Kia GT Sedan And Provo May Go On Sale

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Kia’s Provo and GT concepts going into production.

And it now seems a real possibility if you believe comments made by Kia’s VP of Marketing & Product Planning.

The GT Concept going into production always seemed likely after its positive reception at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.

In a recent interview, Benny Oeyen said that approval for production is very close. That said, he also mention that it would only get the green light if Kia became certain that doing so would make financial sense.

If that does happen, the new GT 4-door coupe would represent something of a radical departure for Kia.

The car would likely end up competing with the likes of the Passat CC and the Mercedes CLS.

That would very much be an ambitious move, but one that is sure to create excitement, thanks to the rear-wheel-drive platform and a 390-horsepower 3,3L turbocharged V6 engine featured on the concept.

The hope is that Kia will not water things down too much for a production model.

The fact that Kia would hope to be able to raise their brand name and compete with vehicle’s produced by prestige manufacturers suggest that they would not change much from what was shown in the concept model.

Kia Provo Release?

Kia doesn’t only have its eye on the prestige segment of the market, though.

The success of the new pro_cee’d GT has Kia already thinking about making a production version of the Provo concept that made an appearance at the Geneva show earlier this month.

The talk about the Provo coupe is that it might lose the mischievous front end that appeared in the concept.

The goal of a production version would be to challenge the Mini hatch in the small coupe segment.

The feeling is that if Kia decides to stick with the 1,6L T-GDI turbo that is used on the pro_cee’d GT, they could create a real rival for the Mini John Cooper Works.

The one thing that might need to change is the Provo name, which actually sparked something of a firestorm with the British media.

7 thoughts on “Kia GT Sedan And Provo May Go On Sale

  1. Please before building new products, Kia should be able to supply what they actually sell. In canada dealer inventory is at a very low level and we are beeing told that we were one of the best inventory in the world… We are just out of hot products rignt now. Building a new plant takes years and with Kia’s growth right now , we, dealer are very worry about inventory level.

  2. Dean Dubé, the situation here in Brazil is far worse then in Canada. We have here the worst Kia representation in the world.

  3. Good luck finding n SX Rio or a Sportage in the US. Supply is horrible here for certain models. The new Forte is going to have major supply problems.

  4. The hope is that Kia will not water things down too much for a production model. Amen!

  5. Dean is right the big problem is getting enough product, my Canadian dealer says the same thing. The demand for their products are just outstripping the capacity. A couple of months back they just completed expanding the Gwangju factory which increases the yearly production by another 120,000 units. This factory produces the Soul, Sportage and Rondo. However, Kia can’t sit still, they still have to keep planning for the future with new models, I’m sure they are well aware of there capacity. It must be difficult for a manufacturer to project with accuracy what specific models and configurations are going to sell best till it happens.

  6. I am getting BOTH. For real I am getting my credit score together NOW. Paying off bills. Consolidating and getting rid of unecessary revolving accounts. I am GETTING READY NOW. I want both cars fully optioned and I want body kits for both. I am ready ready ready so FREAKING ready.

  7. Dont know about lights on GT – that tear drop crap underneath is too weird – kinda like on Soul. As for back lights too letterbox slot like and needs a minow tweak to get better design so gels. As for Provo same goes with lights front and back as too letterbox slot like and needs a tweak. Kia on right track but as trendy designs and redefining models will bring sucess. Interesting to google Kia and read up on designs as some say Schreyer will go to wall as run out of designs and demand will be too much as inventory not there as not enough factories…..I googled it other day and read it on some US writeup

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