Kia Cerato sales increase 100 percent in Australia!

Despite a flagging economy, car sales in the US have remained steady, with most of the major players seeing moderate increases in the in monthly sales figures. The same cannot be said for the Australian market, where new car sales have taken a backwards step with sales figures for the first quarter dropping 1.3 percent over the same time period last year.

The sole shining light in those figures was Kia, whose sales figures took a 1.7 percent jump in that same timeframe. The South Korean automaker’s biggest gains came in the small passenger car department, with sales for the Cerato up an astonishing 101 percent over last year, and 70 percent this first quarter. Also performing well in this category, was the Kia Soul with a solid 17.4 percent gain for the year.

The SUV market has taken a bit of a beating during this sales decline, yet Kia still managed to buck that trend with not just one, but two solid sales performances. The 2012 Sorento and Sportage scored a combined 17.3 percent growth in sales, a number that flew in the face of the 2.9 percent decrease the rest of the SUV market suffered.

Kia also scored in the people mover market, with sales of the Carnival accounting for almost 40 percent of the entire market, putting Kia miles ahead of its competitors in that segment. All in all, it’s fair to say that Kia has made an impact in the Australian market in much the same as it has done here in the US, and it all comes down to their approach to car making.

“It is obvious that the Australian auto industry is going through some tough times at the moment, but in tough times there are always opportunities. We have a business plan which includes refreshing, upgrading and maintaining our product range to a standard that is demanded by the Australian public. Our continued sales growth in the current climate is testament to our products and also to the support of our dealer network,” said Tony Barlow, Kia Motors Australia Chief Operating Officer.

The strides made by Kia globally should continue on the upward path with the release of the much anticipated new version of the Kia Rio 2012, due in showrooms in September.

6 thoughts on “Kia Cerato sales increase 100 percent in Australia!

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  2. It’s an i40. I can see Kia building a Rondo out of it…if they decide to continue the Rondo/Carens line.

  3. Kia revealed the 4 door coupe early this morning on their facebook page. Pretty sweet looking. As for the Forte, there were surely some people fired over it. Based on vehicle solidity, the Forte is the most disappointing to me out of all the vehicles in Kia’s “design-led transformation”. Not only that, they built the Forte on the old Elantra platform, even though that platform was soon to be ditched by Hyundai.

  4. The Forte is still a great car, it’s just when you compare it to the Apples: Soul, Sorento, Optima, Sportage, and Rio…the Forte is an orange.

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