Kia Koup technical specifications and details

Sporty Kia Koup is powered by a commanding 2.0-liter Theta II turbocharged engine producing 290 horsepower paired with a GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) twin scroll turbocharger for greater power and efficiency, the KOUP delivers astonishing torque of 289 lb-ft at a low 2,000 rpm sustained to 4,000 rpm.

By injecting fuel directly into the cylinder under high pressure using the Kia GDI system, the intake charge is cooled and combustion behavior is improved. Improved combustion assures excellent fuel economy and low emissions. Lower grille openings enable additional air intake for extra power.

Built on a front-wheel-drive unibody frame, coil springs and stabilizer bars complement an independent front suspension featuring MacPherson struts and an independent dual link rear suspension to provide the optimal balance of ride comfort and engine responsiveness.

An engine-speed-sensitive, power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering system adds the finishing touch for precise handling. In keeping with the KOUP’s sporty essence, Continuous Damping Control (CDC) for quick movements and sharp turns paired with a sport-tuned, four-wheel independent suspension and strut tower bar offer a tighter grip for more spirited driving.

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Vehicle Type:

Concept vehicle
Powertrain Layout Front engine, transverse mount
Seating Capacity Four
Brakes Four-wheel disc with Brembo® calipers and cross-drilled rotors

Suspension Front: Four-wheel independent with MacPherson struts;

Rear: Independent dual link


Wheel Type 19-inch, twin five-spoke polished aluminum, with carbon fiber enhancements

Tire Size 245/40ZR19


Type Theta II four-cylinder, 2.0-liter, twin scroll turbocharger with GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine

Horsepower 290
Torque 289 lb.-ft. at 2,000 rpm – 4,000 rpm
Block Material Aluminum


Transmission Type Six-speed, automatic with steering-column mounted paddle shifters


Overall Length 176.5 inches/4485mm
Overall Width 72.6 inches/1845mm
Overall Height 56.2 inches/1428mm
Wheelbase 104.3 inches/2650mm
Track Width 60.5 inches/1536mm
Color Ceramic Red


Smart key with push button start ignition
Prominent front- and rear-wheel arches for a strong, lowered stance
Large-diameter 19-inch wheels
LED lamp lenses
Dual-chrome exhaust tips with rear bumper diffuser
Carbon fiber enhanced headlamp lenses, chin spoiler, cowl panel, side-view mirrors, lower valence, rear bumper insert and functional diffuser

Sophisticated interior featuring contrasting front and rear seats with Ultrasuede® and opposing colors/patterning
Horizontal, raised silicone bars occupy seat backs
Carbon fiber enhancement tilt-adjust mechanism and shifter plate
Automatic climate control air-conditioning system
Three-spoke steering wheel with audio, mobile phone and cruise controls

16 thoughts on “Kia Koup technical specifications and details

  1. O good. theta engine. 290 bhp is just as good as Borrego’s V6. A six speed trany again and they have used carbon fibre inside as well making this car so light. it must rocket from 0-100 in 4 or 3 and give good efficiency [if the carbon fibre will be in the production model]

  2. I hope the sedan spectra (new one) will have atleast a five speed auto. I cant wait for this to come in production!

  3. Please keep me updated in regards to the release of the this new ‘Koup’. I can only hope that very little will change from the concept and the production model!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whoaa- with this drive-train ,there is no obvious competition for this coupe ! Better hurry production Kia…..

  5. As something of an older fart though and probably not in the cars target demographic, I must say that I`m a little underwhelmed with the modernized, very colorful dash treatment.
    Oh well- can`t like everything…

  6. I wonder, because its looks very production ready…but it´s only a concept car. But i think its a good thing to improve kias image.

  7. besides the lights and the gauge clusters, the car looks very production ready

  8. And lights and gauge clusters can be honed to finish in fairly small amounts of time. This Koup looks great in its exterior as we see it here. The mechanicals looks solid and it even has paddle shifters like in our ’08 Mitsubishi Lancer’s. Cool, cool, car!

  9. so when this kia koup will be on the u.s market? should be very littel diff btw concept and production verison of the vehicle — that’s the definite bottom line for considering to purchase..
    way to go kia

  10. Although the production of Kia KOUP wasn’t officially confirmed, rumours- based on a great response from auto show visitors, indicate it should be coming to the u.s. market about 6 months after the four door sedan reaches the dealers. And that’s going to happen early in 2009 (Jan-March).

  11. Good! I have been doing great business with my computers (and selling Kias), I have racked up quite a bit of money. I hope to have a brand new Koup 2 years from now.

  12. well it will be more expensive than anticipated. HKAG is gonna increase the prices of their products cuz of rising costs of raw materials :(

  13. M_Mesmerizing
    A_Astonishingly simple!

    follower of KiaForteKoup :)

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