Kia Teases Cross GT Concept; Is This A Sedona Replacement?

Ahead of its unveiling at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, Kia Motors released a single teaser image of the all-new crossover concept vehicle.

Following its official announcement of the new two-door concept car for the forth-coming International Motor Show in Geneva, Kia revealed plans for the world premiere of yet another concept vehicle.

Dubbed Cross GT, the upcoming 7-seat premium crossover vehicle will make its official public premiere at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, which will open to the press on February 7-8.

Kia Motors released a very short statement earlier today revealing a few facts about the upcoming show car: “Inspired by nature, driven by technology, the brand-new Cross GT concept vehicle hints at the future of Kia’s design language in the form of a premium Crossover Utility Vehicle that is larger than the new 2014 Sorento.”

Kia Cross GT teaser teaser image

6 thoughts on “Kia Teases Cross GT Concept; Is This A Sedona Replacement?

  1. This doesn’t look like it would make a good Sedona replacement. Too SUV-like. An SUV is a good replacement for an SUV. You can’t replace a van with an SUV.

  2. Could you please try to consolidate your thoughts into one or two posts? Maybe make some notes, and once you get no more “new thoughts”, then make your post. That way, maybe you can sort out (maybe re-read and proofread?) your thoughts instead of hastily regurgitating them. Do you actually expect people to read, respect and understand your hastily made speculatory posts? You are the main reason fanboys were given a bad name. I mean, come on. Do you forget that Hyundai-Kia is a business?? They aren’t “up to” anything, other than regular competitive business practices. They aren’t being sly or cunning, they are running a business – a FOR PROFIT business, period. They are going to do what is in the best interest of making the largest amount of profit. Calculating risk, materials, technologies and using available resources are all factored into the equation. I have an idea. Instead of driving yourself into a stupor trying to “figure out” what Kia is “up to”, speculation is fine, but the only way to truly figure it out is to WAIT and SEE!

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