Kia K7/Cadenza eyes to take 40 percent of the local market

Kia Cadenza eyes to take 40 percent of full-sized sedan market in Korea.

When Kia officially unveiled the all-new K7 (Cadenza) in Korea this Tuesday the company revealed it eyes to take 40 percent of the local full-size sedan market. According to the company, around 100.000 units of full-sized sedans are sold on average each year in the country, which means Kia targets to sell 40.000 Cadenzas per year.

For the 2010, Kia has set its domestic sales target at 35.000 units, while in the following year, the company hopes to raise domestic sales to 40.000 units. Kia also plans to increase its exports to overseas countries from 5.000 in 2010 to 25.000 units in 2011.

In Korea, the all-new Cadenza will compete head to head against similarly sized sedans, all built by domestic car companies (Hyundai Grandeur/Azera, Samsung SM7 and Daewoo Veritas), as well as against a number of European and Japanese rivals.

As seen in the official press release Kia Cadenza comes equipped with a host of safety and convenience features including lane departure warning and tire pressure monitoring systems, a reversing safety camera with interior mirror display screen, front and rear park assist system, cooled front seats, heated steering wheel, powered extendable seat cushions, panoramic sunroof and many other features.

The Korean-market Cadenza is available with a broad range of engine options. Available as an entry-level engine, the 2.4L Theta II engine which produces 180 horsepower and achieves 11.8 kilometers per liter of fuel.

The 2.7L V6 engine generates 200 horsepower and manages 11 kilometers per liter of fuel, while the top of the range 3.5L V6 tops out at 290 horsepower and the fuel economy clocks in at 10.6 kilometers per liter. In addition, Korean-specs Kia Cadenza will also be available with a 2.7-liter liquefied petroleum gas engine that churns out 165 horsepower.

Pricing for the entry-level Cadenza, equipped with four-cylinder engine, ranges from 28.4 million won to 30.7 million won ($24.200 to $26.100 ), while the trim fitted with 2.7L V6 engine is priced between 30.6 million won to 38 million won ($26.100 to $32.300). The 3.5L V6 powered Cadenza starts at 38.7 million won ($32.900) and goes up to 41.3 million won ($35.100) for the top of range Kia Cadenza/K7.

Kia Cadenza gallery (image source: rpm9.com):

kiacadenzawheels1.jpg     kia4.jpg     2011kiacadenzainterior.jpg

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32 thoughts on “Kia K7/Cadenza eyes to take 40 percent of the local market

  1. If Kia wants to succeed with the Cadenza in Europe they will need Diesel and GDI engines. Also I think they will need AWD, it’s too much power for the front wheels (torque steer).

  2. Himi, they also will need a 4 cilynder engine, maybe the new 2.2 R Diesel engine from the Sorento. Also there are rumours that Hyundai/Kia is developping brand new dual-stage twin-turbo system for the R Diesel engine.

    And what about the rumoured Haldex AWD system? And the Dual Clutch transmissions?

  3. Local market means Korea..The Koreans have money to buy this type of car, plus if marketed right is Korea it will be a status symbol to drive one. In America we want low cost reliable cars, Forte, Sportage, Soul. If this car is priced wrong it will end up collecting dust at the dealers.

  4. It looks so amazing in black omg! BRING TO UK! Bring 2 or 3 to the UK for professional review – not to sell – but simply to get press and media attention! You need to do this with the Forte Koup as well to boost the image of the brand over here in the UK! PLEEEASE =D

  5. Wheel base length :
    Kia Cadenza (2845 mm) > Toyota Avalon (2822 mm) > Lexus ES (2776 mm)

    Lexus ES350 (US spec) : 3.5L V6 272 HP / fuel economy 9.8㎞/l
    Toyota Avalon (US spec) : 3.5L V6 268 HP / fuel economy 9.8㎞/l
    Kia K7 (Cadenza-Korean spec-) : 3.5L V6 290 HP / fuel economy 10.6㎞/l

  6. Maybe in Korea they compete with the Hyundai Azera, but Globally that would be a very, very, very stupid strategy. In the US and Europe it would go against the Toyota Avalon and Nissan Maxima. The Azera should go against the Buick LaCrosse, VW NMS, and Acura RL. The benchmark should be the Lexus ES.

  7. Guess it will all depend on what the next Grandeur is like. The new one is supposedly due next month. Clearly, the new K7 is much sportier than the old Opirus. Hopefully this will mean even greater differences between the two. So maybe it can own the market for people looking for a bit more sport in their big sedan leaving the Grandeur to duke it out among more traditional big boats.

    In the U.S., the Avalon is now the most “Buicky” of the lot, excepting the Lucerne, which may not be around much longer. So I’d see the Cadenza mostly as a Taurus and Maxima competitor, as well as going up against top-line Accords and maybe the next Impala. That’d leave the way for the new Azera to take on Avalon, MKZ, LaCrosse, and a few higher-end cars such as TL and ES.

  8. Cadenza and Azera are too big to Compete with Accords or TLs. The Azera would have been a Mercury Sable Killer, but Mercury themselves are killing the Sable. I guess there’s not much of a Market for E-Segment Sedans in the US. Peopel seem to like the Sonata sized Sedans and the Genesis Sized sedans. That spot in between the Sonata and the Genesis is a tough sell for any make it seems. They are going to smaller cars. In 2 years the Milan will be their largest car, and the current Sonata is quite Competitive with the Milan, but the Next Gen Sonata is a cut above the Milan. They plan on Adding and Accent sized car, and a Mini Sized car. They say they might even bring the Capri Nameplate back for the Mini Sized car.

  9. I think the Company is going back to its old strategy. When Hyundai first came to America, they picked on the weak Economy car companies, and some of them went out of business, becuase they couldnt compete. This time Hyundai seems like its going to pick on the weak Luxury Companies: Chrysler, Buick, Mercury, Volvo.

    We can learn a lot and get even more respect.

    I think the Performance thing should be a KIA trait, but I think in the long term we will have to re-evaluate the Strategy for KIA. Do We want to have KIA as our Dodge/Scion, or do we want to make it in to a very low-cost BMW type brand?

    I think the low cost BMW-type brand could win out, but time will tell. I cant say if KIA competes with Honda and Toyota, becuase look at their products and look at our Products. Most of KIA’s Lineup doesnt scream Economy car anymore, like a Honda or Toyota does.

  10. You guys may or may not think so. but I attribute the failure of Dodge/Plymouth/Eagle/Chrysler to the success of Hyundai/KIA. Hyundai killed Eagle and Plymouth, and I think the entire company wll put the nail in the coffin for Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep. I think we will put Mercury and Volvo out of business too, Mitsu is a goner too. I actually think we still mgiht buy them out.

    Suzuki says its following Hyundai upmarket, they must have the right product to compete or we will kill them too. If they brought some of the global products like the Swift (not Canadian Chevy Aveo Version, but the Inidan Japanese Version) over, they have a fighting chance with Swift/SX4/Kizashi. They are bringing the Swift over in 2011, but it neded to be over here 2 years ago.

  11. Suzuki did need the Swift here two years ago. Dealers were asking for it. Suzuki and my fave Mitsubishi are indeed hanging by a thread in the States. Maybe if Hyun/Kia bought out Mitsu things wouldn’t be so bad. It would simplify my favorite car searches to just one huge carmaker, that is for sure. I just don’t know how much red ink Mitsubishi Parent Co. can stand from Mitsubishi Motors until too much is just too much. I would hope they’re evaluating that right now.

  12. Suzuki is finally taking away the “cheap car” jokes away from Kia. Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group is not stupid enough to buy out Mitsubishi. What a waste of time. Hopefully ford buys them out. The end of GEMA pretty much means the end of Mistsu. I don’t think that they can feasibly manufacture their own engines.

  13. mitsu’s dealers are closing up slowly, overseas they do alright and Canada too but the US market it will probably end up like Daewoo or Daihatsu closed down..

  14. Suzuki will move a few cars but its probably time for them to die on the vine. Problem is design, they have too much of the Japanese design. Small and boxy, if Suzuki is to survive they better market the crap out of the is car, other wise they will have a few years left..

  15. But tither we act like we’re the only market on the planet, boys, Suzuki is the #2 automaker in Japan. And Mitsu and their all-electric car might just eventually start selling more cars overall for them. Trouble is, the i-MiEV is gonna be expensive to start out and the all-electric car market is just a novelty market right now. I’d be shocked if Chevy sold 40,000 Volts once they put them out.

  16. I heard Kia developing Equus grade ‘Super Large Saloon’, The K9.

    But, Problem is… current North America Kia dealers are really capable this?

    I don’t think North America Kia dealers are well prepare to BMW 7 Series, MB S-class, Lexus LS grade car.

  17. I think there are way too many Japanese Makes in the US. There’s a lot of weak Automakers that are here in the US. Think about this for a Sec guys:







    US Makes:




    How is it that there are more Japanese Makes than Domestics to choose from? The Japanese are in trouble, as people are thinking about this and saying this themselves. Its Horrible PR to me. I think within the next 5 years the Japanese Big 3 could possibly be the only Japanese car products sold in the US. Suzuki is very big in India and Europe as of late, maybe they should stick to those markets, just like Honda is very big in the US, but they cant give away the same cars over in Europe; becuase no one will take em.

  18. This, the Soul and Cerato/Forte are just more reasons why I love KIA. They don’t water down the looks very much of the production models from the original concepts! Unlike nearly every other brand out there.

    I really love the look of the wheels, intergrated exhaust pipes and the brushed aluminium. The white leather is very European too.

    Be fantastic if they could get an AWD system under it too.

  19. HS,

    Not sure where you are, but the current North American Accord is well over an inch longer than the current Azera. It also has slightly less than an inch longer wheelbase. The Azera is wider and taller by just a tenth of an inch. The Cadenza is bigger than the current Accord V6 in wheelbase and length, but not by much. 1.77″ longer WB, length 1.18″ overall. It’s very slightly wider overall and just a tiny bit not as tall as the Accord V6.

  20. Well Derrick, youre right, but since thats the case it doesnt make too much sense in having 2-4 cars in nearly the same size bracket. A car has to have a 5 inch difference for me to truly notice with the naked eye, without measuring tape. Maybe thats the Azera’s problem. its too small for the target Audience. Why buy an Azera when I can get a Sonata thats the same size almost and it will be just as comparably equpped at a lower price?

    Im still not a fan of Hyundai having a Next Gen Azera, it holds the Sonata back from growth I think. Only KIA should have the E/F Segment Car. The Next gen Sonata could have had that V6 option. Sure 85% of Sonata buyers get the 4 Cyl, but more people buy V6 Sonatas than Azeras or Amantis combined. They spent Hundreds of millions for R&D. The Azera portion of that Money could have created an ultra Sonata instead. The Sonata has more name recgonition, etc….

    We really have to get away from cannibalization of models, and the faster we do that the faster the brands become more specialized with different target audiences, etc……

    Unless the company plans on working slower in that aspect.

  21. The Only way Id accept Hyundai having a Next gen Azera is if the Genesis had much more power

  22. Perhaps it does say something that the car is due in just a matter of days or weeks, yet no one seems to have any information or spy shots on it. Doesn’t seem to be generating any real excitement or interest.

  23. This is a nice looking car inside and out, similar to Aido’s A4-sedan not A6 or A8. Whats in a name really?
    in Audi, S in nicer than A class and I know exactly what they stand for, (they look the same its a performance moniker). Subtlety goes a long way in the high end market.
    If the K7 (Cadenza) isnt offered in AWD I wont even look at it. but the Forte Koup in Front WD makes sense, and looks deliciously tempting. great designs comming from KIA these days! keep it up!
    Personally in US, I would rather have a K7 than Cadenza labeling! everyone is right about the grill, black it out, and change the angles, smooth it out! or better yet, copy Forte Koup front treatment, but make it wider thicker and more refined with chrome accents! make the family look related!

  24. aiming 40% of local market? when i went to south korea it seemed that kia/hyundai already have 99.99% of the market already

  25. Is it available in Euope to purchase(with normal left-handed steering wheel)?

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