Kia Cerato 4-Door Sedan (2013 Model Year)

The US-market 2014 Kia Forte 4-door sedan was unveiled during the recent Los Angeles Motor Show, and now Kia has delivered details on the international version, which is known as Cerato.

Expected to hit the markets outside of the US within the next couple of months, the 2013 Kia Cerato 4-door sedan features longer, lower, wider body, and an extended wheelbase, with the final style given a “dynamic muscularity” label.

The new Cerato 4-door has an all-new bodyshell, as well as upgraded equipment, improved convenience and safety features, and an interior that delivers more space and overall quality.

The 2013 model also comes equipped with an upgraded powertrain that delivers improved performance and fuel economy.

Kia Cerato Design

Included in the new, sleeker design are a cab-forward styling, a coupe-style roofline, concave door contours, and chrome molding that delivers a real touch of elegance and class.

Part of the improved fuel economy comes from the aerodynamic build of the car, which is delivered via surface detailing and airflow-smoothing panels under the vehicle.

The third-generation Cerato has a wheelbase that is 50mm longer than the last version, and is also longer, lower, and wider. The additional wheelbase length makes it the longest in class, with the 421 liters of trunk capacity also a category best.

The interior of the 2013 Kia Cerato gets a sporty new look, with nature’s ebbs and flows used as the motif of the entire design.

The center stack has an elegant looking curve that is emboldened by the carbon-look trim. Soft-touch materials have been added to the dashboard, center door trims, and door armrests.

Driver and passenger comfort is also very much in play with a lowered cabin floor and wider front seat cushions. The angle of the cushions has been increased to deliver better thigh support.

There are some interior color choices to be made, with one-tone black or gray, two-tone cloth or leather, as well as a pair of optional color packs also on offer.

Depending on the model you choose, there will be a number of available options that include 10-way powered and ventilated driver’s seat, heated front and rear seats, leather upholstery, powered glass tilt-and-slide sunroof, Xenon headlamps, smart keyless entry with engine start/stop button, Bluetooth hands-free system with remote controls and dual-zone climate control automatic air-conditioning.

2013 Cerato Suspension, Engine

The suspensions specification on the new Cerato are the same as before, but it has been fine-tuned to deliver a more agile, shock-absorbing driving experience.

The geometry of the suspension has also been upgraded so that drivers will get an improved steering feel.

Under the hood, there will be two fuel-sipping gasoline engines to choose from. The 2,0L Nu four-cylinder engine generates 161-horsepower, while the less-potent 1,6L engine packs 130 horsepower. Six-speed transmission will be available in all Cerato models.

Cerato 5-Door, 2-Door Coupe Release Date

The all-new Kia Cerato (2013) 4-door sedan will be the first to hit the market, but that will soon be followed up by a Cerato 5-door hatchback and a 2-door coupe, both of which are set to arrive to the Kia dealerships in the second half of 2013.

4 thoughts on “Kia Cerato 4-Door Sedan (2013 Model Year)

  1. Dam is it me or is there REALLY a lot of Elantra infulence in this design especially on the side from the A-pillar to the C???

    The interior look GREAT but the exterior just seems to lack the wow factor this time.

    I hope the Koupe will change my mind.

  2. Probelm is the backend is derivative of other cars. It is as though no one at Kia but Schreyer knows how to design products. (audi and optima)

    1. Taillights are too large. Slimmer tail lights. Maybe a three striped arrangement like adidas or even a diamond style arrangement would be a refreshing take on the backend. How about the licence plate sits at the bottom and not middle, like the sportage.

    2. The grill of the optima was nice, efficient, purposeful, and elegant. The grill of the forte is not a great interpretation of the tiger tooth grill. The sides are to oblong or elongated. The sides needed to meet at a straightline with the top and bottom lines.

    3. Names. Forte is not a memorable name. I already proposed better names than the proceed or forte. How about the Fox? How about the Galaxy?
    There are many creative but meaningful names still not taken. You need to change the name.

    Yes i know corolla is not a great. But kia is not toyota. Toyota has the acceptance of the public now that almost any name will acceptable as a model.

    Prius sounds good. Winner
    camry sounds nice but i dont even know what a camry is.
    Highlander is a winner name.

  3. The Galaxy was a Ford Sedan (actually Galaxie) from the 1960s in the US, and is currently a Ford minivan in Europe. The Fox is a crappy Volkswagen (actually made in Brazil) from the late 80s-early 90s in the US, and still sold in South America. Actually, the Fox is memorable for it’s longitudinally-mounted FWD engine configuration, and lack of an optional automatic transmission. Bottom line, Forte is a fine name, which has actually become well-known in the auto industry – Fox and Galaxy have been used.

  4. Good point greg. But my poiny still stands. There are better names than forte. How about lazer or the Kia Star.
    Kia Serenity. That is a very good name as well. Which evokes peaceful and tranquil images.

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