Kia Kee Concept damaged en route to North American debut

Bad news for the folks at Kia Motors Corporation.

The European-designed Kia Kee concept car, touted as the “new face of Kia,” was en route to its North American debut at next week’s 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show when it broke free of its cargo restraints inside the car transporter and smashed its front end.

Kia spokesman Alex Fedorak says, “We had to send the car back to Italy to get repaired and there is no way it’s going to make it back to the States in time for the LA show.”

Kia KEE concept vehicle


The 197-horsepower Kee 2+2 made its world debut at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show in September, and was scheduled to stop at Kia’s dealer meeting in Las Vegas before arriving at the L.A. Convention Center when the accident occurred. [Source: Edmunds]

14 thoughts on “Kia Kee Concept damaged en route to North American debut

  1. Good! Maybe they can paint another color and bring it to some autoshow in America next year (black, blue red). I like the style but the color.

  2. He he Jamayl, the lemon yellow colour boders you doesn’t it!? :)
    I think what happend to Kee during the transport is a big loss for Kia and Kia visitors at the show. The Kee was one of the stars cars at the Frankfurt last month and would make a lot of buzz at L.A. Auto Show for sure! Such concept car costs about a million dollars to develope, so Kia will have to spend a huge amount of money to repair it.

  3. You know what I was thinking about!? Why the heck did they send it back to Italy!? They don’t have a design center there but in Germany!

  4. well maybe they have a repairing center there or the things to fix it will be brought there from Germany, but I dont think they’d change its colour if it has only smashed its “nose” although black sounds great. another thing is that they dont have a KEE factory to make parts meaning more handwork.

  5. It isn’t going to Italy! They tell people that so that all of the “Carparazzi” go to Italy in search of it, while the Kee is actually going to an undisclosed location. If they let everyone see it they won’t get their insurance claim.

  6. :)
    I don’t know why sending it to Italy!It must had been a mistake. Those magazines don’t know anything on Kias. All they care about are Bimmers, Audis, Toyotas and Honas!

  7. It will be the KND-4! It’s the SUV concept that was first introduced to the public at Seoul Motor Show!
    I will report on that as soon as I get the news.

  8. Where did you get the KND-4 pic if none of the magazines cover Kia, huh? The Kee is a hot car, every car magazine and enthusiest loves it! That is why they are not telling the real location.

  9. Only real Kia enthusiast get those!! 😀

    Yes Greg everyone who had seen the car in person likes the look of the Kee! On the other hand there are so many negative commnts on the kee, especially regarding it’s face.

  10. Yeah, I know. I really like the Kee’s face. However, I only like it’s face in black. The yellow is definately not for me! Also, the “New Face of Kia” probably only regards the grille. I have done some photo work and put the Kee’s grille on all of Kia’s models. It looks good on ALL Kia’s vehicles really. Believe me, anything is better than the one pic of the “Facelifted Spectra” that I sent you. LOL!

  11. Hey Greg. You sent me a Soul with Kee’s grille. It looks good and with little extra work it would be even better.

    Seems like Kia loves to use uncommon colours on it’s concepts. This is the second yellow-green concept producet by Kia. (KND-4 and Kee)

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