Kia draws attention with sporty Pro_cee’d

How do you draw customers and Kia car enthusiasts attention?

First step; you show an attractive concept car to the world public. Second step; you produce that car with not many styling changes made on it. And that is just what Kia did!

Today, Kia released their second preview image of it’s latest hatchback model named Pro_cee’d! This is the third model in Kia’s Cee’d line up, after the well recived five door hatchback and sporty wagon.

The production three door Kia remains very close to the concept car shown in 2006.

As we look at the official pictures we can see that the new rear end shot reveals a sloping rear hatch and thick C pillar that meet a near vertical end. It gives a very clean and solid appearance to the Pro_cee’d 3-door.

“We are proud that the appearance of the Pro-cee’d production car remains so close to the concept we showed at the Paris Motor Show in 2006″ explains Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer, at Kia Motors Europe! “The three-door Kia Pro-cee’d is such a comprehensive re-working of the Cee’d design theme that only the bonnet and the front wing panels are carried over from the five door model. All other exterior panels are new and exclusive to this car.”

“We wanted to make Pro-cee’d as ‘sporty’ as cee’d could possibly be, while still remaining a member of our cee’d family,” added Gregory.

The new Kia Pro-cee’d hatchback will make its World Premiere at September’s Frankfurt International Motor Show, held on 11th of September and will go on sale across Europe in early 2008.

Click here for larger images:

carscoop_kia_proceed.jpg     kia_pro_cee_d_01.jpg

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