Kia K9; luxury rear-wheel-drive sedan

Is this the much anticipated Kia K9 luxury sedan, based on Genesis’ rear-wheel-drive platform?

The attendees of the Songdo design conference, held in South Korea, have been revealed a very interesting designer sketch from Kia’s chief designer, Peter Schreyer. During his on-stage presentation, an image of mysterious Kia vehicle appeared on the back-screen.

Many believe that this was the very first sneak peak preview of Kia’s upcoming rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan, codenamed CH, which has been expected to hit the Korean market in late 2010 and will be positioned above the just recently launched Kia K7 luxury sedan.

The rumoured Kia K9 sedan is expected to share its rear-wheel-drive architecture with Hyundai Gensis sedan. It is also expected to be equipped with Hyundai-Kia‘s all-new 8-speed automatic transmission which will soon be applied to the high-end Hyundai Equus luxury sedan.

If we speculate further, the K9 luxury sedan will likely feature similar engine line-up as its sibling model from Hyundai, but according to some reports from various Korean magazines, the automaker also plans to introduce a brand-new, high-performance 4.0L V8 engine in the K9 sedan.

Sometime ago, we published a leaked document that outlined the release dates of Kia’s upcoming vehicles. According to the document, the all-new CH should have been unveiled in September 2010, but recent rumours suggest its January 2011 release. [Source: aboutcar.co.kr]

Kia K9 gallery: 

2011-kia-k9-ch.jpg      kia-k9.jpg

195 thoughts on “Kia K9; luxury rear-wheel-drive sedan

  1. The cadenza k7 it’s replace the magentis ? and the k9 replace the Amanti / optima ?? . Kia it’s better to focus on small cars like ford fiesta in B segment and the A segment to replace the old look picanto WITH LOW CO2 EMI ENGINES.

  2. As a hardcore fan of Kia, I really don’t want this type of design!

    The Kia K9 compete with BMW 7 series, Mecedes S-class, Lexus LS.

    Luxury car buyers want something SPECIAL.
    They don’t want same design style with Kia Optima!
    Please reconsider this design.

    Please completely redrawing its design!!!

    It need completely distinguished design language. lexury car buyers don’t want that Grill design, it same grill design with Kia Rio, Kia optima!!

    Look, Even Hyundai genesis have distinguished its design from other normal hyundai models (eg. Hyundai accent).

    And name of K9 is a “dog”.
    Go to google image search, and type “K9” and see it.

    Please schryer! please!!! reconsider its design!

    its fvcking fugly as hell!

  3. K names are applied to Kia’s domestic market only. And this is only a deisgner sketch so please, don’t panic about its design! :)

  4. Even toyota’s high end model “Lexus LS” have distinguished its design from toyota camry, corolla.

    Honda, Nissan, Ford, GM, VW…. all makers high-end flagship model have distinguished design from normal models.

  5. Well could it be any more clear about the need to compete with other car makers WHAT ARE YOU THINKING KIA ? The Japanese remain out front and always will it appears because they do one thing very well small cars perfected , now i dont drive a Japanese car but have looked at them and The Soul being my 3rd spectra LOL my loyalty remains with Kia they have served me well But … The days for Borragio and Amanti and some larger milage veihicles days may be numbered . Not all the answers are with hybrids either but unless the K( has good numbers like 6/8 per 100 leter your just barking woof woof K9

  6. Talk about blowing things out of proportion!!!
    IT IS A DRAWING!!!!! Nothing else. The idea is to see reaction of people……
    I think it is a daring design, in accord with Kia visual image and should be seen as a flagship containing the latest in tech. available in the brand.
    I like it…. A LOT!!!! have you seen the new S-class from Mercedes???? that is ugly. But sells good becouse the gadgets and safety features, not becouse is the prom queen of luxury cars…..

  7. Well, This is Kia version Equus.
    Do you really think luxury car buyers want just ‘FAT version of Kia optima’????

    Dear, Peter Schreyer.

    Kia is not your company, You are just ‘hired gun’ of Korean company. I don’t want Kia K9 fail because your WRONG design direction.

    Luxury car should have luxury design, such as elegeant, triumph, dignity, etc.

    This design have none of that!

    Dude: “I bought a Kia.”
    BMW Dude 2: “Oh…
    Dude: “No — it’s different.”
    BMW Dude 2: {look at front emblem} “oh yeah?”
    Dude: “Yeah… you really gotta see its interior”
    BMW Dude 2: “how bout them Ravens?”

  8. After seeing all of the other designs that Schreyer has penciled, and what the resulting production model has come out looking like (i.e. the newest Kias in the lineup)…

    I’m betting that this will be a winner.

  9. Greg, you finally came around and now you like the Cadenza’s snout? Good for you. I am starting to fall for the Kia Cadenza, especially after watching the video where the new world order Sorento is chasing it through Korean city streets. Great vid! And really, any of y’all freakin’ out over this SKETCH…have a margarita early in the morning and try to mellow out, it’s just a SKETCH. It’s intended to give you an early OVERALL KIND of look at what a future car might look like. Sheesh!

  10. i think Kia should fire schryer.

    Actually, He was not good designer.

    The only good designs Kias are Soul and Forete.

    However, Soul design derived from original Kia mesa concept, and it directly came from 2006 NAIAS Kia soul concept, before shcryer join in Kia.

    Kia forte design in Kia california studio, i based on Kia Koup concept. its designed in 2005 before shcryer join in Kia.

    None of fascinating works from Schryer.

  11. Forte, Soul => It was not a Schryer’s work.

    Because these design already completed before Schryer join Kia

  12. Sorento Owner, can you please just shut the hell up? Your incohernet, asinine rants are beyond tiresome.


  14. Amen to Nick! Why is everyone acting like Peter is the SOLE designer!!??
    He is just the head – that does not mean he is in charge of every aspect and every detail of each car, he just oversees and of course designs himself. But, car designing is group work. Who knows, he might not have even made this sketch, he could have just been presenting it on behalf of the design team

  15. “it looks exactly like a bigger version of the Kia Forte, not bad at all… ”

    bigger version of the Kia Forte????
    quite disappointing.
    The Kia design chief schryer must think twice, the high end car buyer really want bigger version of the Kia Forte?

  16. unified design them is not always good.

    the kia design is still not well acclaimed design and established brand.

    “It looks like a BMW!” sound good.
    “It looks like a Kia!” not good at all.

    if high end car looks like a Kia, who buy it?

    schryer must wake up from his dream.

  17. Sorento Owner, don’t get you’re knickers in a twist, theres no way that this car will ever compete with the 7 Series, S-Klasse, A8 or the Lexus LS. These are all proper high end luxury limousines with more technology than you can imagine and a price to match. These cars will never compete with a KIA.

    This K9 will simply be a large sedan that will compete with other large sedans in similar price range, not $250,000 luxo German limos…

  18. Martin

    the kia’s large sedan is a cadenza.
    The K9 fall between genesis(E-class) and equus(S-class).

    they are not really compete with those tradional high end german luxury, but it certainly compete with japanee pseudo luxury like inifniti Q, Lexus LS, Acura’s flagship.

    Its engine and chassis are a world class.

    Its chassis built on ultra high strenth steel.

    It will have plenty of IT technology gadgets which come from south korea’s samsung co-developed technology.

    And, Its Tau V8 engine recognized as world best V8 engine.

    See. Ward’s 10 Best Engines for 2010, 2009

    “Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. also reclaims a spot among this year’s winners with its 4.6L Tau V-8, the only 8-cyl. engine to make the cut in 2010. In the Genesis sedan, the Tau continues to dazzle with its combination of silky, smooth power delivery, aggressive tip-in, satisfying exhaust note and admirable fuel economy.”

    It will be a technically great car.

  19. If you really take a look at it, it takes on a very distinctive shape. The front looks quite flat, the headlights are thinner than we have ever seen on any Kia. The tabs are much more pronounced than on any other Kia (well, other than the Sorento), the corners of the grille are much boxier than we have seen yet. The wheels look to be pushed out quite a bit giving it the most aggressive stance we have seen yet. The lower grille has a very sharp upward inflection. Compared to this (from what I can tell) all other Kia designs are looking very conservative. If you look past JUST the tabbed grille and headlights, this thing looks very Audi-ish, and MUCH, MUCH different than anything we have seen from Kia yet.

  20. himi – the “luxury” part of the title is obviously confusing a lot of people. This vehicle will NEVER cross the 40k mark, therefore it will never be in any kind of “luxury” market. Putting this into the league of BMWs or Mercedes’ is absolutely PREPOSTEROUS!!! All BMWs have the kidney grille, all Mercedes have the “four headlight” design. So, exactly why is it so wrong for a car under 40k, not necessarily in a luxury segment to have vaguely the same grille design. I mean get real people.

  21. “This vehicle will NEVER cross the 40k mark”

    >> It will 90k mark in south Korea, 60k mark in US.
    or this vehicle is korean domestic market only.

  22. Correction: So, exactly why is it so wrong for a car under 40k, not necessarily in a luxury segment to have vaguely the same grille design as the rest of the manufacturer’s line up? Are we trying to confuse people? If we have a vehicle without the same face, we are just confusing the car buying public. First Guy: “Hey, was that a Kia?” Second Guy: “I don’t think so, it didn’t have the signature Kia grille.” First Guy: “Oh, it must have been something else then.”

  23. haha ha…

    This is funny. The Kia fanboy and employee really does not know how Kia’s design theme and image are still poor.

  24. dds – how can you be sure of yourself?? Kia isn’t competing in a luxury segment!! No one EVER in their right mind would EVER buy a 60k Kia, EVER. Especially when you are making them look cheap with your comments. Get your train of thought straight!!

  25. Greg

    “No one EVER in their right mind would EVER buy a 60k Kia”
    However, this car is a high end luxury (S-class fighter) at least in south korea. not sure this car will selling at overseas market.
    I point out the typical econo box shape is a error design for s-class fighter.

  26. Even in Korea this will not have the features to challenge the s-class. Are you thinking of the Eqqus? The Eqqus is an s-class fighter. ECONOBOX SHAPE!?!?!? IF YOU LOOK PAST THE GRILLE AND HEADLIGHTS, IT IS AN AUDI!

  27. GUY, GUYS, GUYS!!!!

    Cant you see?

    This is just a building up of the brands. John Krafick stated that Hyundai-KIA Motors would be an Aspirational brand, but thrifty as well.

    Hyundais and KIA are becoming the cars that everybody will want.

    KIA as an Economy Sport brand with Sport Luxury on the top.

    Hyundai as a “eco Near Luxury brand” with fuel economy as the main concern.

    Hyundai is Becoming Chrysler at lower prices, better fuel economy, and better reliability.

    KIA is Becoming SAABish at much lower prices, better fuel eocnomy, and better reliability.

    We will still compete with Honda and Toyota somewhat, but we will dominate the near luxury world too. Afterwards we will purchase a weak Luxury make like Jaguar or Aston, and really bring those cars into the 21st century.

  28. It will be a technically great cat.

    use award winning engine, use great plaform from award winning genesis sedan, top safety rating car as genesis sedan, ultra high strength chassis, cool gadget from south korea’s it technology.

    but its design is fail. only design is suck.

  29. Yeah, you have seen a 2-dimensional SKETCH. You don’t even know what this car looks like. Also, how can the 4.0L V8 be award winning if this is the first we have ever heard of it, and it isn’t in production.

  30. From what I know about the CH, it will be the same size of the Genesis, if not a little smaller. The Cadenza BARELY crosses 30k when it is full option. The Equus is way out of the league of the CH. With a 4.0L V8, the engine is smaller than the Genesis, and ESPECIALLY the 5.0L in the Equus.

  31. If the CH is going to compete with a Mercedes, it will compete with the C-class. The Equus will compete with the E-class, as Hyundai confirmed that.

  32. Greg

    The Equus will compete with the S-class, But Price like a E-class

    The Genesis compete with the E-class, But Price like a C-class

  33. Yeah.
    K1 = Picanto
    K2 = Rio
    K3 = Forte
    K4 = Sportage
    K5 = Optima
    K6 = Sorento
    K7 = Cadenza
    K8 = Mohave
    K9 = CH
    Just to clear that up.

  34. typo fix
    “The genesis attacting The MB C-class and BMW 3 series buyers.”

    attacting (x) -> attracting (o)

  35. Yeah, the Genesis is luring C-class buyers – Why??? Because the Genesis competes with the C class!!

  36. Greg Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 6:03 am

    Yeah, the Genesis is luring C-class buyers – Why??? Because the Genesis competes with the C class!!
    Only price.

    Check, Its wheel base length and interior pacakge and interior spacious, and performance.
    Even Lexus GS, MB E-class, BMW 5 series are not match with it.

  37. That’s true, we did see the K5. I wonder when Kia will incorporate all of their vehicles into their new scheme?

  38. Kia reconsider this stupid design, This is ‘sincerely advice’ for Kia company.

    If Kia persons are smart, they realize how stupid if typical Kia’s econo box shape incorportate into their high-end luxury car.

  39. Colin over at KIA told me this is the KIA version of the Eqqus, and its under consideration.

  40. That’s because Kia’s not competing in a true luxury area. Not to mention, do any new Kias actually look like an econobox…..NO!

  41. HOW is it a stupid design!! You haven’t even seen it! A Hyundai Equus is foolish. A Kia Equus is simply retarded.

  42. Greg Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 6:12 am

    That’s because Kia’s not competing in a true luxury area.
    No. Accoring to hyundai habit, They really want competing in a true luxury area.

  43. Greg Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 6:13 am

    HOW is it a stupid design!! You haven’t even seen it! A Hyundai Equus is foolish. A Kia Equus is simply retarded.

    Even toyota made Japanese S-class fighter, Lexus LS in 1989.
    Even Japanese did it, Why Korean can’t?

    But, I’m not sure K9 will selling in global market. Probably, This car will be a Korean domestic market only.

  44. The brand has to grow, and learn new things. It makes the product line better, and it makes them say “Well if they can build this, then I will trust this cute little Rio, or this sporty Soul/Forte/Optima here.”

    We have to do over the top cars like this to draw people into the dealers to buy everything else.

  45. Yeah, but this dude is sayin that the K9 is going to compete with the s-class!! The s-class is 150k++ I mean, I doubt if the K9 breaks 45k (of course I mean USD)

  46. Greg Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 6:31 am

    Yeah, but this dude is sayin that the K9 is going to compete with the s-class!!
    Technical spec, It will compete with S-class.

    Yes, Its price wiill not be a s-class price.

    I guess it will almost as E-class price.

    Again, I’m not sure K9 will selling in global market. Probably, This car will be a Korean domestic market only.

  47. And Hyundai and Kia relations are pretty fair relation. If Hyundai made Genesis and Equus, Kia will do.

  48. Greg Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 6:39 am

    TECHNICAL SPEC!?! The S class has a V12 engine. The K9 has a small V8.
    It compete with V8 engine model of s-class.

    I gurantee this car wheel base length and interios spacious will surpass S-class.

  49. Ok, this maybe not compete with an S-Class.

    I just have one question though, name one near Luxury make that has a Rear Wheel drive sedan this size? The answer is VW, this segment is usually only reserved for top echelon makes like BMW. Therefore, there’s people wanting to get into a big supersized sedan like this, but the price has been unobtainable.

    Hyundai/KAI will make the prices even more obtainable, as the Phaeton is $60k. This will be $50-$45K.

  50. Enough people buy Phaetons, for them to keep selling them. So VW didnt have a true failure on that.

  51. Wow….way to judge a car that you have no clue what the interior space, wheelbase, overall length, competitors, or features will be like….from a sketch and what little information you know from this Kia-World press release. Kia knows that there is no market for two Equus sized vehicles from the same company. When Hyundai introduced the RWD Genesis, they said that there would be three additional chassis variants: a coupe RWD, a larger than Genesis RWD, and a smaller then Genesis RWD. Well, we already have the coupe RWD (Genesis Coupe) and the larger RWD (Equus). All that leaves is the smaller RWD…..that is simple process of elimination.

  52. They just want to have one but $10-$20K cheaper. Hyundai KIA will provide them with that.

  53. Also, if Azera rides on RWD, that means Kia doesn’t get a RWD, because Hyundai only has four RWD platforms planned.

  54. I asked him a question a few days ago “Will the K9 be the KIA Genesis?” He said “No K9 will be the KIA version of the Eqqus.”

  55. I read many articles that K9 is a Kia’s high end model, it aim at S-class luxury territory.

    Sure, it is NOT a real competiotor of S-class. everybody know it.

    But, At least, it will eat Lexus LS market in Korea.
    It is a killer of Japan pseudo luxury.

    So, it should benchmarking more high-end luxury model (german luxury) than Japanese luxury.

  56. Wow, 123 Comments on a car that we havent seen its body yet. COuld you imagine the peopel on some of the Anti KIA sites that could have gotten this story.

  57. Colin is in the consumer affairs department. He has absolutely no real link to anyone too far behind consumer affairs. His job is to tell you something – be it true or false – just to shut you up and make you happy. He probably only vaguely knows what the Equus is. Stop for a moment to think about the Equus. Look at the segment and how many people are buying those cars. OK, now look at the Genesis segment, and who is buying those cars. Now, there are a lot more buyers in the Genesis market. Think business sense…..would you rather have two cars in a better selling segment or two cars in a slower selling segment. Not to mention, if the K9 was an Equus, Kia would have no car in the Genesis-sized market. That leaves an unhealthy gap in the line-up.

  58. If this is a Korea only model, Korean rich person don’t like “bigger version of the Kia Forte”.

    Again, This design is really sucks.

    Think about it.
    If i am a K9 buyer, I want be a something special.
    But, My friend scold me it looks like a “hey! it looks like a bigger version of the Kia Forte”. Am i happy this?

  59. Tell me this…..why would Kia pay to develop a vehicle and make a new exterior and interior design, then R&D it, then only sell it in Korea?? The USA is the world’s biggest market for large RWD sedans!!

  60. Tell me…..where do you see the Kia Forte in this car??? This sketch shows the CH looking NOTHING like the Forte!!

  61. If i am a K9 buyer, Maybe The Japanese friend scold me “hey! it looks like a bigger version of the Honda Civic”. Am i happy this?

  62. Greg, Hyundai had the Centennial (Eqqus) years before they had the Genesis. I think they are doing the same with KIA. They will have this car for years over in Korea and the Middle east, and then if it gets enough appeal it migth sell in the North American Market.

  63. North America would be its most important market. Instead of looking and basing everything on past trends, think of what would make the most business sense. What is going to sell best, and in what markets will it sell best? That is why they don’t sell the Picanto in the states, and it is why they don’t sell the Mohave in most Euro countries. Tell me, what country is the largest market for Genesis sized sedans? What country has the largest market for Equus sized sedans? Would you rather have two cars in a better selling segment (Genesis segment) or two cars in a slower selling segment (Equus segment). These are the things Kia takes into consideration. Why do you think Kia developed the cee’d for Europe and the Forte for the USA?

  64. Ok, lets take a look at the Civic type-r. The K9 has a much more dramatic headlight taper. The K9 has a MUCH larger, more muscular grille. The K9 has a flowing lower grille design, with pronounced upward inflections on both sides. And again, how can you even begin to start comparing this to anything. The sketch of the VG/Cadenza looked like an old Lexus ES330. Does it look like a Lexus ES330 now?

  65. At least, Cadenza looks like a Audi.
    It is not a disadvantage.

    However, this car front exactly same as Civic type-r Concept….
    the compant’ high-end luxury car looks like a cheap econobox. It is a disadvantage.
    OK? Understand this?
    Peter Schryer have no shame.

    And, Greg
    It is possibly this car will not selling at north america market, Like first generation Equus did, Because, North America consumer does not ready for accept Kia’s luxury MB S-class fighter. However, Korean can accept Kia’s luxury MB S-class fighter.

  66. Think about it.

    If this car selling at North America Market as “MB S-class fighter”, and you buy it, and feel happy it.
    However, You friend see your car and scold you “hey! it looks like a bigger version of the Civic”. Are you happy this?

    Again, Peter Schryer have no shame.

  67. I agree Greg, but Korea and the Middle east has us edged out when it comes to the big Sedans. They drive big sedans over there despite gas being $8 a gallon. They dont care at all. At $8 a gallon even us here in the US would stop driving big sedans.

    The Chinese still drive big sedans there too, and gas is set by their government at close to $5.00 a gallon.

    Just Remember, people used to gasp at the idea of Hyundai selling Eqquses here. Now people are begging Hyundai to bring them over, and Hyundai will take them up on their offer.

    The same will go for KIA too.

  68. dds is incompetent. he uses the same argument over and over again, after I have already contradicted it. I mean, he doesn’t know what this car looks like, and he is already freaking out, he has no idea what features or size this car will be, but he is already plugging it is “high end luxury” JUST BECAUSE it is larger than Cadenza (which topped out costs appx. $35000). I mean, what do you want from a sketch. Also, you are calling it a bigger version of the Civic r-trpe, when i don’t actually think the latest r-type went on sale, and many differences include (AS I HAVE ALREADY SAID) The K9 has a much more dramatic headlight taper. The K9 has a MUCH larger, more muscular grille. The K9 has a flowing lower grille design, with pronounced upward inflections on both sides. I mean, for all we can possibly know (even though it probably won’t) this car could be a “cheap econobox” in its class. All we know at this point is that it is RWD.

  69. Volvo and SAAB are the ‘Cheap Econoboxes” for upper midle class people. Maybe Hyundai-KIA Motors has decided to take their place, but for a new Generation and less pricey to make them more obtainable to all, Greg? Who Knows?

  70. They probably figure “Hey if VW can do it, we can too.” Benchmark Premium products and sell them at non-premium prices is the smartest idea these guys ever came up with. It will pay off big time over the years, youll see.

  71. I think we (Kia i mean, definitely not Hyundai) are still competing full force with Honda and Toyota, and what makes you think that they won’t start offering the same technologies? They are just a little slower than us. Remember when the Spectra was the first compact to have six standard airbags? Nowadays, that goes without saying. They are just a little slower. The Avalon is still comparative to the Cadenza. The Civic and Corolla are comparative to the Forte. The Rav4 and CR-V are the Sorento’s main competitors. We are still wholeheartedly competing with Honda and Toyota. If you say that we are moving upmarket, they are too. Sure we offer many standard technologies, but within five years, they will offer the same things. Don’t think that just because we have upmarket designs and high tech features means that we are automatically going upmarket. So far, we are just the only company who’s figured out how to offer it AND undercut their prices. Once they get with their game, they will be fully competitive with us. We have had a very unusual number of new vehicle rollouts, which makes it look like we’re jumping ahead, and we are…..to a point.

  72. The Insight is $15,000 that Veloster wannabe CR-Z(Fit Coupe) will be $12-13K. I have been inside an Insight, and its like a 10 year old Accent interior but all black. Hard plactics everywhere Chinese quality fabrics, etc.. etc.. .

  73. Why won’t you elaborate on why this looks like an Optima?? Please, tell me what is so similar. Please be very specific.

  74. I certainly don’t see an Optima; perhaps Sorrento Owner needs to get his prescription checked. Looking at the one sketch and the lines of the car that Schreyer has lain down, I see it as a coupe (aka Genesis Coupe) as opposed to a luxo-sedan.

    The considerable angle of the A- and B-pillar lines, as view from essentially the front bumper, seem to shape-up as a coupe instead of anything with four doors.

  75. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 3-series sized as it looks that way from the design. Maybe this is really the Optima as the closest thing to a 3-series from Kia is the Optima/next Optima/Magentis.

  76. The wheel base looks too bulky to be a 3 Series sized car. Wheel base look like it can be in the A8 Sedan, 7 series class, Genesis at least.

    Yep, Im in firmly with the Big car camp.

  77. I think Q is onto something. I mean, it would make a lot more sense if it were a coupe, because it sits on a short Genesis platform.

  78. Yeah, but it is absurd that HKAG would have only one Genesis sized vehicle, and two Equus sized vehicles, when Genesis sized vehicles sell better. And if Kia calls it the K9, the Borrego is the K8, so where would they put a Genesis sized car in the line-up?

  79. Korean domestic market want luxurious vehicles, and Korean luxury selling well in Korea. Korean consumers no more want small or mini car.

    K9 is a Korean BMW 7 series fighter.

    K5 – next optima
    K7 – next amanti/opirus
    K9 – You can guess this is a most expensive and largest Kia in the lineup.

    Like above comments, The most expensive and luxurious Kia is a cheap econobox Civic looking. this is not a good design. Peter Scryer really don’t know what is the proper design of luxury car.

  80. “Korean consumers no more want small or mini car.”

    >i corrent this comments.
    The korean consumers moving upscale slowly.

  81. Hey, The Aussie’s Auto site made CG rendering from that rough sketch.

    “Kia’s chief designer Peter Schreyer is said to have unveiled a sketch of what is currently only being referred to as K9 in Seoul a few weeks ago. Our graphic artists have been hard at work and put together the above illustration of what the car may look like. The original sketch can be found below:”


  82. Take note to all the negative rubbish narrow minded Australians post too though. No wonder so many great new Kia’s will never make it here.

  83. This car will be nearly the same size as the Cadenza (within inches), and will be marketed as a RWD performance car, while the Cadenza is a FWD premium sedan.

  84. Out of all of them that Elantra looks the most finished, so I think thats the next batter-up.

  85. The Elantra doesnt even have a pre-production interior anymore as well, its by far the best in class it runs circles around everything from Civic to Astra.

  86. Within the next 75 days you have Miami Detroit and New York shows. If they dont show Rio and Accent Prototypes they will show small car concepts.

  87. Thats part of the “Aspirational” effect from Hyundai. That would be great, like “KIA,the power to surprise.” “Hyundai, drive with Aspiration.” Hyundai, the Aspirational effect.” “Hyundai, Aspirationally Drive your way.” “Hyundai, the Aspirational Machine.” Anything is better than “Hyundai, Drive your way.”

  88. Just to keep you all informed:
    Soul = Soul
    cee’d = cee’d family
    K1 = Picanto
    K2 = Rio family
    K3 = Forte family
    K4 = Sportage
    K5 = Optima
    K6 = Sorento
    K7 = Cadenza
    K8 = Mohave
    K9 = CH
    Sedona = Dead after 2010
    Rondo = Dead after 2010

    I am really looking forward to the new K8. With the eight passenger seating that thing will be SWEET! It’s too bad the Sorento missed the naming scheme. The “K#” system works for me in Korea. It is nice to be able to refer to a car that way.

  89. According to what I have heard, should Kia debut an Equus sized vehicle, it would not fall under the K# naming scheme.

  90. I wish KIA brought a Picanto over to the US with a 1.4L engine. That would be nice to fill out the lineup. The Next gen version. I unlike a lot of people like the Picanto. It’s a little car that looks like it has some heart. Not many city cars look like they have heart.

  91. Sedona = Dead after 2010????

    Sedona is only Minivan/large MPV by Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.
    And only Minivan earned Gold Top Safety Pick by IIHS.(safest minivan ever)

    If Sedona dead after 2010, it is most dumbest decision.
    Kia is not only auto comapny for US, but also Other continents.
    World consumers want sedona(large MPV), rondo (mid MPV) from Kia.

  92. Kia believes that it is better to offer vehicles to stronger markets no matter what. I love the Rondo, and I love the Sedona. I really wish Kia would keep them, but they are not. In Hyundai-Kia’s production expansion plan, it calls for closing the Sohari plant, and killing some vehicles to free up manufacturing space. The K8 is the eight passenger MPV/CUV replacement for the Borrego. The K6 (Sorento) is a mid-size MPV/CUV replacement for the Rondo. Kia never will truly replace the BL (03-09 Sorento).

  93. Guys and girls,
    There is no such thing as the K9. The sketch from Peter is an early drawing from the Magentis programme of designs. The K7 or Cadenza is big enough for now.

    There is no decision to Kia to change the names of the cars to useing the K system. If it come in, Sorento will not be K6 but might be something like KX-something. Sportage will be KX-something as well.

    Think why the Venga was called No3 at Geneva motor show. Was it because it was going to be launch as the K3? And don’t forget, Kia does not sell the same cars all over the world so how would it call the ceed K4 and the forte K4 when they are both the same size but different cars.?

    Rio has not been spied on photographet yet because it is not finished. It is still in the clay,

  94. Yeah, there will be no 2010 Borrego in the US market. Like I have said before, the Sorento just missed the new naming scheme.

  95. No Borrego, thats a shame. Well I guess it would be a bad Idea since Hyundai is doing a Genesis Truck in a couple of years.

    I think its a bad idea to have a Minivan, regardless of how good the Sedona is in terms of what a minivan is supposed to do. Its still one of our most unreliable products. It brings the brand down, KIA could probably be 6th place in reliability if it wasnt for the Sedona instead of 9th place in the US.

    Minivans are a dying Market, almost everybody is pulling out of that market in the US. The Market is going back to Wagons, Crossovers, and Hatchbacks here in the US. I just think KIA needs to hurry up with that Forte Hatch and Soul 3 door and Truck(Soulster), make the Rio a 5 door and 3 door version care care of Sportage-AWD Option, Take Care of Sorento 4.0 Option, and call it a day.

    Think about this: US Market

    1. Rio Hatch Family 3 and 5 door.
    2. Soul Family
    3. Forte Hatch
    4. Sportage
    5. Sorrento

    To top it off, KIA should be allowed Access to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 in the Forte. I know the Forte is getting a 2.0 Turbo. Let Hyundai put the 2.4 Turbo in the Geneiss Coupe, to shut the haters up. You guys wouldnt need a Toyobaru-like car with a 2.0T in the Forte, You would also save a lot of money. Money which can go towards making a better Rio, making a more refined version of the Forte for those who want a softer ride, a more aggressive Soul, and AWD Soul.

    Forget the Toyobaru Coupe. most people want you to just fix the Forte Koup, and give it that kind of performance as an option.

    That’s all KIA Needs for the US market, Besides Rio Sedan, Forte Sedan and Koup, and Cadenza.

  96. The Fotre Koup is Autoblogs 10 th place finalist in “Cars that promised a lot, but didnt deliver list” Simply put, they want more power.

  97. Gregory Schreyer, please make sure the Rio is a better car than the US Fiesta in every way? Im tired of that thing already and it wont be at the Ford dealers yet until May 2010. I know the Rio will have more than the Fiesta’s 40 MPG, Just can you at least offer leather in a Forte like Package?

    What’s so hard about getting leather/Leatherette materials in the small cars KIA? Im really pissed off about that Fietsa.

    And please, please, please, no more Tonka Toy looking Black Plastics on the bumpers. The Rio really pisses me off. Its a great small car product, but a destroyed opportunity too.

  98. For 2010, the black plastic is gone on the Rio. Why have a minivan, when you can have a crossover the same size. The interesting thing about the new Borrego is that even though more of a crossover, it will still be primarily RWD. The Sedona and Rio are built at Sohari. Once Sohari is done, Kia’s reliability will much improve. According the the HKAG production capacity increase plan, by 2012 the following plants will make the following Kia vehicles:
    Hwasung: TD, VG, CH, TF, and XM
    Gwangju: HM, SL, AM, Commercial Vehicles
    Georgia: XM, TF
    Ulsan: Next Rio
    Slovakia: SL, ED
    Czech: YN

  99. That Accent plant in Ulsan puts out the most reliable small car product on the planet. Its a high cost labor plant, but Im also worried about that Mexican Plant for the US Accent/Rio being built in 2013.

    Hecho En Mexico-POS quality for any make that builds a car there.

  100. Mexican plant? Since when? Every car ever built in Mexico (Brazil, too) absolutely sucks due to the cheap labor. Ala the Ford Fusion.

  101. Hyundai will build small cars in Brazil too. The Story behind the Plant is the Mexican govt is Saying Hyundai is going to build a Plant in the State of Veracruz for Accents and Rios. They are still negotianting the terms, but Hyundai is refusing to confirm the Mexican Plant Plans.

  102. I hate it when they speak in Spanish here in SE Arizona and I’m clueless as to what they’re saying. They can be horrible brats those Hispanics. I have personal experience with them, I know. All the time. One young Hispanic-American woman(very pretty, too) was trying to steal me from my wife. No kidding, a homewrecker in progress. And she’s frickin’ half my age-I kid you not. They’re quick to steal in that culture, even for spouses. I would wonder a bit about Kia car quality put together by them in Mexico. I’d want to eyeball the whole car first, trouble is it’s been covered up with body panels by the time you pick it up for purchase! Kia should advertise their quality-control expertise if they’re gonna head south of da border for production and assembly, dudes.

  103. HyundaiSmoke, be patient. The cars are coming and they look good.

    New Rio is a very importantt car for Kia and this will be clearly when the Rio is seen for the first time. Some say it will be three and five door. We will be waiting and see.

    Sportage is next big car for Kia and it will make people look at Kia differently ways. No doubting, Sportage is nothing like the Hyundai iIX-35.

  104. Hyundai and Kia should stop build overseas plants. Current Korean factory made good quality.

  105. The new Borrego will be a 2011 model. They can’t sell a full BOF vehicle in the current market. They need to steal sales away from the horrible GM Lambdas!

  106. I wish so too Sorento, but the only problem with Korean factories is the higher labor cost. If Hyundai/KIA wants to put more goodies in their cars, they are going to have to move to cheaper labor sources. Euro Cars built in Slovakia, Czech Republic. North American cars built in Mexico, Southern and Midwestern United States, and Canada. Indian/Oceania cars built in India. South American cars built in Brazil. Everything else in Korea. However, I think African production is in the future too.

    Bryan, Mexicans are just as lazy as us Americans are in terms of the build quality. The American made Sonata is ok, but its surely not as reliable as the Korean Built Accent. That 2006 and 2007 Sonata had quite a few recalls; Major ones.

    Gregory Schreyer, the other Makes have taken small cars seriously here now, as if we live in Europe. The Accent and Fit are representative of good small cars sold in America today. By 2012 However, Small cars will pack leather in the higher trims, Wheels, Entertainment systems like In-Sync, Softer touch interior Plastics, etc…

    The Elantra Touring is an Example of a Euro Product brought over to America. Some journals like Edmunds say its a better value than a SAAB 9-3 Wagon, however they say certain hard interior plastics on the center console, and trunk linings take away from the feel of an otherwise excellent car. These days people look at this stuff online and say, “Ah well Forget it.”

    Sure I know KIA will be a lower cost brand than Hyundai to get in, but dont scrimp on the upper trims of your products.

    If youre going to put a new kind of Door open/Seat belt Undone indicator warning noise. Why, did you use a GM sounding Noise for the Forte? That long loud Bong Noise is annoying as hell, and makes me think its going to be a POS GM quality product. I actually miss the “bing, bong, Bing, Bong” noise from the Current Gen Hyundai/KIA Products. However, I know its time for a change. I just wish you made the noise sound futuristic and away from the rest of the pack.

    My dream would be for every car, to have that sound that K7/Cadenza had on the Commercial as soon as you began to start it for an indicator Noise. That “binga ba bing, ba, bing bing.” At the same time it says”KIA Motors, Welcome”in the dash.

  107. “Hyundai and Kia should stop build overseas plants. Current Korean factory made good quality”

    There are many reasons to build overseas, not just quality.

    Zilina is the most advanced vehicle production plant in the world, which is why Kia was able to do the 7 year warrantee. Local plants mean customers don’t have to wait 8 weeks for cars to be shipped from Korea. Local plants also mean you can reduce CO2 – just over 2% of the world CO2 is created by shipping, local plants do away with the shipping and this also save money.

    It would be expensive to built Europe only product like ceed and venga in Korea and ship so far, so why not just build Europe cars in Europe?

  108. The Auto Shows coming up will be Detroit Jan 10th-23th, Chicago Feb 10th-21st, New York April.

  109. HS, the only HKAG cars that have alternating seatbelt chimes (“bing bong bing bong) are the Rio and Accent. All of the rest repeat the same tone (Optima, Rondo, Forte, Sportage, Sorento…just to name a few that I have recently observed)

  110. reason that why HK should stop build overseas plants.

    1. Lesson from Toyota’s fail.(so many recalls) Recently, Toyota expand their plants in all of the world. overseas plant’s product use foreign components. This is serious threat of quality control.

    2. foreign workers are not diligent like Korean (sorry, but this is true)

  111. Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. We don’t have a good view of Mexico. I mean, I have a different view of Hispanics after living 70 miles north of the USA-Mexico border for 3 1/3 years now, but along with what I’ve already said, they are screwing up some economic things in America. And their desperation has wrecked a lot of American’s lives. I really don’t trust automobiles made in Mexico. And another thing I can’t stand…when they speak in Spanish and you don’t know what the f&*% they’re saying. That’s just rude. They’re intruding here, not the other way around.

  112. Its true about Korean labor. They don’t mix business with pleasure. Koreans are d@mn good workers.

  113. Elantra has Bing bong too Greg. I have a problem with Mexican labor becuase of these reasons:

    1. Workers are exploited at the expense of wages
    2. Everybody who builds a car in Mexico has reliability problems Examples: US Focus, Dodge Cailber, Nissan Versa

  114. The Toyota model does not match KIa – HK uses Mobis parts, Toyota uses a lot of external parts suppliers. Mobis is wholy owned by HKAG so the parts quality is assured in all parts of the world. This is why European plants in Slovakia have 7 year warranty and Korean built cars does not – they have more up to date technology in Zilina than in Korea.

    I take your point on Korean workers being of the highest quality, but the Koreans train and hand pick the staff at Zilina to be the same high standards so I am sorry but have to disagree.

    These two reasons are not strong enough to stop buildng cars overseas.

    There is a bigger picture to just building in Korea – emmissions, quality, local products for local people, cost savings, expertise availability.

    How can Koreans design and build cars for Europeans? This is why cee’d was developed, designed, engineered and built in Europe, for Europeans. Toyota has the same problem – designing a car in Japan for Europeans does not work. This is why cee’d has been such a big successful storie for the Kia brand.

  115. I still disagree.
    1. overseas plant use foreign parts, not 100% mobis parts.
    2. foreign workers are not diligent like Korean. even high standards training, it is not same.
    3. cost saving, cheap labor is not always good.

  116. Thai-o-ta’s rushing to try and save their future with this accelerator pedal redesign and floor mat and even driver’s side floorboard recall. They are going to join those carmakers that already incorporate a “smart pedal”-one that when it and the brake are applied at the same time the car’s engine shuts down. Too many people are freaking out because of the San Diego loaner Lexus LS350 crash and burn U.A. accident. Here is a deal where you can’t expect the average bear to be able to react correctly under extreme trauma and push the 350’s on-off button in for 3 seconds to shut down the sedan’s engine. Or to just put the automatic gearknob in ‘N’ from ‘D’ while going 90-100mph out of control. Thai-o-ta needs to design in safeguards that are simple to use and people need to understand how to shut down their car’s engines in panic situations. That family was obviously panicking big-time, and for good reason, eh?

  117. Currently I don’t see why the towing capacity of the Borrego would decrease, it is supposed to stay primarily RWD.

  118. Kia does not use cheap labour.

    It pays fair pay for fair work in accordance with local salary levels.

    Please bear in mind, all countries have different rates of pay and costs of livnig. Kia pays well for every country that it works in.

  119. If they have multiple Accent Prototypes testing, yet they still have the Rio in the clay, then Accent will debut first and we wont see Rio Prototypes for awhile.

  120. I just hate the name Accent. I have to be honest, when I was reading this I was thinking about “Wow the Accent sucks, I don’t care” but then I realized that it will be different than the current one. See, the names Accent and Rio are synonymous with “gee, that car sucks”, just like “Sephia”. I rarely talk to a Rio or Accent owner that wishes they hadn’t bought one. If Hyundai and Kia took away all of the Sedonas, Entourages, Accents and Rios they sold last year, their quality would be at number one. Approximately 75% of Kia dealership ROs are on Rios.

  121. The Rio is made at Sohari as well, while the Accent is made at Ulsan. Accent= J.D. Power’s most reliable subcompact 7 years in a row. They could change the Accent name sure, but its a big enough seller making it a little awkawrd to change the name of one of your most reliable products at a time where more people are getting used the idea of the car in the lineup, and it grows more buyer recognition.

    Hyundai didnt change the name of Sonata, and according to government stats the Sonata is not as reliable as the Accent, and never has been. The Current Generation Sonata was the first time Hyundai actually made a reliable good Sonata. So, most of the life of the Sonata throughout the first 5 generations it has been a POS turning many into Hyundai/KIA haters. The first Gen Accent wasnt too good, and some of the models were absolute lemons due to different shifts, etc…

    If they made the thing look as good as it runs, and market it well the company would do good. Could you imagine people saying “Man, these guys at Hyundai Turned a model that’s synonymous with cheap, into a premium small car. These guys are the best!!!”

  122. Greg, people have become used to the name Accent. Many have a problem with the name Forte, but if KIA does that car right then over time People wont care.

  123. Bornloser Subaru took SAABs place about 10 years ago. With Subaru around, whats the point of SAAB. Turbios, Boxers, Symmetrical AWD, plus with some of the upcontenting Subaru has done on the interior front SAAB didnt stand a chance.

    Subaru drivers are pretty much the same demographic as SAAB drivers, just that Subaru Drivers are younger.

    As time goes on KIA will take Subarus place too.

  124. The KIA Soul According to Journalists didnt make the North American car of the year finalists list. Journalists say becuase of cheap polypropeline plastics being easy to scuff in the interior.

    They say they absolutely love this car, and its a very fun to drive product, but the materials in the interior killed it.

  125. They said KIA also Executed the Interior and Exterior design perfectly. From a Performance standpoint from a fun standpoint this car squashes all competitors. One guy said its cute as a button and by far the best desiogned small car. Those Detroit Journalists are hard on Interiors as well. The Camaro got eliminated as well for its interior for Polypropeline interiors. They said we wanted KIA SOul and Camaro, but we cant accept the fact that GM and KIA would not spend the extra $200 to get better plastics, that would improve the ownership experience of otherwise great vehicles. They said the Camro’s plastics were worse than the Soul, Like, almost “old GM” quality plastics.

  126. I also dont like the hard plastic. the dashboard in our ’07 sportage has scratches on it and even though they arent many, it still there compared to our ’04 mazda 6 which has soft plastics and has no scratches at all. it definitely feels better to touch. even the multi-textured steering wheels fells good to hold and after 6 years, still hasn’t worn out to become slipery. our sportage is 4 years old but the leather on the steering wheel has become flat and smooth already. same story for the gear shifter.
    on a red or black interior (like in the soul), the white scratches would ruin the look of the beautiful interior.
    and for the record, I’m just addressing this one problem with most Kias and not saying the whole car in general sucks because of this issue. But lots of cars these days have soft-touch plastics for the interior and the disqualification of soul from the NACOTY, is a sign for Kia to catch up in this area.

  127. BJD all small cars have some kind of hard plastic on their dashboards. The Elantra supposdly has among the best interiors on the small car front, and they still complain about the hard plastic around the center console. Hyundai avoids putting scratchy plastics on the dash now, and puts it in the trunk lining area.

    Some jounalists complain about the resale value on the scratchy trunk plastic in the Elantra Touring. However, we have to have everything to to snuff as everybody is now looking at our cars with a fine tooth comb.

    Some Journalists are purposely doing this as they love our cars enough to buy but the wouldnt buy it becuase…… of that one little thing that may seem insignificant to us, but to a lot of Auto Jouranlists is a deal breaker.

  128. things are trickling down the small cars no, too BJD. Hyundai is bringing Alcantara as an option for Azera, Genesis and Equus when its sold here, so miore solfter touch materials will be available. There are a few areas in that Elantra that have some very nice soft touch plastics, so it should be a matter of time some of that Elantra plastic gets into souls too.

    It felt like an Audi from 10 years ago. Almost like a painted on suede it felt like. Excellent work Hyundai.

  129. They usually pick groundbreaking cars in the US for car of the year.

    Hyundai was picked last year becuase it was the official beginning of the Hyundai Luxury Brand. They wanted the Soul over the Golf becuase it was a new Direction for KIA yet for VW the Golf was another Also-Ran, but like I said those plastics killed it. They wanted the Camaro over the Gen Coupe becuase thats the best Camaro since the 1980s, and they felt Hyundai could have done a much better job with the Gen Coupe (they’re not a fan of the 2.0 Engine, they rather it had a V8). They wanted the Panamera because it was Porsches first sedan, but that didnt get picked becauae it was such an ordinary sedan that it bored them. The Camaro didnt get picked becuase of “Old GM” quality plastics.

    The 2 cars that are in the Running are the new Buick La Crosse, wich is almost as good as a Hyundai Genesis they said. The Ford Fusion Hybrid, which most people think are going to win.

    However, since the Fusion Hybrid already won Motor Trend car of the year, I think this independent Panel will go for the Buick.

    Bornloser, a car like the Polo can only win here if VW brought their 72 MPG Diesel version. The rest of the powertrain lineup is not groundbreaking enough to win something like that. The Polo itself is not a groundbreaking enough car for it to win either.

  130. The La Crosse is up there because this is the first truly serious car Buick has made in years.

  131. I think Hyundai will win 2011 car of the year for Sonata or Accent. The first truly upmarket Sonata, with such a groundbreaking engines, the first truly upmarket Accent with such a groundbreaking engine. If gas prices are high, the Accent will win, if they are low like now the Sonata will win. Watch. The Chevy Cruze/Buick Astra, Chevy Viva, Ford Fiesta will be on the list as well.

  132. The Regal will be on the list too, but I will get eliminated by the Sonata. Sonata’s interior is just as good, yet it has better power and more fuel eocnomy, and a hybrid version as well. That CR-Z well see, becuase its essentially an insight/Fit coupe, and the insight got eliminated faster than the Soul, for obvious reasons. They said the insight has even worse plastics then the Camaro.

  133. That thng is rakish, reminds of me one of those oldsmobile/pontiac coupes from the 70s.

  134. I HATE the name Veloster – please call it something else. If Hyundai is smart, they will too. Velsoter makes it sound as dumb as the concept looks. The rear end of the Kee was stupid, too.

  135. The Veloster is not powerful enough to replace Tiburon, the Gen Coupe is too pricey for the original Tib Audience. There’s enough room for a couple more coupes from H/K. I also know the Next gen Elantra will get a coupe too.

    I think the whole Veloster story is a plot by Hyundai to hide a revolutionary change in the Accent Hatch, that will trump competitors to the point to where they cant compete. No rival expect MINI can even come close to competing with that Veloster hatch, and still we will beat them in standard fuel eocnomy and power

    Remember how Hyundai played along with the whole next gen Tiburon thing espoused by the media, and spy photographers with the Gen Coupe for a while until the production model was unveiled? I think that’s what they are doing now with the Accent. Make peopel think its some speical car, when they are really hiding a revolutionary change.

  136. Actually, “Our story began with a bicycle back in 1951. And from there we just challenged ourselves to keep coming up with better ways to get around. Today, our proudest accomplishment is more than just a vehicle, it’s actually our new state of the art manufacturing facility in West Point, Georgia. This new plant doesn’t just represent how far we’ve come from since that first bicycle, it’s also a glimpse of where we’re headed, tomorrow.”

  137. Still look back at my 1999 Kia Sephia with fondness. It was not a great car but it was a good car, and it showed me what Kia was capable of producing.

  138. The chinese make cheap cars and are trying to sell them more expensive than even a Camry. Brilliance + Chery = less than brilliant.

  139. Saturn Aura=New Buick La Crosse=#1 contender to win 2010 North American Car of the Year. By the way, The new panel who decides the COTY hates new Camry and Accord, and says the hope somebody from a company like KIA or GM makes something better to replace those cars

    Greg, The Car wont be named Veloster, and that’s confirmed. They will call it Accent GS, SE, etc… most likely. If not use a different name.

  140. The Buick LaCrosse is by far the best finalist for COTY. The other finalists should have never made it.

  141. Yeah, Kia has the Cadenza for NAIAS, Sportage for Chicago, and Optima for New York. My guess is Rio for Geneva or Paris.

  142. Kia said that theu had three unveils this year in the US. Another thing I wonder about, is Kia has not given any media any information about what they will have at NAIAS. That seems strange to me.

  143. Greg Euro Rio is supposed to be radically different than US/Korea/China Rio, so US Rio has to be shown here, or in Korea first.

  144. Maybe, I wish it was sooner, but I know we have to pump up the buyer anticipation thing,

  145. Personally, I think Hyundai should get rid of the Azera/Veracruz.

    Theres still too many brands, and too many cars in one Brand for most brands including ours.

    Hyundai Should be:
    Accent-Hatch, Sedan, and Elongated hatch made to look like a small (SX4 sized) crossover
    Elantra-Elantra Sedan, hatch, and Coupe, and Tuscon
    Sonata-Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, and Santa Fe
    Genesis-Coupe Sedan and SUV
    Equus-Sedan and Coupe

    KIA Should Be:
    Rio-Coupe, Sedan, and 5 door hatch
    Soul-5 and 3 door hatch
    Forte-Coupe and Sedan-Sportage
    Cadenza-Sedan, Coupe, and Borrego (Borrego shoud be more of a Cadenza Crossover)

  146. And a Mojave pickup truck. Then again, the pickup truck might need to be selectively marketed.

  147. Kia’s press conference is in 10 minutes (2:15 PM EST). Hopefully they will have some good stuff.

  148. Whoa, hold on there buddy! I called a guy at corporate. Kia pushed back all of their debuts – they wanted UVO to shine. The new schedule is as follows:
    Chicago: VG
    Seoul: SL
    New York: TF
    The TF will be built at KMMG, that is why they started the hiring process again last month. They will begin mass production of the TF in Nov 2010.

  149. JTA, Cruze is supposed to get 44 MPG, though at a loss-Horsepower. The Focus and Elantra will have ~170 HP standard, the Cruze 140=Standard. Even smaller the Accent will have more power and better fuel economy than the Cruze.

    New Focus=37-39 MPG (Fiesta gets 40 MPG)
    New Elantra=40 MPG+

  150. I saw the Equus at the NAIAS, and I was impressed. Based on the size of the Equus, Kia will be staying out of that market for a while yet. The 4.6L is probably pretty strained in the Equus. Can’t wait for that 5.0L.

  151. Edmunds tested the 4.6 in Equus and said it still had plenty of power, and you can feel it move.

    Motor Trend is stupid, the IS is the size of a Sonata/K6 dude. The ES is the sze of Azera/K7, the LS is the the size of Genesis/K9, the GS is the size of Equus.

  152. By the way Sonata has the same standard power as IS 250, with 9 more MPG!!!! AND THE IS 250 HAS A FUCKING V6!!! Boy is Toyota falling behind.

  153. Hyundai sould start naming their cars for the US market like Korea:

    Left Side Accent- Center Hyundai Symbol -Right side RB160, RB160H, RB160T, and RB200 and FS160, FS 160T, FS160H, FS 200.
    Left Side= Elantra- Center= Hyundai Symbol -Right Side= MD160, MD 200T, MD200.

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