Kia Teases Cross GT Concept; Is This A Sedona Replacement?

Ahead of its unveiling at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, Kia Motors released a single teaser image of the all-new crossover concept vehicle.

Following its official announcement of the new two-door concept car for the forth-coming International Motor Show in Geneva, Kia revealed plans for the world premiere of yet another concept vehicle.

Dubbed Cross GT, the upcoming 7-seat premium crossover vehicle will make its official public premiere at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, which will open to the press on February 7-8.

Kia Motors released a very short statement earlier today revealing a few facts about the upcoming show car: “Inspired by nature, driven by technology, the brand-new Cross GT concept vehicle hints at the future of Kia’s design language in the form of a premium Crossover Utility Vehicle that is larger than the new 2014 Sorento.”

Kia Cross GT teaser teaser image

Kia Cross GT concept Kia Teases Cross GT Concept; Is This A Sedona Replacement? suv vans

27 thoughts on “Kia Teases Cross GT Concept; Is This A Sedona Replacement?

  1. I’m back. Now first let’s talk about this crossover. Look at that face it looks like the face of the Sport age and Sore to and yet it doesn’t….but then again it does. Let’s finish. Obviously this a to rival the new Pathfinder with 7 passengers (leave the 8 passenger to the next Sedona). Let’s talk about the next Sedona. Now I don’t believe this is the Sedona and here is why: KV7 concept. This Cross GT or the new Carens looks nothing like the KV7 no cues at all which tells me Kia wants to use the KV7 ONLY for the Sedona and nothing else. For example the face of the KUE is on Sport age, Sorento and Cross GT yet its not on the KV7. This tells me that that unanmed Kia concept for Geneva is not Kia’s Small Crossover because it’s face is not sharing the same characteristics of Kia’s other CUVS. To be continued.

  2. Remember what I said earlier that “GT” was only the begining? I must have been right because it appears GT is in a Kia crossover concept now. Kia also is more creative at creating a signature look better than Mazda and Lexus. For example: Unlike Mazda and Lexus, Kia’s CROSSOVERs appear different in the face from Kia’s cars. Take the Kia K9′s face that looks like the cee’d. And Sorento and Sportage’s face. As you can both of these faces are from Kia yet differnet according to either a utility vehicle or car. Unlike the face of the Lexus RX and Lexus ES or Mazda CX-5 and Mazda 6…. that’s easy to do. To be continued.

  3. So the Kia GT concept was like the Kee or begining of something more than just its design but its engine. Very very interesting. So is the Kia CROSS GT RWD or FWD? That’s the million dollar question. I think this bad boy is RWD on some RWD platform. I remember reading about Kia’s future products about a RWD premium CUV supposed to RWD. Kia is up to something, something mean, scary, groundbreaking, fuel efficient, powerful, luxurious, something I don’t even know what it is yet…but I will find out or my name ain’t the only and only jtz.

  4. Soemthing new: Kia Kue and Kia Cross GT hint greenhouse. As you can see the Cross GT borrows the Kue’s rear pillars. In fact the roof line is the Kue’s but it appears longer in length. This may compete with the new VW Cross utility vehicles. To be continued.

  5. Yeah, I agree with jtz cuz I saw yesterday pics from Honda’s new small SUV (under CRV) and it’s horrible, too Civic/City look-alike.

  6. Something new: This is the first GT Kia that is going to be unveiled for the first time in the United States. The Kia GT concept was first unveiled in Paris. With the Pro-cee’d GT, and Cross GT and former Kia GT you gotta assume that that unnamed Kia concept is also “GT.”

  7. Something new. The Kue’s C pillars are also found on the K9, 2014 Forte, Sportage, Rio and Cross Tour.

  8. “Kia Cross GT” Not Cross Tour my bad. speaking of Cross Tour you can easily see the Lazyness in the Honda Accords’ face and Cross Tour that’s easy to do. Unlike the real design from the cee’d, 2014 Cadenza and K9′s face. Each having a different personality from one another nothing is clicked and paste.

  9. This doesn’t look like it would make a good Sedona replacement. Too SUV-like. An SUV is a good replacement for an SUV. You can’t replace a van with an SUV.

  10. “Yeah, I agree with jtz cuz I saw yesterday pics from Honda’s new small SUV (under CRV) and it’s horrible, too Civic/City look-alike.”

    As you can see many of theses other brands (other than Kia) are too stuck on just one basic design and clicking and pasting? Does the Sportage look lke the cee’d? Does the Sportage look exaclty like the Rio or even the Ray? nope. Does the Sportage look like a bigger Kia Soul that also won a design award? No? Does anything else in Kia’s line up look like the Kia Venga such as the cee’d hatch, forte 5, or Rio 5 hatches? Nope. Yet you can easily tell even though it’s not supposed to be that the crosstour is just an Accord design and nothing else no characteristics what so every… and yet dumb Honda didn’t call it the “Accord hatch.” They wanted the thing to be a different model. To be continued.

  11. As you can tell the Cross GT cocnept and KV7 concept hardly look alike. Yet Kia said the next Sedona is going to take heavy cues off the KV7 cocnept. Do you think it was a good thing to see spy shots of the next Forte Koup for the first time? I think the Forte Koup wanted to be spied in order to free the Sedona from being seen. For some reason, Kia is hidding the next generation Sedona as long as they can. Why? Because it’s different than it’s rivals this time. I can sense something unique about the next Sedona but I can’t quite put my eye on it yet because of the KV7′s smaller size. I’m trying to picture how the next Sedona is to remain big like its competitors and yet take designs cues off the KV7 concept. THAT’S THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. I’m jtz and I’m going to get to the bottom of this or my name ain’t the one and only…..

  12. You see those windows in the backround of that sketch? That is sketch or teaser of the headquarters in Irvrine Cal. I remember those windows. That is outside of it. Remember seeing it on the Kia Mesa concept when it was first unveiled? It was also shown on the unveiling of the KUE concept and the Kia Ray concep too. This is a sketch of the Kia Cross GT outside Kia’s headquarters. I remember those windows from anywhere.

  13. Could you please try to consolidate your thoughts into one or two posts? Maybe make some notes, and once you get no more “new thoughts”, then make your post. That way, maybe you can sort out (maybe re-read and proofread?) your thoughts instead of hastily regurgitating them. Do you actually expect people to read, respect and understand your hastily made speculatory posts? You are the main reason fanboys were given a bad name. I mean, come on. Do you forget that Hyundai-Kia is a business?? They aren’t “up to” anything, other than regular competitive business practices. They aren’t being sly or cunning, they are running a business – a FOR PROFIT business, period. They are going to do what is in the best interest of making the largest amount of profit. Calculating risk, materials, technologies and using available resources are all factored into the equation. I have an idea. Instead of driving yourself into a stupor trying to “figure out” what Kia is “up to”, speculation is fine, but the only way to truly figure it out is to WAIT and SEE!

  14. It’s not just about profit it’s also about social responsibility too. Kia gives back by supporting the disabled and education. In addition they support disasters that happen too. Also you can’t have profit unless you have passion otherwise your business will die.

  15. And another thing Greg since you know every thing about proofreading. Contact Acer for me and you tell them why the hell is it taking the word “Sportage” and “Sorento” and transforming them into “Sport age” and “So rent?” And stop transforming “their” for “there.” Not only that but the Acer tablet makes it so DIFFICULT to correct too, I should have gotten an Ipad. That’s why you see errors must times. Oh and I’m the reason for fanboys giving a bad name? Last I checked Kia haters been gone since I been telling them the Tucson wasn’t the only Murano copycat just check out the Chrysler Delta.

  16. Another new thought just came to mind. “V8″ I wonder if this thing has a V8? But then maybe it doesn’t because the Kia K9 has no V8 neither. And why would Kia not put a V8 in a car but in a luxurious midsize SUV? But I do want to assume the possibility of it being RWD. I also remember Kia or Hyundai working on a 10 speed auto transmission. I wonder if the Cross GT will have that? Also something else, remember that Hyundai Crossover they revealed at this years NAIAS? Will it could be a 50% chance the Kia Cross GT is either on the same platform or not. Maybe I should use the PC instead of the tablet, I’m error free now ain’t I Greg?

  17. If I’m causing a bad name for Kia fanboys why is it that I shut up Leftlane News, Kia-world, Burlappcars, Autospies and even Motor trend about the Hyundai/Kia copying? Huh? When it comes to designs, that’s my forte, becuase I’M JTZ no car design can escape me. All the haters do now is find other things to talk about because it’s too biased now about the Korean’s designs. It’s actually kind of fun putting out car designs in Kia haters face such as the 2013 Avalon and 2013 Fusion’s greenhouses out there. Oh and trust me, they’re reading my long novel like commets because they STFU after that. They even go as far to test me to see how accurate I am and some even say things like, “im really impressed at how well you know your cars,” or “damn you just about 100% accurate in all the cars you listed,” Bascily Greg I think you envy me. I notice you not once commmet about Kia’s new concept instead you attacked me. But at the end of the day, your forever waiting redesigned Sedona still lacks to be revealed. Maybe they killed it and a luxury CUV(which is better than vans anyway) instead. Once again no errors. I love the keyboard and they say talets will take out PCs in the next few years.

  18. I agree with Greg, my eyes just glaze over when jtz posts and don’t bother reading them.
    jtz – just condense your thoughts and post it once for one thread and then maybe, just maybe, we might just pay attention to them.

  19. Ok guys I’ll stop posting so much. I mean it. I do talk too much don’t I? I bet you out of this entire blog, I talk the most. I bet that all my post on this blog alone is about the same length as Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower VII” novel. Love those Dark tower books really I do. But why did it have to end like that? Poor Roland. If you love to read novels (I love books I love to imagine things)you’ll die reading the Dark Tower.

  20. JTZ…….massive issues between ears. What a dropkick wally who goes on with “reapeated” drivel and rubbish

  21. (Ignoring Robert)Anyone know if Kia is going to release another Teaser of the Cross GT or will we have to wait 48hours and 30seconds until the unveiling?

  22. New images arrived. This is not even close to a mpv. It’s 100% UTILITY VEHICLE. Don’t worry though I’m sure the next Sedona will look cool. After all, Kia has won more designs awards than BMW.

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