Kia K7 (known as 2014 Cadenza in US market) is Kia Motor’s flagship premium sedan in South Korea. This near-luxury sedan blends elegant design, great amenities, and affordability with smooth driving experience. Commendable for is build quality, Kia has remarkably addressed every detail with precision to manufacture this vehicle that effectively raises the bar to new levels of value and sophistication. The vehicle is slightly larger than the K5 and a few notches more luxurious. With gorgeous style, classy comfort, top performance and amazing value, the car succeeds in connecting with the emotional levels of buyers. The K7 is loaded with a mind-boggling range of standard technology features that makes Kia’s first full-size sedan a super-hit. Check here for some interior images of K7.


K7 is a well-rounded car Kia has built for nothing to complain about. Jump to our blog section for some spied images and specs of the heavily guarded K7.


The vehicle is powered by a 3.3L 6-cylinder, 293 horsepower engine along with 6-speed automatic transmission. It nicely handles slopes and mountainous terrain. The paddle shifters add a sporty touch to the sedan. Freeway driving is comfortable. The power is more than enough for confidently maneuvering lane driving. It efficiently handles corners and curves. The suspension gives a solid, confident driving experience. Braking is also smooth and accurate.


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