Kia GT the hottest concept car at Frankfurt Auto Show?

With Kia GT making its official premiere earlier today we can now reveal more details about the stunning concept car that is displayed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show alongside 2012 Kia Rio 3-door hatchback and refreshed Kia Soul crossover .

The 4.690 mm long and 1.890 mm wide concept car, which signals Kia’s distinctive new design direction, has the classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout of a high performance sedan which ensures very different proportions from a front-wheel drive car.

The new concept allowed Kia to explore exciting new visual paths – with an extended bonnet, the front wheels pushed to the very front of the car, the cab-rearward stance with powerful rear shoulders and a truncated rear end.

The front doors and rear-hinged back doors open at a slight upward angle ensuring easy access to the spacious and airy interior which provides generous, uncluttered cabin accommodation for four – thanks in part to the Kia GT’s unusually long wheelbase (2.860 mm) and despite its low stance, overall height is just 1.380 mm.

It was speculated that the Kia GT features a powerful V8 engine under its hood however, the carmaker revealed today the concept car is powered by a 3.3L T-GDI turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine, which delivers 395 horsepower and 535 Nm of torque. Mated to the V6 unit is the all-new 8-speed automatic transmission.

Speaking of the design, Gregory Guillaume, Kia’s European Design Chief said the GT concept was inspired by the spirit of iconic 1970s GT cars: sumptuous and elegant vehicles capable of whisking passengers from Paris to the South of France in effortless style and at high speed. We wanted to create something similarly graceful, athletic and confident, but not aggressive or overbearing.

11 thoughts on “Kia GT the hottest concept car at Frankfurt Auto Show?

  1. Kia GT…? naming sense is not so creative. So generic.
    Kia Kue, Kia Kee, Kia Koup, Kia Soul… I like this naming style. Modern, Simple, Fresh and new.
    Kia should reconsider its name.

  2. hmmmmm. Don’t get me wrong I love every aspect about this car except one….. the automatic. I mean who honestly buys an automatic sports car? maybe some lazy 50 year old who remembers the “good ol’ days” and is to lazy to shift. But they are going to go out and buy the camaro, charger , challenger, or mustang. Kia is too good for this, there is a generation of smart young people who know that any sports car should only be stick cause its a crime to drive auto. I’m just saying… it would be a deal breaker for me.

  3. It’s too big and has forced styling. What Kia needs now is its own version of the the Hyundai Genesis coupe, powered by the same Turbo engine than the Optima… and a mechanical limited-slip diff for us in northern climes who have to drive our car year-round.

  4. and its not too big, this is smaller than our current optima….. it’s perfect size, although I agree with Bernard, we do need something for us north Americans…. AWD would suffice as performance and safety.

  5. Hyundai has 6 basic vehicle platforms. Every one of their new cars is built on one of those platforms modified for that specific vehicle. The Soul is on the JB Rio’s old platform. When it becomes new, it will adopt one of the 6 platforms Hyundai uses for new vehicles. I was wondering what Kia was going to do with the 3.3L version of the Lambda engine. They don’t really use it for anything now that it isn’t in the Sorento, Sonata, Santa Fe, or Azera. I don’t even think they use it for Korean Genesis models anymore…Glad they re purposed it. Put the same technology this engine has on the 3.5L or 3.8L and there are two more big winners. Maybe adapt it for the 4.6L and 5.0L Tau engines and make a Hyundai/Kia Supercar…(sorry for the “thinking out loud”)

  6. I usually hear that RWD is tough driving in the snow. There is a guy on a Scion FR-S website who begs ta differ. He says that RWD is actually easier to drive in the snow with. What do you guys think about this subject?

  7. I think it is too easy to fish-tail in RWD. My dad however insists that if you learned to drive in the snow with a RWD, it is actually much better.

  8. Interesting and I think your Dad is right. I did learn to drive in the snow with a RWD, too. Come on Kia and build the Kia GT!

  9. I’ll buy one and drive it here in snowy, icy Kellogg. I am really, really interested in buying one of these around 2013.

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