Kia GT heading to production in 2015?

Kia Motors had built a solid reputation of building quality cars at affordable prices, but to this point have done little to challenge the luxury market.

That may change if they release a new 4-door coupe that they believe can seriously challenge the Mercedes CLS.

The new car, which would sit somewhere between the BMW 5 and 7 Series in terms of size, is the brainchild of Kia design head Peter Schreyer, who has always made it known that he wants a halo model for the brand.

The feeling is that the look of this new upmarket vehicle may be hinted at in the Kia GT Concept.

When that model was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, Schreyer spoke of how the coupe market was dominated by the Germans, yet felt that a halo car released by Kia could definitely find a spot in that category.

It was there that the idea of a halo car for Kia was born, with Schreyer truly believing that such a vehicle could attract a ton of customers.

Like every concept car that has ever gone before, you shouldn’t expect every design detail of the Kia GT to make it to the production phase.

What you can likely expect is a more subdued version of the ‘tiger-nose’ grille and front air vents.

Details like the full-width rear lights and high turbine alloys will need to be modified in order to be road ready, but you can expect little change in the sweeping roofline and low-slung stance exhibited buy the GT show car.

There will likely be changes under the hood too, with the 390-hp 3,3L turbocharged V6 engine likely to be replaced with something a little less powerful.

Consumers can expect to see the new car follow the traditional fuel-efficient setup that Kia has become known for and will likely be available in petrol, diesel, and hybrid models, giving it a broad market appeal.

Kia will want the driving experience of the car to match its sporty style, which will mean a rear wheel drive platform.

There is a pretty good chance that it will share the platform used by the next-generation Hyundai Genesis sports sedan, which is currently unavailable in European markets.

Insiders believe that it will likely be 2015 or even 2016 before the Kia GT 4-door coupe sees the light of day, but when it does consumers can expect a value priced model that will seriously go after the German stranglehold on the market.

Watch the video displaying the Kia GT up-close:

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8 thoughts on “Kia GT heading to production in 2015?

  1. The K9 is between the size of the Genesis and Equus (which is larger than the 7 Series), so Kia doesn’t need another model that size.

    The GT needs to be around the size of the Infiniti G and the current Cadillac CTS, being a “tweener” between the compact and mid-size segment, which would give Kia a 2 sedan luxury lineup.

    It seems like the earlier reports that the GT had been greenlit may have jumped the gun, but Kia really needs to give send the GT into production since it will serve as the entry luxury vehicle for Kia, esp. since there was talk of building variants of the GT such as a coupe and shooting brake (which would be good for the Euro market).

  2. It has been confirmed in Canada, that it will arrive late 2014 as a 2015 model. No other details yet.

  3. are you sure Soul4u as this is the latest comment with regards this vehicle. You may have mixed it up with another model namely the Quoris/K9

    GT Concept: Kia is wrestling with whether to build a production version of its head-turning GT Concept car shown at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show. The rwd concept car is powered by a 395-hp, 3.3-liter turbocharged V-6 with gasoline direct injection.

    Peter Schreyer, Kia’s global design boss, is pushing management to green-light the project. But a source says a business case strong enough to put the car into production has yet to materialize fully.

  4. Guys, the K9 is KIAs answer ro Hyundai;s Genesis.

    The appearence pf the K9 is another reasons on a long list of Reason why Hyundai wont build a Luxury brand, Hyundia and KIA are like BMW and Audi in the 1970s back when they were Affordable Premium Cars.i

    himi, my friend. “Kia Motors had built a solid reputation of building quality cars at affordable prices, but to this point have done little to challenge the luxury market.”

    Have you seen the KIA Rio? It’s more Luxurious than the MINI Cooper. The coming KIA Forte is benchmarked against the Ford Focus- a Car that’s more Premium than the overpriced Audi A3,

  5. Oh, the Kia GT will come out, for sure it will. Kia is banking on this beautiful new sports sedan for their future. Yummy!!

  6. This white one has gold-colored seats? But I want black seats in my Kia GT just like they are in my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS!

  7. With the 2015 Genesis coupe being redesigned and having a 3.3 v6 turbo (based on the hnd 9 concept) and now Kia GT possibly seeing the light of day it appears that the Koreans are going to be leading the way for rear wheel drive with v6 turbos sport coupes. Like it or not, they are building them right and giving us back the cars we haven’t had seen in quite a while.

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