Kia Forte Specifications Released AHead Of Official Launch

Impressed by it’s attractive exterior styling, we are very interested in how Kia’s new compact sedan will compete in the performance arena.

In the past couple of days we were speculating about the available engines and options that Forte 4-door sedan will bring us in the package.

Thankfully, there is no more need to speculate since Kia Motors today released some technical specifications, including powertrain options and exterior dimensions, for the South Korean market.

With it’s length of 4530 mm and 1775 mm width, the new Kia Forte grew in every dimension compared to outgoing Spectra.

Although being wider by 65 mm and 25 mm longer, it’s still more fuel efficient than the predecessing model. As you’ll see later on, it’s power and fuel consumption figures are highly competitive, if not class leading.


Forte engine line-up

In Korea, Forte will initially be available with a choice of two different engines – one 1.6 liter petrol and 1.6 liter turbo-diesel.

The all-new 1.6L direct injection common rail diesel engine, features an electrically actuated advanced variable geometry turbocharger to ensure clean emissions and lively performance.

The engine is packing 128 horsepower and achieves 16.5 km/L.

Also included in the range, will be a revised 1.6L Gamma engine, creating 124 horsepower and 159 lb/ft of torque. Mated to the automatic transmission, it will provide the fuel economy of 14.1 km/L.

These numbers outperform it’s main domestic rivals (Hyundai Elantra and Samsung SM3) by up to 15 percent.

Those seeking extra performance will be able to opt for a more powerful 2.0L unit, coming to Forte range later in the year.

List of features

The Forte will come with a list of premium features usually reserved for higher-end Kia models. Forte will be available with smart key, Push-Start button, voice-activated navigation system, Bluetooth devices, 17-inch alloys with 215/45R17 wheels, wing mirror indicators and factory installed sunroof. [Source: Bobaedream]

Anticipated in the U.S. market by mid-2009, Kia plans to release the Forte on August 21. in it’s home market.

Follow the link to find all info on Forte sedan.






21 thoughts on “Kia Forte Specifications Released AHead Of Official Launch

  1. I doubt Forte is coming to EU, but wish it was since it looks so great and promises to be a great car all-in-all!
    I’m sure UAE, Asia and America will get it.


  3. Greg, that’s not the same audio unit from the earlier leaked interior pics. The earlier pics looked to have a more basic audio system with a correspondingly smaller screen. Still, it’s cool to see that a nav unit will probably be available.

  4. Am I the only one who would like the diesel in the USA? who do we talk to about that? I wish my van had a 200hp+ diesel!

  5. I’m a big fan of small diesels in cars, but I’d like to see better mileage estimates than this entry provides. A 1.6L diesel that only achieves 38mpg is dismal. I won’t dismiss it though because no context was given for that number (was that city, highway, or combined? What test cycle was that result achieved on?).

    Still, I’m excited for this car. It’s a huge step above the current spectra and with the way things are going with oil prices, it could be a very strong contender for sales here in the US.

  6. Really? It’s coming here?? That’s great news, but are we gonna see only the four door model? If Kia brings the KOUP, it can still the sales from Pro_cee’d and Kia definately don’t want that to happen.

  7. WOW! I’m just loving these last few days. Great news keeps coming from Kia all the time! I must say, this car ROCKS!!! cant wait for it to arrive here!

  8. Yes it’s coming, the forte replaced the spectra in usa and cerato in europe . You go wrong Himi , the Pro ceed it’s a Hot Hathc for europe only and the Koup it’s a sports cuope for usa and europe , it’s a two different models. The Forte and the Kuop it’s a very 2 important models for KIA IN USA .

  9. I think it id completely rediculus that we have to wait 6 months more than the Koreans to get it. That is the dumbest crap I have ever heard!!!

  10. looks like Kia Forte is serious about giving Civic a run for their money.

    I like the Kia concept approach to cars.

    I wonder if the diesel will be offered in the US? The price, if Kia will offer a hatch back like the Spectra5?

    Are they just not going to compete with the hatchback anymore?

  11. I HOPE the diesel comes to the US. i’ll SERIOUSLY think about purchasing it over the performance oriented models that i REALLY wanna buy. The push start ignition, smart key, bluetooth, voice-nav, & the rear parking sensors are an added bonus. This car has really turned out to be great.

    I’m looking at the USA-wait-several-months as a good thing. That way, if there ARE any bugs that need to be worked out, we won’t get them. :) blessing in disguise.

  12. Very doubtful the diesel common rail engine will come to the U.S. Still, with a 1.6L gasoline motor this car should pull pretty decent gas mileage. The car looks fantastic! And it should sell very well in the U.S.

  13. —— think it id completely rediculus that we have to wait 6 months more than the Koreans to get it. That is the dumbest crap I have ever heard!!!——
    Greg, This is actually a good thing as if there are any problems that the vehicle encounters, Kia can fix it before selling the thing globally. I mean, whats better? The whole world putting Kia down or just one country?

  14. —— HOPE the diesel comes to the US——
    I dont think Kia will get diesels to U.S.
    U.S. emmision rules, will not permit that diesel engine. Thats why Kia is developing a clean diesel that meets the U.S. emmision laws.

  15. “Greg, This is actually a good thing as if there are any problems that the vehicle encounters, Kia can fix it before selling the thing globally. I mean, whats better? The whole world putting Kia down or just one country?”

    good point. I wonder if that’s why so many cars are available in Europe and not US? When shopping for a car it’s frustrating right now because there aren’t a lot of good mileage cars available. For example, the 1.6 is availbe in VW European Jetta, but we get the 2.5L. Maybe that’s all that would sell over here before fuel went up?

    I don’t see how one persons frustration at having to wait for the next years car model is an entire country putting down Kia.

    Anyway, maybe it’s more important for all the bugs to be sorted out before selling in US? I know I’m in the US and just last night received a call from JD Powers about my satisfaction at Kia service department. It had a slight pull when I test drove it, and the sales rep said an alignment would be no prob. then the service dept kept trying to tell me it was fine. I had to demand an alignmet, which is covered for first 12k miles, and I also requested a computer print out. Then the srevice rep was very good, alignment went perfect, computer print out showed that the “toe in” was off. So, anyway, I had to only give them an 8 out of 10 for them not at first addressing my concerns, but after that 10 out of 10, because they fixed the problem. So, if you have the slightest problem in the US a car is DOA. Kia is improving their ratings.

  16. Hope the Forte arrive in Singapore in 2009.
    Times to get close to KIA with their great R&D.
    KIA is going places.

  17. i dont think Forte will be launch in malaysia.it is very compatitive to our national car.perhaps forte will arrive here.anyway congaratulation kia for the greate improvement

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