Kia K3 image rendering previews interior design of next-gen Forte sedan

Kia Motors releases the very-first official image rendering of its forth-coming Kia K3 (next-generation Kia Forte) compact sedan!

The artist rendering published below previews the interior lay-out of the highly-anticipated Kia K3 compact sedan. Scheduled to hit the South Korean Kia dealerships this month, the all-new K3 sedan will slot in between the Kia K2 (Kia Rio) and K5 sedans (known also as Kia Optima) in Korea.

The Kia K3 will replace the Forte sedan which has been the carmaker’s top-selling vehicle over the past couple of years. According to Kia, the next-gen Forte will first go on sale as a 4-door sedan, while later, the Forte family will grow by two more models (two-door Koup and 5-door Forte hatchback).

The 2014 Forte sedan is expected to make its U.S. debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show in November! Stay tuned…

18 thoughts on “Kia K3 image rendering previews interior design of next-gen Forte sedan

  1. current cerato brake too bad. terrible car tires throwing a curve. I’m waiting for 1.6 Diesel and Automatic transmission. 160 hp 1.6 T-GDI is very delicious.

  2. Have to say, disappointed with that dash design – just looks generic and cheap-looking. The cee’d has a much, much better dash design.

    As for the new Koup, I hope Kia designers don’t mess with it too much and keep its more squared off roofline (which gives it its more aggessive look) instead of making it sloping like the Elantra coupe.

    Also hope that Kia just brings over the cee’d as the new Forte hatch instead of making a separate Forte hatch.

  3. “… the Forte sedan which has been the carmaker’s top-selling vehicle over the past couple of years.” Am I misunderstanding the sales numbers? Or does that mean the top-selling for one specific market? I guess I am just seeing the USA sales. The Forte is definitely not their top-selling vehicle in the USA.

    I’m interested in seeing the production vehicle’s exterior…


  4. I visited the Hwaseong plant last week where they built the Forte (Cerato) as well as the Optima (K5), Cadenza (K7), Sorento and Mohave (Borrego). It is massive, covering over 800 acres with a 4 km test track and R&D centre. The building area is 11,336,689 sq. ft. It was established in 1989. 65% of the production is exported and 35% is for there domestic market.

  5. I saw or read where the next gen Kia forte koup may actually be a 3 dr hatch, anyone else know about this?

  6. John – you maybe right, I photographed a 3 dr hatch under wraps at the Hwaseong plant (where they build the Forte) and comparing it to a new released photo of the 3 dr hatch Pro-ceed, it sure looks very similar to what I can see and compare. Too bad we can’t post pictures I’d show you the comparison shot.

  7. If Kia brought this stateside it would be a sucess for sure, reminds me of a Veloster but more toned down which is a good thing imo!

  8. I’m SO EXCITED!!!! Kia is offering a special edition FULLY LOADED SX Rio 5-Door with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!!! In limited numbers, but wow, what I wouldn’t give to own one of those!!!

  9. “The Kia Rio 5-door SX M/T is perfect for driving enthusiasts who simply won’t compromise when it comes to certain features,” said Orth Hedrick, Director of Product Planning at Kia Motors America (KMA). “Our customers and the automotive press have been asking for the Rio 5-door SX with a manual transmission, and we’ve listened. As the Kia brand becomes more and more relevant to enthusiasts, we’ll continue to evaluate consumer demand and consider bringing other high-spec manuals to market.”

    I know, off topic, but exciting. Maybe they will offer the new Forte in a higher-spec manual?

  10. 2013 Kia Rondo:
    http colon //www dot themotorreport dot com dot au/gallery/4528/2013-kia-rondo-overseas/63905/2013kiarondooverseas01

    According to Kia they are unveiling 7 new or updated models next year. They confirmed the Sorento and Forte for the LA Auto show. They must also be unveiling Soul, Rondo, Sedona, Forte Koup, and Forte 5 door….right? That makes 7. Unless they unveil all the Fortes at LA and are counting the whole Forte line as one of the 7, and the other two are Optima and Sportage facelifts. The Optima and Sportage are both due for a facelift, based on Kia’s rigorous schedule. The only car that isn’t due for a facelift/makeover is the Rio.

  11. I just thought….I doubt they will give Optima and Sportage facelifts until next year. The other two are the Cadenza and Quoris.

  12. when I visited the Kia Motors headquarters earlier this month, we were shown a presentation and it stated that from 2012 to 2016 there will be 51 new or upgraded models.

  13. What they mean by Sedona replacement is in Europe. The Sedona (Carnival) is only sold as a short-wheelbase model in Europe. Therefore it can easily be replaced by this new Carens. However, the US long-wheelbase model cannot be replaced by this Carens. Keep in mind, the only information released on the new Carens was euro-based.

  14. The SWB Sedona was sold as the base model Sedona from 2007-2009 in the states. It wasn’t very popular….you could get a loaded Rondo for the same price. When I saw the KV7 in Chicago it was approximately the same length as my LWB Sedona. Maybe a few inches smaller.

  15. Here’s a clue for you…the last time I drove by the Hyundai tech center in Ann Arbor, they had a Nissan Quest and a Honda Odyssey sitting in the back lot. That’s gotta mean something.

  16. this is the comment from KIA media with regards the Sedona

    The minivan segment has been and will continue to be important to Kia. Although there will not be a 2013 model year Sedona, our plans call for the current generation vehicle to be available at dealerships through 2012, with production scheduled to resume in 2013.

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