Kia Owner Interviews – 32 Drivers Share Their Ownership Experiences

Owning a car is not just about finding a vehicle that will comfortably get you from point A to point B.

It is also about choosing a car that matches your own sense of style, as well as being able to keep up with all that you do when you work and play.

We thought it would be a great idea to talk to Kia owners to see what moved them to choose the car that they now drive.

All told, we spoke to 30 different people who made the trip to a Kia showroom and walked off the lot with a new car.

You will hear about the factors that came into play when choosing a Kia, and you will also hear about the future plans they have for their new ride.

This is because the people we spoke to all have a passion for tuning and for making their ride one that is truly unique.

What you will discover when you read about the experiences of these 18 very different folks is that they share a common bond.

No, it’s not just that they all drive a Kia car on a daily basis, it’s that they have all achieved an extremely high level of customer satisfaction and a newfound respect for the Kia brand.

Kia owner interviews – listed by Kia models

  • Kia Soul owners (12 interviews)
  • Kia Forte / Forte Koup / Forte 5-Doors (8 interviews)
  • Kia Cadenza (2 Interviews)
  • Kia cee’d / pro_cee’d (2 interviews)
  • Kia Sorento (2 interviews)
  • Kia Optima (5 interviews)
  • Kia Rio (1 interview)


– 2014 Kia Soul – Titanium Gray

Kia Soul With Blue Signature GrilleHere we have another owner of the all-new 2014 Soul crossover vehicle.

He bought the “hamster car” only a few months ago, but he has already a lot of positive things to say about it.

He loves the spaciousness and how well it handles, going as far as admitting that it’s the best car he has ever owned.

You can find some cool photos of his ride here.

– Nikki’s Soul Crossover Vehicle

Kia Soul Rear LampsNikki calls her white-painted Soul a “Little DevIl”.

She has outfitted her cool-looking ride with a ton of features, including front and rear bodyskirts, tinted tail-lights and MB alloy wheels.

The picture here reveals how she has managed to make her “hamster car” look even more attractive!

Find more pictures of Soul Little Devil at this link here.

– Kia Soul Alien Green

Kia Soul PhotoThis is another great interview with the Kia owner who has the 2013 Soul crossover vehicle.

Painted in Alien Green exterior color, the vehicle hosts a large number of aftermarket accessories and some cool-looking matte black stripes.

Among others, the car also features LED fog lights, new rear spoiler and navigation system + backup camera.

Find full details (and a list of styling mods) on this hot-looking Soul here.

– 2014 Soul Red Zone

Red Zone Soul Grille PhotoKia has announced the arrival of the Soul Red Zone special edition model.

Set to go on sale in the USA this spring, the “edition” model features some stylish extras that make the car look even more unique.

Matt from Alabama, USA appears to be one of the first lucky people that got his hands on the Red Zone edition model.

He’s been a Kia owner for years having owned no les than 3 Kia Souls!!

Here’s the full interview with Matt: Kia Soul Red Zone Special Edition Model Photos

– White Kia Soul Base 2014 Model Year

2014 Kia Soul PhotoWe have seen a couple of great-looking 2014 Souls in different colors, including the Solar Yelow, Titanium Gray and Kale Green models.

Today, we are introducing a Clear White Soul Base with a couple of interesting aftermarket parts and accessories.

Those include a gloss black racing stripe, 16-inch alloy wheels, blue accents on bumpers and stainless steel fog light placeholders.

The owner of this cool-looking Soul Base comes from Reno, Nevada.

Read further to find more details about Justin’s white-painted 2014 Soul Base and his ownership experience so far.

– Yellow Soul Exclaim 2014

2014 Kia Soul Alloys PhotoWe are proud to introduce another happy Kia Soul owner to all of you Kia fans and enthusiasts.

Michael from Virginia has been a long time Kia owner (since 1997, actually).

His devotion to the Kia brand started with the Sephia, and he was rewarded for his ongoing loyalty when he won a trip to South Korea to meet other owners after entering the “Kia Loyalty Has Its Rewards’ essay contest.

That’s not to say that Michael hasn’t driven any other brands, but he has found that they all have pales in comparison to what Kia has to offer.

Find some great pics of the yellow Kia Soul Exclaim here.

– Owner of a Titanium Gray 2014 Kia Soul Base

Gray Kia SoulDawn had been a long-time Jeep owner, but she decided it was time to switch her ride for something more comfortable.

An extensive research of the current cars on the market brought Dawn to the all-new 2014 Kia Soul, which offered everything she wanted (up-to-date safety features, modern styling and quality) plus affordable pricing.

She was also blown away by the warranty Kia puts on all their vehicles, which was what actually ended up making her decision final.

She’s now a proud owner of the 2014 Soul Base, painted in Titanium Gray color. Click the link to read her Kia ownership story!

– The very first interview with the owner of a 2014 Kia Soul

There have been a lot of talk about the all-new 2014 Kia Soul in the automotive sphere lately and a ton of people waiting for the arrival of the trendy small crossover vehicle.

And as luck would have it, we were lucky enough to be able to interview one of the first owners of the 2014 Soul in the United States.

Robert just traded in his 2013 Soul to get his hands on the new 2014 model! He got himself a 2014 Soul Base painted in Kale Green exterior color.

– Kia Soul Burner Edition with 18-Inch alloys

Next in our interview series is the owner of a red-painted Kia Soul crossover vehicle!

He drives a special Burner Edition which features stylish 18-inch alloy, LED headlights and several other aftermarket parts and accessories.

See more images of the Soul Burner edition with 225/45 R18 Hankook Tires here.

– Black Kia Soul with “red rally stripe”

Anthony Rasten admitted that the very popular Soul hamster commercial ads were those that caught his attention.

After testing the Soul, he immediately fell in love with the boxy crossover vehicle.

He picked up the 2010 model and installed some cool aftermarket accessories that made his ride even more attractive.

The additions that Anthony has made have definitely had the desired effect, so be sure to read on to learn more about how he pimped his Kia Soul to suit his own specific style.

Read the full interview here: Black Kia Soul with red burner grille, rally stripe (with photos)

– The Soul Ignition riding on 20-Inch tires

While majority of Kia Souls ride on 18-inch tires, this particular model features slightly larger rubber.

Called Soul Ignition (this is a Special Edition model that Kia launched a few years ago), the car rides on 20-inch tires and features one of the most attractively styled alloy wheels we have seen to date.

The addition of a black racing strip slicing the length of the car gives the Soul a real sporty vibe.

Find more photos of the Soul Special Edition here.

– Heather loves her Kia Soul 4U

Girls like Kia cars too! Our next participant comes from Canada and drives a heavily-modified Kia Soul 4U.

Heather first owned a 1985 Honda CRX, but gave that up for a minivan when she was starting a family.

Later, she fell in love with the new Kia Soul. She’s also an active member of several Kia car communities. You can chat with her there, just search for  a member called Soul Sailor.

Find some great images of her tricked-out Kia Soul 4U here.


– A tricked-out Forte Koup with exclusive body paint

The owner of a tricked-out Kia Forte Koup coupe has been around cars for years, both professionally and personally. At work, he is a wrap graphic designer/installer for company Alabama.

He had already known about Kia when his girlfriend announced that she was in the market for a new car.

He saw the Forte EX 4-door sedan as the perfect vehicle for her, but became so impressed by the styling of the car that he ended up buying himself a 2013 Forte Koup SX.

Since then, he has done wonders to his ride. Take a look at his stunning Forte Koup here:

– Crimsom Red Kia Forte EX 4-door sedan

Here’s the interview with Gregory, a very passionate Kia enthusiast, who has owned a couple of Kias before buying his brand-new 2014 Forte 4-door sedan.

Gregory has nothing but good words for the Kia dealer that he dealt with, as they really went above and beyond to find a 2014 Forte sedan that had all the features and color schemes he wanted.

Find more details and photos of his beautiful Kia ride here: 2014 Kia Forte EX In Manistee, Michigan

– 2014 Steel Blue Kia Forte LX

Another owner of the all-new Kia Forte sedan shares his ownership experience! Located in Clearwater, FL, the owner drives a Steel Blue Kia Forte LX.

Chris has only had the car for a couple of months, but has already received all kinds of comments on how great it looks.

One of the biggest compliments he gets is on the interior, with most people refusing to believe that a car that looks that good would only fall in the mid-range of the Kia lineup.

Read the full interview here: Steel Blue Forte LX 2014

– Black Forte Koup with striking orange alloy wheels

Chad from Texas drives one of the most attractive Forte Koups out there.

It has been almost a year since he got the two-door Koup and he has already put in a fair amount of work.

There are a couple of standout additions made that certainly make the car stand out from the crowd. Perhaps the coolest of these upgrades is the orange powder coating on the alloy wheels.

Read on to find out more details on all the modifications the owner has made to his Kia Forte Koup.

– Snow White Pearl Forte EX

This is another great-looking Kia ride. Robert drives a stylish Forte 4-door sedan.

Painted in white exterior color, the Forte he owns features a plethora of cool looking mods, including Megan coilovers, 215_40 tires, chrome door handle covers and K badges.

In addition to that, the Forte rides on custom-painted alloys and has a heavily upgraded interior.

You should definitely look inside his car. It looks amazing! Here are a couple of images of Robert’s white Kia Forte, as well as a full interview.

– Spicy Red Kia Forte 5 tuning – interview

Our next piece of content features Jeff Smith, a family man who has had a love of vehicles since his childhood.

Jeff has owned a multitude of vehicles over the years, but his Kia Forte 5-door hatchback is one that holds a particularly special place in his heart.

If you want to know more about the aftermarket accessories and parts that Jeff has installed to make the car a little more unique, then read on for all the details.

Jeff’s interview link: Spicy red Kia Forte 5 with C-Mod grille

– Matte-Red Forte 5-door hatchback

We are now turning to Angel Lopez, a 23-year old who both works and studies on a full-time basis.

That said he is still able to find time to engage in automotive photography as well as automobile modification, which is something that has interested him since an early age.

Much of that modding experience has been use to add a unique look to the Kia Forte 5 that he has owned for almost 3 years.

You can find some high-quality pictures of his matte-red Forte hatchback here.

– A hot-looking 2-door Forte Koup

We hope you enjoyed reading our series of interviews focusing on Kia owners!

Our latest one takes us north of the border to Canada where we talk Bailey Norrie.

She has revealed a few details about her second Kia purchase, the 2-door Kia Forte Koup.

She also told us about her initial reluctance of shopping for a Kia in the first place, and what it was that finally swayed her into buying not just one, but two.

Find some cool pictures here: Proud Kia owner talking about her 2-door Forte Koup


– Susan owns a brand-new 2014 Cadenza

Susan appears to be one of the very-first owners of a brand-new Cadenza near-luxury sedan in the USA.

She drives a Smokey Blue Cadenza 2014 model year. She has sent us a couple of photos and we admit, the 4-door sedan looks nothing but stunning!

According to her notes, Susan enjoys her new vehicle a lot.

It is especially interesting to read her story to find out what were the main reasons why she chose the Kia Cadenza over its main competitors.

Find all the answers here.

– Changing Lexus for new Kia Cadenza

Kia Cadenza Black PhotoHere we have another brand new Cadenza owner. David comes from North Carolina drives a fully loaded 2014 Cadenza premium sedan.

David’s first experience with Kia vehicles came when he bought a top-of-the-range Optima sedan. That was a car that absolutely sold him on the brand.

He enjoyed the Optima, but then he saw the 2014 Cadenza for the first time. He knew that he wanted to get behind the wheel of it.

The fact that the Kia dealership made him a great trade in offer made it a little easier for David to hand over the keys of his Optima in favor of his Cadenza premium sedan.

Find more details about David’s Kia ownership experience here.


– Euro-market Kia Cee’d with sporty kit

We are now heading over Atlantic to see how Europeans do the Kias.

We have interviewed Michel Smets who lives in Germany. He owns a black-colored cee’d 5-door hatchback.

The cee’d appears to be the most popular Kia in Europe. It shares its platform with Forte / Forte Koup.

Michel did a great job modifying his euro-hatch, so let’s take a look at some pics and read the interview.

– White Pro_cee’d with black rally stripe

Kia pro_cee'd tuning photosThis is the Europe-exclusive model. The owner of this heavily upgraded Kia ride lives in Germany.

He has done a great job tuning his Kia. There are several accessories fitted to the car including a H&R lowering springs, IBHER front signature grille and Giacuzzo body-kit.

The sporty 3-door hatchback also boasts a black rally stripe and a repainted interior accents. It looks pretty cool!

See more photos of this great looking pro_cee’d 3-door from Germany.


– Kia Sorento EX tuning interview

We have seen a couple of US-market Kias fitted with a large number of highly-attractive aftermarket parts and accessories.

The Europeans love Kias too and they put a lot of effort to make their rides as unique as possible.

Rimus from Netherland drives a previous generation Kia Sorento SUV, powered by a 3,5L V6 gasoline engine. This engine is not a common choice in Europe, so let’s read on to find the reasons why the owner chose V6 engine over the more popular diesel unit.

Interview details & photos here…

– New Kia Sorento SX full of LEDs

kia sorento alloysWe took a little break and haven’t posted interviews for a while. But we are back introducing the owner of a sleek Sorento SX.

This time we talked to Ken, the owner of a black-painted 2012 Sorento crossover vehicle.

Some of the aftermarket parts and accessories fitted to the popular SUV include a restyled grill, new bumper with fog lights and front/rear aluminum skid plates.

In addition, the vehicle also sports different instrument cluster and has carbon fiber trim on the interior and illuminated door sills.

The suspension has dual flow dampers, while ride height is about 1/2 inch lower than with the other trims. It also features mirror finished alloy rims.

Find more details about Ken’s Sorento modifications here.


Kia-27 Aftermarket Parts And Accessories you can install to your Kia Optima SX

We have asked Casey a couple of questions about his current ride, the Optima mid-size sedan.

His Kia ride is powered by a turbocharged 2,0L T-GDI four-cylinder engine and features as much as 27 aftermarket accessories!

There are some high-quality photos included to the news article, so it’s well worth to read it through! Click the link above to hit the page about Casey’s ride!

– 2014 Kia Optima Owner Interview

White-Optima-2014As a part of our weekly Kia owner interviews, we have shown you a couple of fresh 2014 Kia models, including several new Souls and Forte 4-door sedans.

And here we have the very-first interview with the owner of a 2014 Optima mid-size sedan.

Kia’s top-selling vehicle in the United States has been refreshed for the 2014 model year. It hosts a plethora of visual updates and some powertrain upgrades as well.

Patrick found the updated Optima attractive enough to buy it. He enjoys the sporty ride and its power coming out of the 2,0L turbocharged engine.

Here are more photos of his 2014 Optima SX-T in white color!

– Matte-blue Kia Optima mid-size sedan

We have also interviewed Robert Long, a California native who has lived in Texas for the last couple of years.

He purchased a brand-new Ebony Black Kia Optima LX in 2011, but later re-painted it to the exclusive matte blue color.

Why he chose Kia Optima? He used to drive a truck and with gas prices on the rise he was really looking for something more economical.

I looked through all makes of vehicles and fell in love with the lines and options of the Kia Optima.

You can read his interview here: Kia Optima In matte blue color.

– Two-tone color Optima sedan

2011-kia-optima-gdiHere we have another striking Optima mid-size sedan.

This time, we are hosting Desmond and his custom-painted 2011 Kia Optima LX with the 2,4L GDI four-cylinder engine fitted under the hood.

Having owned the stylish Optima sedan since 2011, Desmond turned his stock Optima into a real looker.

With just the right amount of aftermarket accessories and custom painting, Desmond has put together an amazing looking ride.

Take a look at his Optima fitted with a plethora of aftermarket parts and accessories here.

– Black Kia Optima Tuning

Optima Tuning ImageAnother hot-looking Kia ride. A black-painted Optima mid-size sedan hosts a ton of aftermarket parts and accessories.

Some of the coolest looking ones are the K-logo, 10-spoke alloy wheels, black-painted signature grille and twin exhaust pipes.

If you want to know more about the owner and his stunning Kia ride, feel free to read his interview.

Read full owner interview: Optima tuning + photos


Tricked Out Kia RioLet’s take a look at another cool Kia Ride.

The latest in our Kia owner interview series lives in a more tropical location of Cebu, Philippines. where our owner works for a well-known company that supplies automotive power management systems and interior trims and seats.

The owner of a heavily modified Rio sedan has a fondness for automobiles that includes blogging about cars and taking pictures.

Find a detailed Q&A with some great photos of the tricked-out Rio here.

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