Kia K Series

Kia has a long history of producing cars for almost all the segments. The popularity of their cars is ever increasing with introduction of new models, featuring stunning designs and advanced amenities. Kia produces some of the best value for money cars. Performance and quality-wise these vehicles put behind some of the leading brands in the market. Kia is truly a global player with a great collection of cars which are affordable as well as suitable for every need in the market.

K-series is the Asian brand name of some of the most popular global Kia models which the manufacturer mainly sells in South Korea and China. They inherit the interior and exterior design, style, technology and features of their global cousins, including the Kia signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille.

You get excellent deals in terms of new and used Kia K-series cars. The build quality, comfort and award winning long warranty of the vehicles make them very attractive in highly competitive segments.

Kia K-series comes in the following models:

  • K2 (Globally known as Rio)
  • K3 (Globally known as Forte)
  • K4 (China exclusive car)
  • K5 (Globally known as Optima)
  • K7 (Globally known as Cadenza)
  • K9 (Globally known as K900)





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