Kia European Plant Produced Over 140,000 Cars In First Year

Kia’s European manufacturing plant produced over 140.000 cars in its first year of full production.

Production at the Kia Motors Slovakia plant began in December 2006 with the launch of the cee’d five-door model.

In June 2007, the Sportage sports and utility model was introduced, followed by a family cee’d SW only a month later.

The newest model at the Kia plant in Slovakia is the three-door pro_cee’d.

In the near future, Kia will also start production of the small MPV model that will be sold exclusively in Europe.

All models are made on the same lines in mixed production.

kia.jpgAccording to company president and CEO In-Kyu Bae, especially important for Kia Motors were the smooth production launches of the various models and the achievement of a high level of quality and productivity.

At present, Kia Motors Slovakia has 2,700 employees, of which 2,350 are directly employed in production, with the rest working as engineers and administrative staff.

The Kia plant is the only car factory in Slovakia with its own engine production, producing four engine types – two petrols and two diesels. The plant is currently producing some 750 cars per day on average.

7 thoughts on “Kia European Plant Produced Over 140,000 Cars In First Year

  1. I don’t know about the Soul,Boris. It is possible to be produced in Europe also, because Kia stated several times that three different model will could be produced in Slovakia. We have cee’d and Sportage produced there right now, so there is still place for another model.

  2. The Soul could very well come from Slovakia, they look to be very efficient, effective employees. My hat goes off to them and Kia Motors!

  3. Perhaps Kia will separate Soul production and build Souls for Europe in it’s European factory and in Korea for the rest of the world. Similar to what they did with Sportage, when they moved a part of it’s production from Korea to Europe…

  4. They not only look to be efficient / effective, thet also clearly look to be satisfied and filled with pride !! Well deserved too,

  5. I am glad that Kia Motors came to Slovakia and provided these great jobs for those individuals. They’re probably really glad as well! And Kia is on the upside ,too, lots of hard work will be required but there will be a great payoff for all of them, too.

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