Kia cee’d BTCS racing car; Belgium Touring Car Series

A 440-horsepower Kia cee’d BTCS is ready to hit the tracj in Belgium!

The image of a “Super cee’d” race-car, posted here at our Kia Blog on Friday, has spawn an interesting debate and generated quite some buzz among all of us, Kia fans. We had no idea where to put the vehicle and it kept us guessing of it’s main purpose until tody.

Some of you have suggested the car pictured below was a scale model or possibly a toy. And you were right… partially. The supercee’d pictured on the image has been a scale model, which was later used to develope the body parts for a real-life cee’d BTCS race car.

So, what is this “super cee’d” all about? Thanks to our Belgian colleagues and their juicy tips, we have learned some exclusive details on the hot-looking cee’d BTCS:


The track inspired cee’d BTCS has been developed by Chad Racing, a famous UK based racing group specialized in the highest levels of racing. With this particular Kia cee’d BTCS model, the Chad Racing has teamed up with Kia Motors Belgium to participate in the 2009 Belgium Touring Car Series. The team will be running two Kia cars in the top S1 class and compete against Bimmers (M3’s), Renault Meganes and others.

The chassis of the Kia Pro_cee’d BTCS is a tubular spaceframe, built by the Pescarolo Le Mans team. The car features a highly stressed 2.0L racing engine, developed by Mountune company, and is believed to have an output of 440 horsepower. The whole race-car weighs less than 1000kg.

All the suspension components are unique to the car and designed as a pure racing suspension system.

The cee’d BTCS also uses a built-in tracking and monitoring system. The Motec data logging system is highly advanced, featuring GPS speed and mapping functions that allow the driver to see his exact racing lines (accurate to within 0.5m) on the circuit.

The quantity of data available can help the drivers in many ways, from braking technique to steering input. The accuracy of the GPS system allows the entire supporting team to use the predictive lap time function, which enables the driver to get as close as possible to the BTCS target lap time limit.

The world premiere for this stunning Kia cee’d BTCS will take place on the 27th of March at the legendary F1-race track at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Stay tuned for some hot news coming in soon!

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8 thoughts on “Kia cee’d BTCS racing car; Belgium Touring Car Series

  1. I know when I was in Korea, I got to drive a C’eed Turbo diesel, this thing rocked. It would smoke anything Kia has here in America. It was a fun cool car to drive. I am looking forward to the Turbo Forte Koup when it comes here. The Forte is fun to drive but I am getting excited and curious about the Forte Koup.

  2. what ever happened to all those people saying that this is an RC car and that its just a scale model and a toy??

  3. I said it was a showcar to be displayed at an autoshow or somthin before the real thing is ready. and it seems to be true cuz I don’t understand what himi meant by saying its PARTIALLY right. the windows just don’t look like glass. just some opaque black plastic…

  4. This is the real car and was unveiled at the grand opening ceremony of Kia’s new headquarters in Belgium. I’ll receive more pics from testing, which is scheduled for the end of the month.

  5. The second pro_cee’d silhouette will be driven by Koen & Kris Wouters two very popular flemisch singers with extensive racing experience…

  6. Hi Ivo,
    the car went very well at the press launch at the weekend at Spa didnt it !
    And so easy to work on as well ,

    See you for the first race on the 12-04-09 Spa

    All the best Glen

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