Kia Forte Koup press conference held in Korea

Kia Forte Koup press conference held in South Korea. The US-market Forte Koup sales are scheduled to commence in August 2009.

During the last few days, Kia Motors has been stepping it’s press and media activities at different continents across the world with important new model presentations taking place in the USA and South Korea.

Our friends at Kia Motors America have been occupied with the official press & media unveiling of the Forte sedan over the past few days.

A large group of American journalists has been invited to Seattle to meet the stunning Spectra successor in-person and take it for a spin (read: 250 mile road trip).


While Americans have been having fun experiencing the all-new Forte sedan, their Asian colleagues have had an opportunity to take the first look at Forte based two-door sporty coupe. Dubbed Forte Koup, the production-ready two-door Kia coupe has been shown to Korean media during the official press conference today.

Developed at the cost of 95 million won, the two-door Kia Forte Koup features a sporty and dynamic appearance, penned by Kia’s chief design officer Peter Schreyer.

Inside, the Koup sports a two-tone interior with many items such as LED mood speakers, aluminium pedals and electric-power sunroof.

Other available options include rear parking assist, Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system, push start-stop ignition button and voice activated navigation system.

The sporty two-door coupe is also equipped with complete safety equipment, including 6 airbags, active headrests and four-wheels disc brakes.

Forte Koup Sales

The all-new Kia Forte Koup will go on sale in the US market in August 2009, while it’s South Korean sales are expected to commence within a month or two.

Kia revealed it plans to sell 10.000 Forte Koups at it’s home domestic market, while additional 25.000 units will be destined to the markets overseas.

Kia says, the Koup two door will be available on world’s major car markets, excluding only Western Europe.

In Korea, the Koup will have an entry price of 15.4 million won for the 1.6L variant, while a more potent Forte Koup variant, equipped with 2.0L engine, will start at 16.84 million won and top off at 19.66 million won. [Photosource: Aving.net, Kia news]

New Forte Koup Photos:

kiafortekoup1.jpeg  kiafortekoup.jpg  kiafortekoup4.jpeg

10 thoughts on “Kia Forte Koup press conference held in Korea

  1. Hmm… See, this is something that I don’t really get.

    It’s not like I am complaning or anything (cause I live in United States), but why is it so expensive in Korea and so cheap in the US? I mean… 2.0L version of this would be like what, 14-15K here? I know Korean currency crashed and everything recently (and has been steady going back up), but during normal times Korean Currency Exchange to Dollar is 900-1000won per dollar, with Power Purchasing Parity Dollar of 850 Won. So 2.0L version would be like… starting at around 19,000 dollars.

  2. But Hey, if the car DOES come with that girl, I wouldn’t mind paying 20 grand XD!!!

  3. Iam looking forward to driving the Koup, as for expensive in Korea, they have to pay a national tax to fund their military. They are still technically at war..

  4. is it possible to also come in the philippines? cause the soul has’nt arrived yet.. but we already have the kia mohave(borrego) V6 crdi. has a max hp of 250 less than 3000 rpm…

  5. there’s a few Australian Kia reps. who have already said the coupe is coming to Australia.

    starting at the same price as the sedan… ie. $18,990 up to $22,990 for the SLi

  6. Go to YouTube. Type in ‘2010 Kia Forte Koup Commercial’, you will see what is possibly the television commercial for the Forte Koup in the USA.

  7. It’s already out in Canada ..I just purchased a KOUP two weeks ago…oh my gosh its wonderful to have one…great ride and lots of extras

  8. I bought one a month ago and I am still loving it!! Get the Moon roof option…….. it’s so worth it.

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