Kia.com, The Official Kia Website In The USA

If you want to know all there is to know about the Kia brand in the United States, you need to spend some time at the Kia official website.

It is the place to go for consumers who are in the market for a new Kia car, as well as for those looking to get more out of their Kia ownership experience.

The US Kia official site is packed full of useful information, so let’s take a moment to dig a little deeper inside the pages of the site.

Kia website USA

One of the best parts about the official Kia website is the ability to get detailed specs on all the vehicles in their current line-up.

www.kia.com websiteEvery trim model is broken down in excruciating detail to help you decide which one best suits your needs, and then to help you some more by letting you compare the features in each of the Kia trims available for the model that you are interested in.

There is even a feature where you can choose the US Kia model you want, and then outfit it to suit your specific needs, all the way down to the color.

It’s like being able to see exactly what your ideal vehicle looks like without ever having to visit a dealership.

Speaking of dealerships, you can go to the US Kia car website to find an authorized dealer near you.

It’s also possible to get a look at all the deals that are currently running right now, which could end up saving you a load of money when you buy.

You will also find a full suite of shopping tools that will help you decide which car you can afford, after which you can directly apply for credit.

You can even request a test drive if you need that little extra push to make a final decision.

Finally, there is a fabulous owners section on the official Kia website.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to make your car payment, schedule service appointments, order parts, and so much more.

Whether you own a Kia car now, or are thinking about doing so, the Kia website is the place to go for all the information you need.

5 thoughts on “Kia.com, The Official Kia Website In The USA

  1. We just purchased a Kia Optima Turbo at Matt Blatt Kia in Toms River. The car is beautiful and has a lot of features that we like. However, no one told us that there is no CD Player in the car. Imagine our surprise and disappointment. Almost every new car in America has a CD Player in it. We put $5,000 down on this car, less than 1/3 of it was to cover over mileage on the Hyndai Sonato that we traded in, but all the rest was a down payment and to have our monthly payments lowered. We are so disappointed about the CD player and that it was not mentioned to us during the sale. For this reason we will not recommend Kia to anyone who asks us about our car.

  2. I have Kia sornto L 2017 it’s so bad to much noisy insuit the car I can’t use my cell phone and one mor thing the rayer pomper I fount it borkin no body toch my car rally Kia it’s very bad car

  3. I have a 2015 KIA Optima, it has 33000 miles on it and has never had a problem with it in any way.
    Just recently the engine shut off at a traffic light,was able to start the engine and get it off the road into a parking lot where it shut off again and was not able to restart. We had the car towed to the nearest KIA dealership, they told us the engine was locked up.
    While looking online, we found out that there has been a lot of instances where the KIA Optima has had similar problems. There was no fore warning as to any problem, the oil pressure light did not come on, the engine temperature light did not come on and there was absolutely no problem with the car prior to this incident. It ran perfect.
    There was no visible signs of oil leakage any where.
    The dealership would not help me with any of the repairs, as I had to have another engine from a salvage yard installed,
    costing me $3500.00.
    The car gave no warning of any kind, did not run rough, did not stall until the time at the traffic light.
    I found out from reports online that this engine has had problems with machine shavings in the engine getting into the oil ways and locking the engine. Strange thing that there was no previous noise of any kind.
    It would be nice if KIA would help with the repair bill for this vehicle. The car was still under the 100,000 drive
    train warranty.

  4. The warranties for some branded cars may go up to 3 or 4
    years depending on the model. Be smart and savvy when negotiating the interest rate for new cars and don’t just sign on the
    bottom line. 00 per gallon, depending on market prices, but that is a good

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