Kia Morning to conquer Korean mini car market

Korean compact car market has been dominated by GM Daewoo’s Matiz since 2004 when Kia stopped manufacturing it’s Visto compact car.

Local consumers long favored larger sedans but recent record-high oil prices have reignited the popularity of compacts, since they consume less fuel and receive tax breaks in Korea.

Sales of GM Daewoo’s Matiz amounted to 48,487 units between January and November last year, up nearly 40 percent from a year earlier, while sales of the Morning (Picanto), soared to 28,500 units ( +36.2 percent ) during the same period.


Soon after the facelifted version of Morning mini car went on sale in Korea (January), Kia released it’s sales plans and an intention to conquer majority of Korean mini car market in 2008.

While the overall mini car market is expected to grow by 56% to 84,000 units, Kia hopes to capture about 60% of it. The company said in a statement that it is aiming for domestic sales of 50,000 units in 2008, up 75% compared to last year.

kia-morning-1.jpg     kia-morning-4.jpg     kia-morning-2.jpg

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12 thoughts on “Kia Morning to conquer Korean mini car market

  1. So its a new morning for the Kia morning. Cant wait for the face lifted picanto to arrive here

  2. There’s news coming from S.Korea about Daewoo slashing the price of Matiz, because of loosing the sales against Morning/Picanto.

  3. I live in Korea, and I understand. I’ve seen all of the models in question. The Giugiaro-designed Matiz was really impressive! But when GM took over and imposed its own redesign, the Matiz lost its outstanding good looks — though the face is still nice enough. The Morning/Picanto was always a good-looking model, except for the face. The facelifted model looks even better in reality than it does in pictures! If relative design excellence means anything, Kia has it in the bag.

  4. Does the Kia Morning/Picanto meet U.S. safety and environmental standards so that it can be imported to the USA? If not, which modifications would have to be made in order to import this vehicle? I drove it while vacationing in Korea and it makes for an outstanding “city car”.

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