What Does Kia Mean? Definitions & Abrevations

Have you ever wondered what does the Kia stand for?

There are many different definitions of the Kia name.

The abrevation has many different meanings and is used to describe different types of words.

This might be the only blog post dedicated to explaining different meanings of Kia (Kia acronym / abbreviation / slang words), so let’s have a look at some explanations.

We are a Kia blog and when it comes to car industry, Kia name represents a Korean car company.

The word Kia comes from the Chinese language with the first syllable Ki meaning to arise or come up out of. The second part of the word, a referes to Asia.

So, Kia means to rise or come up out of Asia.

What else does the Kia abrevation stand for?

Kia (Motors)automotive industryKorean car maker
KiababiesSweet name for a baby girl
KiafinanceKuwait Investment Authority
KiaeducationKoby International Academy
KiachatKnow it all
K.I.A.militaryKilled in action

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