Kia Cee’d Ranks No. 1 In More Than 30 Comparison Tests

The first generation Kia cee’d has been nothing but a smashing success for the Kia brand in Europe!

It has so far, won eight national “Car of the Year” awards and received numerous other magazine awards. Furthermore, the cee’d family has been ranked first in more than 30 comparison road tests to date!

Despite facing stiff competition in the car’s most crowded C-segment, the all-new cee’d has also won thousands of new customers with many of them being the first time Kia buyers!

Designed and developed for the European consumers and manufactured in Europe, the cee’d was named “Family Car Of The Year in Sweden, “Car Of The Year” in Greece, “Fleet Car of the Year” in Poland and ‘ING Business Class, Lease Car of the Year’ in Belgium.

The model has also won Car Of The Year awards Romania, the Canary Islands and Lithuania.

The five-door Kia cee’d hatchback has also been titled the “Best Hatchback” in the UK and Denmark, while the cee’d Sporty Wagon was rated the Best Wagon Type Car by Danish automobile media.

In the Netherlands, the cee’d was presented with a ‘2007 Innovation Award’ by the renowned Autoweek!

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Kia cee’d comparison tests

In addition to winning major car magazine awards and titles, Kia cee’d five-door hatch and sporty wagon have also performed exceptionally well in several real-world test drives against other C-segment cars.

During 2007, the cee’d was ranked number one by independent motoring journalists in nine European countries in 32 comparison tests conducted against the leading contenders in its class.

The model was consistently placed above well established cars such as the VW Golf, Opel Astra, Fiat Bravo, Renault Megane and Honda Civic! [Source: Kia]

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9 thoughts on “Kia Cee’d Ranks No. 1 In More Than 30 Comparison Tests

  1. Splendid showing for Kia Motors. A beautiful new car, one that I wish would be imported in to the U.S., might I add.

  2. Let me add a strong second to what you say here Brian ! Methinks this car would be well received in North America ( although there would be many who would naturally want a stronger drive-train ). :

  3. ^Add the updated engines with a top of the line Cee’d XR with the Genesis Coupe’s version of the V6

  4. Bryan: It is coming to US! Not as a cee’d, but as Spectra successor. It’s development name is TD and is, acording to what I found out yesterday in a cee’d catalogue, in a very close relationship with cee’d. Except it has different exterior and interior design.
    This is going to be interesting…

  5. TD doesn’t stand for touchdown in football, it’s the code name for the new 2009 Kia Spectra. And it’s closely tied in design to the Kia cee’d, but with a new and different bodystyle and interior. Works for me, himi!

  6. Perhaps TD will also come as three door and wagon. It would be easy for Kia to develope those two additional models.

    If this happens, Kia would have the greatest compact car line-up in US market! Just imagine TD 4-door sedan , TD wagon, sporty three door TD, Rondo, Soul crossover and Rio subcompact vehicle…

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