Kia K9 luxury sedan release date?

Kia K9 release date? The long-awaited RWD luxury sedan from Kia rumored to debut in the first half of 2012!

We have no official information about the Kia K9 luxury sedan release date at this point, however, latest rumors suggest that the South Korean second largest carmaker aims to unveil its first-ever rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan during the first half of 2012.

According to latest reports, Kia is planning to unveil the production version of the K9 luxury sedan early within a few months, possibly at the 2012 Seoul International Auto Show. Kia’s design head Peter Schreyer recently confirmed the existance of a range-topping rear-wheel drive sedan for Kia, but stopped short of confirming when such vehicle might be released.

Kia’s new premium sedan, codenamed Kia KH, is expected to share its RWD platform and mechanical hardware with Hyundai’s Genesis luxury sedan, therefore you can expect to see a range of V6 and V8 engines fitted under its hood. The K9 luxury sedan is also expected to mate its powerful engines with Hyundai-Kia’s in-house developed 8-speed automatic transmission.

Styling-wise, the new luxury sedan is expected to sport a sleek exterior design layout with “fantastic proportions”. According to the Drive magazine, the latest Kia K9 spy shots revealed that the forth-coming luxury sedan will feature Kia’s latest H-shaped signature grille, LED headlights and the air vents on the front fenders.

Currently, the Kia K9 luxury sedan has been spotted running around in South Korea for pre-production testing, which means the car is entering the final evaluation phase where the camouflage slowly comes off. [Source: Kia]

UPDATE: Kia K9 teaser images + more official information here Kia KH.


28 thoughts on “Kia K9 luxury sedan release date?

  1. Of course that grille needs some lovin’ but dis ting holds promise of a big ‘ole RWD day of old and new. And lore to come. These guys are on a roll The Beatles would be envious of. Rock on!

  2. “What are those stylish white squares inside the headlights? ”
    LED lighting system!

  3. Greg, I agree. Time to get a Girl Friend or adopt a Floppy Eared Dog!

  4. calm down dude. its quite obviously not an official render. it was definitely done by someone without formal training in automotive design. also, wth is with the “the a pillar is from the kee” comment? stop drawing stupid conclusions from nothing. its annoying.
    and just in case you were excited by the design, schreyer would never let a fussy design with incoherent details like this enter production. EVER.
    this render is just a rip off of the bmw concept cs with a bad interpretation of the kia grille, audi leds and microsoft windows logos for headlights. :/

  5. Pat, before you make any claims about what Peter Schreyer would approve or sign off on, who the hell signed off on that stupid “hole in the dash” to the right of the radio/rearview monitor on the upcoming 2012 Kia Rio?

  6. Who the hell wouldn’t sign off on that. It is going to be a very convenient feature.

  7. ok first of all, this is a b-segment car that prioritizes convenience and practicality. as greg pointed out, its there for convenience and it doesnt detract from the design as much as you think.
    secondly, i was talking about schreyer’s STYLE. look at all of his past works and what do they all have in common? they are all restrained or understated yet grabs one’s attention through clean surfacing, flowing design elements and they work as a coherent whole instead of one feature completely dominating the aesthetics of the vehicle. in the case of the rendering above the lines that make up the front air dam conflict with each other and the busy looking headlight detailing grabs your attention just because they are so distasteful. totally not in line with ANY of schreyer’s designs and completely goes against his style. besides, compare it to the concept cs and any other bmw design of late (by van hooydonk) and you will see that the bonnet creases and character lines are ripped straight off their designs. again, not what schreyer does. PERIOD.
    so phil, before you make any claims about what works and what doesnt, make sure you rip into someone who is actually talking about the same thing as you. oh and do some research whilst youre at it.

  8. Pat Chill Out! I`m not Bashing (all) of Schreyer`s styling creation. He has done a great job! That said, B-Segment or A thru Z Segment Vehicles should have some balance and I don`t care how your frame an argument for a “convenient” Cubby Hole in the Dashboard that matches with nothing, to put coins,condoms, paper clips, cell phones (assuming they are tiny and will fit) or what have you, Please point out any other recently launched vehicle that included a hole in the instrument panel. It looks like it was a knock out plug for a missing accessory that was not ordered and the cover was popped out!

  9. Greg, your right. After thinking about it a while, where else would I put my toothpicks, dental floss, breath mints, spare change, etc. A fine ash tray for the passenger too if you remember to put a damp paper towel in the bottom to collect both ashes and dust.

  10. Children! Children. Chill out. Have a Margarita if you need. Put some clean Foghat on from YouTube and just dig the 2012 Kia Rio and Rio Hatchback. Kia may just yet grab my purchase dollars away from Mitsubishi. That is the battle…Chevy, Dodge, Ford, et all…they’re all outta da battle. My fave two are:

    1) Mitsubishi
    2) Kia

    I am proud ta own a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in automatic CVT, foglights, paddleshifters, 650-watt Rockford Fosgate 6-CD Changer, leather-wrapped gearknob and steering wheel, wraparound bodykit and those delicious Seattle Supersonic 10-spoke wheels. Trading that car in would take my own Act of Congress. The Kia or Mitsubishi I choose must better this car…and I don’t see anything out there worthy of it right now. Hence the coming pert-near daily to this website to study what’s coming up to purchase. The 2012 Kia Rio hatchback may just be that one worthy replacement car for us. I want it in cream color or white, maybe an automatic but mostly I would want a 5-speed stick. Let ya know what I decide in a couple of years. One can never start planning big purchases too early, ya know?

  11. ’06 polo
    ’11 polo
    ’10 grand caravan
    ’08 patriot
    dont know if i’m allowed to post links so replace “DOT” with “.”

    “to put coins,condoms, paper clips, cell phones (assuming they are tiny and will fit) or what have you”
    its plenty big for my galaxy s. go figure.
    not only does that comment point out your immaturity, but it also highlights your blatant ignorance in regards to the auto industry. do you really think that they mindlessly added that compartment to the instrument panel? they would have considered countless criteria including but not limited to cost factors, ergonomics and anthropometric data along with surveys and focus groups’ needs and wants. you’ve got to remember – this is a primarily a utilitarian vehicle that happens to look great too.

  12. If addressing an obvious “blunder” is considered Kia Bashing, I`m guilty as charged! I have been a happy Kia Rio5 owner since I bought my current one new in 2006. I probably would have bought the new 2012 Hyundai Accent Hatchback as its replacement but since I already own a 2011 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback, I don`t want a look alike vehicle parked next to it in my driveway. That, plus the fact that Hyundai decided to (Decontent) and eliminate almost all upgradeable options. I do plan on purchasing a 2012 Rio5 SX when they finally launch this fall (despite) my reservations about the “hole in the dash”. Perhaps I will grow quite fond of that oddity and it may become my vehicles most treasured feature!

  13. Pat, you got me pegged! I`m by no means blatantly immature but I`m obviously ignorant. I got you with ergonomics, cost factors, surveys (I was NOT asked), focus groups, etc. But, “anthropometric data” huh, say what? Thank you, I will show myself to the door. Time for me turn return to my local Community College instead of wasting time posting in these Blogs.

  14. I guess beauty or whatever you want to call it lies in the eyes of the beholder, but I don`t think that most people that saw a Hyundai Touring Elantra Hatchback parked along side a Ford Fiesta Hatchback would see as much similarity as a 2012 Hyundai Accent Hatchback parked along side a 2011 or 2012 Ford Fiesta Hatchback, IMO. Thats why I`m waiting on the 2012 Kia Rio5 which looks quite different from the Fiesta and does not share any of the side crease lines nor the vertical taillights either.

  15. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Kia managed to mesh together BMW and Aston Marting styling along with what they have currently been doing and now I get my Lincoln MKS KILLER MOBILE. Kia this is why I held out all this time DELIVER THIS CAR AND IN A HURRY please.

  16. Fred, Hope you don`t live in South FL so we don`t have to fight over the first 2012 Kia Rio5 SX that hits the Dealership assuming we both want the same color and option content.

  17. Nah dude it is all about the K9 for me now my wife on the other hand is having a hard time between the New Rio and the Optima cause we both think the Rio is a MINI ME version of the Optima and the tech with the engine is AMAZING who would have thought foot on the brake engine off foot on accelerator engine on. HOW MANY GALLONS of gas over 30 years of driving I have wasted sitting at lights.

    Anyway K9 and me have a date with DESTINY!!!! My first trip will be to Universal Studios in the K9 HOLLAR if you see me. LOL

  18. Styling is very subjective…even though the Amanti looks like a Mercedes/Jag/Chrysler/Lincoln, depending on what angle you look at it….it pulls it off. Not the first generation, but the post-2007 models. I have spent a lot of time looking at that car, and I have really grown to love it. The leather smell of the interior is also like nothing else in the world…love that car. I vote to call it Amanti.

  19. I like Amanti but it does bring back thoughts of the minature Lincoln Town Car wanna be design of the previous model. I was thinking for the this car the flagship of Kia the name Konquor. I think it is strong, masculine, distinctive, the car visually says look at me I am here the name Konquor says I arrived and I am not apologizng for my VAINESS the vehicle and this name will give Kia a big presence and presentation to boot.

  20. After saying “Kia Konquor” out loud, all I can think of is the nasty looking early-2000s Chrysler Concorde….what a POS. Fewer people know what an “Amanti” is compared to a “Concorde”.

  21. Amanti it is. then.

    LOL I don’t know how you get to Concorde from Konquor but hey each his own. LOL

  22. Wow, thats being way cool observant! Worker`s taking a “break” and proof of that was soft drink containers were spotted in Cup Holders in Spy Shots of cars. OMG! I`m so damn sure of that or my name ain`t Philip.

  23. I would like to see an INNOVATIVE big mans coupe from Kia. A Subaru SVX and Lincoln Mark VIII combination of looks and style with the engineering from Kia.

  24. I just observed that half the population are Female and with the exception of some who are Lesbian dykes, most of them are “girlie” and naturally would prefer driving a “girlie vehicle”. And, since the women of North America (do) wear the pants in the household, they have a huge impact on what car”:Daddy” purchases with the sole exception of some red neck gals loving on the Ford 150 pickmeup truck. Just saying…… Think how many VW Convertibles they have sold in the past decade to (girls) all with the built in bud vase for flowers? I have yet to see a male driving one but they have sold tens of thousands!

  25. Uh note to Philip, I am the man in our household and I decide what car we will buy. Period. We only run one car at a time in our household. We just own one car at a time. To be fair to my wife, whom I love more than any personage in the Universe (except God and his Son Jesus Christ), she doesn’t drive. So what we ride in is my business, and hers, of course. But I make the call what I drive, for the two of us and our transportation needs. I’ll put it that way.

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