Kia Forte Koup to go on sale in June (Korean market)

Sales of the 2010 Kia Forte to commence in South Korean market within a month

Several different Korean car magazines reported yesterday that Kia Motors will put the 2010 Forte Koup on sale in June 11th. As far as we know the afore-mentioned release date relates only to Korean market where the Koup will be on sale first.

It is still not clear when exactly the sporty two-door model will go on sale in the US and Canada, but some sources state that North Americans should get the Forte Koup by the end of summer. What we have also learned today is the fact that Kia will also put the Forte Koup on sale in global markets such as Middle East, Asia and Australia. However, the Koup won’t be available in Europe as Kia doesn’t want to compete head to head against it’s other hot looking (& very successful) hatch, the three-door pro_cee’d.

As we have been told by a Scudracer (our dear friend who wrote an exclusive Kia Forte Koup review for us), the Koup will deviate greatly from it’s four-door sibling model. Apart from powertrain elements and interior lay-out, the exterior will be completely different with the only exterior body part being shared with Forte sedan is the hood! Everything else is uniquely Koup!

If you’re interested in the Forte Koup, then you can read the very first and exclusive Kia Forte Koup review here.

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