Kia car sales soar 23 percent

Global sales of Kia cars soar 23,4 percent in May 2010!

Kia Motors recently revealed that it has sold a total of 175,098 new vehicles across the globe during the month of May 2010.

Compared to a year ago, the automaker achieved a year-on-year sales increase of 23.4%.

In May 2010, Kia accomplished positive year-on-year sales increases in all sales regions, which include the general markets (+59.3% or 37,318 units sold), the Chinese market (28.9% or 26,101 units sold), North American market (19.5% or 37,162 units), European market (18.7% or 34,503 units) and, of course, the Korean market (5.0% or 40,014 units).

With a recorded 28.9%, the greatest sales increase was in China.

All together, through the first five months of this year, the worldwide sales of KMC increased by an impressive 38.9% year-on-year sales, which means 820,613 units sold. Now that’s a lot of cars.

Sales in China made the highest gain at 92.9%, selling 144,314 units to date in 2010.

There were also significant cumulative sales increases in the other regions, all of which showed double-digits. In the general markets, 174,663 (+58.4%) units were sold; in Europe, 159,073 (+30.5%) units were sold; in Korea, 183,758 (+25.4%) units; and in North America, 158,805 (+15.5%) units.

Kia’s Best-Sellers

Overseas, Kia Motors was able to sell 32,498 units of the C-Segment Cerato for the month of May alone. This model is clearly the company’s most promising and best selling car.

The B-Segment Rio followed with 18,894 units and the Sportage compact SUV came third with 15,914 units sold.

The fourth and fifth, respectively, are the Sorento mid-size CUV and the Soul urban crossover with 14,265 units sold and 11,908 units sold. These are Kia’s top five selling models.

Kia Motors‘ increasing sales performance is a result of the company’s ever growing competence in the car manufacturing industry. Kia continues to undergo its dramatic transformation with its exciting and innovative modern designs.

This Korea-based carmaker has steadily gained a wide share in the US car market, thanks to its dynamically styled vehicles that came out at exactly the right time in several important segments.

In 2010, Kia is set to introduce four new vehicles and a number of key initiatives. It plans to continue building new models through design innovation, car quality, safety features, value, and driver satisfaction technology, including the UVO info-tainment powered by Microsoft. Sales continue to increase due to Kia’s innovative marketing strategies such as the 2011 Sorento CUV becoming the official vehicle of the NBA.

6 thoughts on “Kia car sales soar 23 percent

  1. There is no doubt Kia makes a nice looking, quality car. Even the design of our ’07 Optima is pretty good. It is simply a nice looking car. The quality is unmatched. We just rolled 50k on our Optima, and it drives better than it ever has. The car feels so safe, and sturdy, as well as getting 5 star safety ratings in all four categories – and getting a ‘Good’ rating for rear impact collisions. The ABS, ESC, TCS, BAS, and EBD have all come in handy at one point or another (Michigan winters). I’d say the technology is pretty good too, even though it has gotten much better in the last 3 years. Basically what I am saying is that Kia has had the marketing strategy for several years, it is just within the last year or so, they have done an excellent job at stepping up their game. Once the Soul gets the Theta engine, and the Rio is replaced, Kia will have the line-up of the most technologically advanced cars – from engines to interiors to the styling. By 2012, Kia will have, hands down, the best line-up in the industry. Well, if you don’t count Hyundai…….

  2. I just looked at fueleconomy’dot’gov, and it shows the 2011 Kia Sedona – 3.5L – 6 speed auto [18, 25](the 3.8L was 17, 23). Not bad considering the new Toyota Sienna’s best MPG is (19, 24) with the 4 cylinder. The only thing is, I saw a 2011 Sedona (facelifted version) with a ‘GDI’ badge on the tailgate. It was heading westbound on CA-37 just north of San Francisco. Maybe they haven’t tested the GDI model yet? It should get at least (21, 28).

  3. The void left by Toyota crisis and recall is starting to show as well as the remarkable Soul …. Kia EV where are you?

  4. In 2008 we drove a rental Kia Spectra in Florida. Impressed…I was! So, I bought one. With 28,000…still am impressed. 41 mpg on a 600 mile trip lately! Kia knows what they are doing. I would expect the Spectra replacement, Forte, would do as well.

  5. I am ready to buy a new Sedona. I see that the 2011 has a 3.5 Engine. The 2010 has a 3.8. Was there some reason for Kia to drop the 3.8?, If not I will go out and get a 2010 while they are still on the lots.

  6. The 3.5L engine has 276 HP vs 244 in the 3.8L. The 3.5L is mated to a 6 speed transmission, the 3.8L is mated to a 5 speed transmission. The 3.5L gets 18/25 MPG, the 3.8L gets 17/23 MPG. The 2011 has Kia’s signature “tiger nose” grille, the 2010 has the awkward 2006 grille. The 3.5L engine is the same engine that is in the 2011 Sorento.

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