Kia cee’d ISG with stop&go driving system; coming in December 2008

First Kia vehicle to benefit from corporation’s continuing and massive investment in eco-friendly technologies will be the 2009 Kia cee’d ISG. Among all four exhibited “green” Kia cars at the green zone in Paris, the cee’d ISG is also the closest to production vehicle. According to Michael Choo, Kia’s PR manager, the production of the ceed ISG will commence as soon as in December this year!

Compared to regular cee’d, the cee’d ISG features two eco-friendly technologies that will be transferred from a concept to production Kia car for the first time. We are talkng about the new ISG -Idle Stop&Go system and low-rolling resistance tyres.

The innovative ISG system automatically switches the engine off when the car is stopped or rolling forwards at less than 4 km/h, with the gearbox in neutral, the clutch depressed and the engine at idle speed. In typical city driving conditions, with heavy traffic and constant stop-start motoring, the ISG system cuts fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15 %.

As part of the ISG system for cee’d, a “smart” starter motor linked to the ECU monitors the car’s status at all times. When the cee’d ISG comes to a stop, such as at traffic lights, the ECU uses information from various other control systems around the vehicle to decide if switching the engine off is appropriate. If for any reason the car’s battery power drops below 75% of maximum, or there is insufficient energy available for the next start-up, the system will abort its Stop & Go programme.

While the car is stationary, if the clutch pedal is depressed, the engine is instantly re-started – automatically. There is no delay in setting off as the engine re-starting process is accomplished in the time it takes to select first gear.

The new ISG-equipped Kia cee’d cars also benefits from a new-generation, lighter five-speed manual gearbox and the fitment of low-rolling resistance tyres as standard. During 2009, similar ISG technology will also be made available for the 1.6-litre diesel Kia cee’d and ISG will appear on other models in years to come. [Photo: Omniauto]

6 thoughts on “Kia cee’d ISG with stop&go driving system; coming in December 2008

  1. I don’t know about this particular model, but diesel as well as gasoline ISG cee’ds will be produced. First cee’ds equipped with ISG will be powered by 1,6L gasoline engine, while during the 2009 similar tech will be also applied to diesel powered cee’ds.

  2. will this only be available on manual tranny models? seems like that. but I think manual tranny is common in EU.

  3. Looks like it’s available with a 5-speed manual gearbox only, Boris. I just read a quote from a stupid reporter for an unmentioned car website saying that Kia is the King of Copy. What the? What a dork, Kia is an original manufacturer of automobiles, and a “green” vehicle like this one is an example of that. This is not your usual setup, obviously. Some U.S. citizens are such absolute dorks in their automotive views, it stupifies me. Idiots.

  4. hmm, Kia the king of copy? then what do you call honda a 3D photo copier? how original do hondas look? infact the CR-V looks like sportage!

  5. Exactly! Honda’s do absolutely nothing for me. They are blah-blah-blah-blah-boring-blah-dumb-stupid-boring-blah-blah-blah!! Did I mention blah?! It’s like they’re microscopicly slow to learn anything new in automotive, and their slow American families make it even worse with their patriotism and wariness of foreign brands. I have endured years and years of Internet know-nothings who have continued to call Kia’s P’s-O-S. Idiots. They wouldn’t know a good rig if it came right over an embankment and hit them upside their heads. LOL =:)

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