The 2013 Kia K3 is a compact car manufactured by South Korean car maker Kia Motors for the Chinese and South Korean market. It is also available as Kia Forte in global markets. The car is popular for its modern technology in an amazingly sleek package. There is seemingly no difference in external design of the vehicle with the Forte model but the unique front grille, redesigned bumpers and differently styled tail-lamps make it look different from the 2013 Forte. Check here the impressive sales figure of the 2013 K3 sedan in its home market.

The car is a worthy and stylish contender that competes against latest offerings from Ford, Toyota and VW in small economy cars segment and gives much value to its buyers.

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The K3 is designed on the lines of new Forte and is distinctly identifiable for its style. The car also throws in features like a reinforced body and front-active headrests and advanced airbag system. Because, the car maker wants to ensure that the passenger safety is of highest importance with all the models it builds. Find out the China sales figure of the car here.


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