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The Kia KEE is a concept vehicle, however, the bosses at the South Korean automaker love the eye-catching 2-door coupe, so they are going to watch the public reaction closely when the vehicle appears at the Los Angeles and Detroit Motor Shows this year.

The all-new Kee concept car, which combines great looks and highly-advanced powertrain technology, is set to unlock a new generation of Kia buyers.

And even if doesn’t get a green light for production, it is pointing at the carmaker’s near future styling direction.

The KEE coupe was one of the show stoppers of the last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and the guys over at the Autoexpress.com have now driven it!

Let’s take a look at the brand’s current cars.

If you take a look at the Kia line-up, you will find a large number of practical cars that wear and affordable price tag.

If you are looking for something extra sporty in the range, you will have wait an extra few years before you see a hot-hatchback joining the range.

That’s when Kia plans to launch a sporty Pro_cee’d hot-hatchback!

The Kee coupe was one of the hottest cars previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

From the outside, the KEE concept looks unlike anything in the current Kia range at this point.

A sporty stance and low roof-line provide it the appearance of a true sports car, while distinctive LED lights up front scream for attention.

Back at rear is a wrap­around windscreen and a pair of cen­trally mounted dual exhaust pipes.

Take a look at the doors and you won’t find any handles there.

Look elsewhere, and stylish details abound, including polished 20-inch alloys, intricate door mirrors and a pair of glass-covered, aluminium-framed rear quarterlights.

The purpose of these becomes clear as soon as you step inside, where they combine with the swoop­ing rear screen to provide a narrow, letterbox-style, 180-degree view out the back of the car.

Kia Kee Pictures

  Kia Kee    Kia Kee

The cabin has a production-ready feel. There are four seats, and the front pair even fold to boost rear access. Unlike on many prototypes, the electric win­dow levers actually raise and lower the glass, while the instruments are more M25 than Thunderbird 5.

There’s a row of smart alloy controls on the dashboard, which have been designed as a mod­ern take on the Sixties-style toggle switch. An expensive-feeling microfibre fabric covers the rooflining and dash, while the centre console looks good with its attractive polished metal finish.

Pride of place goes to the gearlever, which resembles a computer mouse and controls the six-speed auto. Under its flip-top lid lies the bright orange starter button, which only requires a short press to fire the throaty 2.7-litre V6 engine into life.

The flat-bottomed steering wheel is covered with the same suede-like material as the dashboard, while a pair of column-mounted paddleshifters provide manual changes. A quick pull on the lever is enough to select ‘Drive’, and the KEE moves forward eagerly.

The suspension hasn’t been properly configured, although it’s still possible to gauge how a production version would perform. The low-slung seating position and driver-focused cabin give the car a special feel, even at lower speeds, while the powerplant is torquey and more than sounds the part. And we love the panoramic view out of that back window.

Imagine the KEE as an affordable Mazda RX-8 rival, and it’s easy to see its appeal. After all, there’s room for four inside, as well as a generous boot. You can expect future cars from Kia to carry styling elements previewed by the 2+2.

Bosses have revealed that the distinctive grille is set to become a trademark of new models, while the unusually shaped windscreen is also likely to be retained.

You might even see the KEE’s lum­inous paint finish – but that’s just about the only element of the concept’s design we would change.[Source: Autoexpress]

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 car_photo_3.jpg    car_photo_4.jpg    Kia Kee

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