Kia K3 (2014 Forte) images released

Official images of the all-new Kia K3 (2014 Forte) compact sedan hit the web!

Take a look at the stunning Kia K3 compact sedan, which is scheduled to go on sale in South Korea before the end of the year. Update: Kia K3 video added.

Kia K3 / Forte image gallery:


Kia K3 video:

11 thoughts on “Kia K3 (2014 Forte) images released

  1. OMG! It looks really good! I hope it only changes for better in the American version, that took the 2012 soul of my head in a second!

  2. I think its awesome looking for sure, this & the Elantra are the same platform, but I would take this over it anyday, wouldn’t have thought so before!

  3. Im with u Julio, I hope this is close to the North American version, we shall see in November at the LA autoshow!

  4. I currently have 2006 Mazda 3s Touring & I can honestly say this is the best looking car in this segment in some time! I really want to look at this when it comes out! Great looks for sure!

  5. I got nothing GOOD or nothing Bad to say about this one. Good Luck Kia.

  6. I only live 40 miles from the R&D center in Ann Arbor. Whenever I drive by, I take the Geddes Rd exit and drive past the facility. It’s pretty awesome. Last time I was there, I drove to the back lot (as far as I could before reaching the gate), and saw a few things. Saw a 2014 Forte in full camo. An Elantra and a Genesis (maybe it was an Equus?) with front ends covered up. I also saw a Nissan Quest sitting there (benchmark for Sedona?). I might just take a drive by later on this weekend. I might have to go to Monroe, anyway.

  7. Greg, I hear you, I’ve been there many times & have seen some interesting things in the back lot & visitor lot in the front, that pesky yellow gate!! lol

  8. On my most recent visit, I noticed a bunch of construction going on at the Hyundai Tech Center in Ann Arbor! All I got to see was a completely naked LWB Santa Fe, and a bunch of standard Optimas, Elantras, Sonatas, and Velosters.

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