Kia Cee’d photo gallery

First Kia cee’d reviews with many high quality images appear on the web…

The very first cee’ds are already hitting European streets.

The model has been on sale for a few months now and the demand is exceeding Kia’s expectations (which is good, isn’t it!?).

With days passing by we see more and more reviews coming in as well. Several publications have already published their very first impressions of the Kia’s new C-segment ride. The reviews seem very positive! It’s not just consumers that like the cee’d but also automobile magazines.

One of those reviews has just recently been published at the avtomoto portal from Slovenia. They had written a complete cee’d test drive report ans posted a number of really nice shots.

We are posting on of the images here, but you can find many more at the link posted below. Check it out and enjoy the pics!

UPDATE: Link has been excluded due to deleted source article at the avtomoto portal. Sprry for that.

Kia cee’d quote from  UK’s Autoexpress:

Previous Kias have been designed to be adequate, rather than class-leading. But the cee’d is an impressive compact family hatch. Inoffensive styling and a well built cabin aren’t all the cee’d has to offer – it has the dynamic abilities to challenge many rivals, too. Add in an unbeatable seven-year manufacturer’s warranty, and this is a Kia that will give rivals a run for their money.

To read the full article, head over to Autoexpress.co.uk and search Kia Cee’d CRDI.

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