alloy wheels.

  4. Is it any wonder Kia sales are down 19%?? Alot of people are probably waiting for the 2011 Optima, 2011 Sportage Turbo, and were waiting for the Sorento SX which has been out now for only 2 weeks. Huge difference between the 2010’s and 2011’s. Huge!

  5. Also, last year in August was cash for clunkers. That is really the only reason sales are down. Sales are up over July and September of 2009.

  6. Jeff, Kia sales are not bad at all, they are just lower in comparison to las year, when cash for clunkers program was available.

  7. I know this is US sales info on this news but here is some sales info from Kia Canada who has had the best August since coming to Canada in 1999. Also this is now 20 consecutive month sales growth. August sales were up 16.2% and the YTD up 17.9%. Best selling model for August was the Forte up 79.8% over August ’09.

  8. Overall is what counts. like being on flatrate. One week you make 2,000 Dollars and the next week you make 350.00 but over the whole year you still make a profit..Happens like this every September..Back to School Blues..It will pick up again.

  9. There’s really nothing bad about this sales report. After C4C, everyone that had big C4C sales, like Kia did with the Rio and Optima, saw drops.

    In other sales news, Kia sales helped the entire HKAG push past Nissan in the US YTD, as well as now passing Toyota and Honda both in Canada.

  10. On my Accent Planet Kentucky Back Country Trip I saw a lot of Fortes on the Road with various state plates. Sorry I should have taken Pics I know. However, if I did take pics it would have been a ton of Fortes in various colors.

    I only saw one with sweet rims though.

  11. After vacationing out west, and going to the national parks, I can tell that fleet sales must make up the large majority of sales. Especially for the Rio, Optima, Forte and Sedona.

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