Kia Cadenza / K7: first interior image surface to the web!

Here we have yet another exclusive report on the all-new Kia K7!

This time we are binging you the very first set of K7’s interior shots. Once again, pics have been sent to us by members of the Korean Kia K7 club.

Thanks for the pics! [Source: club-vg.net & vgclub.net]

kia-k7-2.jpg     2010kia-k7.jpg     kiak7interior.jpg

kiainterior.jpg     kiak7white.jpg     2010kiak7white.jpg

35 thoughts on “Kia Cadenza / K7: first interior image surface to the web!

  1. That’s a awesome interior. Just alittle too much piano black on dash around the radio and controls

  2. a very busy cluster of switches,tell me is this a 5 seat car??? why,did they design these switches in the center pull down arm rest in the back,if there is 3 in the back,how do you use them??? a cup holder and switches could give you a problem….

  3. Well, it has two speed rear heated seats and 8 airbags. I want to see this! You KNOW that Kia won’t carry over the majority of the features to the USA.

  4. I am so glad they used that glossy black instead of wood accents which look really old school to me. and many cars have buttons alongside cup-holders in the rear armrest. Moreover it also has a storage box integrated in it. Interior is amazing!

  5. Looks fantastic! Use of piano blank in place of faux metal was a smart more! Hyundai could learn from that one (faux metal in Gen coupe for example).

    Great looking car, horrible name (Cadenza).

  6. Edit!

    Looks fantastic! Use of piano black in place of faux metal was a smart move! Hyundai could learn from that one (faux metal in Gen coupe for example).

    Great looking car, horrible name (Cadenza).

  7. This car is a large sedan, it is same class with Nissan maxima/Toyota Avalon/Honda legend/Pontiac G8…. Even Lexus ES!
    Again, This car is not a camry/accord fighter. Kia Optima is a direct fighter of camry/accord.

    1. I think cadenza is a good name. at least, it is better than K7.

    2. It is an audi style. but it is not looking as “high price” car like Kia Amanti.

    3. piano black interior, ‘love it or hate it’ style.
    it is gorgeous. but finger print is problem.

    4. Exterior style was not nice looking to me at initial. I didn’t like grill design. But, i changed my mind, it is a good design for long term looking.

    This car is already in my shopping list. This is good car for Azera/Avalon/Maxima/Lexus ES alternative.

    I don’t worry about engine, fuel economy, powertrain, and Kia’s quality and reliability. They share parts with Hyundai.

  8. One more!!

    I don’t like Kia logo in front and handle.
    I just don’t like Kia logo, it is not so beautiful, even if i think this car is my next car.

  9. Finger prints is what I was thinking about the piano black dash. A flat black would have looked good too.

  10. Notice the gauges. It is the “triple barrel” look, but only the tach and speedo are showing, and they are to the outside. To the inside is an LCD screen. That is VERY MUCH like the concept, but the concept was all digital.

  11. Our Brand is going full speed ahead, guys. They will be forced to bring features like that over, its just that simple. Since Europe and most of the world has their car market now, Hyundai.KIA can focus on upmarket feautures in all of our products that the Koreans get on the US cars. Americans Chinese, Aussies, and Koreans like the floaty Luxury, and the company is going to give it to us.

  12. Yeah Boris. KIAs trucks are more reliable than Hyundais Trucks so why not have KIA just make all of the Company Trucks.

    Hyundai Cars are more reliable than KIAs cars so why not just have Hyundai make all of the Company Car products.

    That Strategy will lead us to be #1 in quality in 18 months-3 years, watch. KIA will be our “Ultra reliable” Brand in this strategy. Hyundai will get more goddies, but KIAs will be made a ranking higher in reliability than Hyundais.

    Like This:

    Top 5 Reliablity Rankings 2011-

    1. KIA

    2. Hyundai

    3. Lexus

    3. Porsche

    4. Mercedes

    5. Honda/Ford/VW

  13. So what about Hwasung? They make the VG, MG, XM, TD and HM. Hyundai and Kia are getting too ‘friendly’. Hyundai needs to manufacture Hyundais, and Kia needs to manufacture Kias. If they intertwine in manufacturing, then they might as well just make ONE LINE of each car and call themselves Kiundai. What is the sense of making two of essentially the same car on the same line. How stupid. So, does guangju make any Hyundais right now? Last I knew, they made the AM, UN, KM, and trucks and busses. What is the fate of Sohari? What is made there? I thought that the JB aand VQ were made there. Hyundai-Kia needs to leave their manufacturing facilities making the vehicles they already are. Let Ulsan make the Hyundais. Let Kia stick to their plan of making XM, VG, and TD in West point, or is Kiundai going to be stupid enough to move Santa Fe manufacturing there?

  14. @Greg.
    Sorry, but your opinion is not clever.
    Produce various vehicles in ONE LINE, that is the common sense of auto industry.
    cost reduction.
    If Hyundai-Kia completely seperate each other, then, production cost is double.

    If Hyundai-Kia must work cost effectively, if they seperated, then, they can’t compete with rival toyota.
    Remeber, Lexus produced by Toyota line. For example, Toyota Avalon, Lexus ES produced in Japan’s Camry factory.
    Do you know Toyota? Go to read any toyta book. Toyota is King of ‘cost-cutting’.
    Even mighty American Big3 crushed by this Japanese ‘cost-cutting’ production system. You may heard toyota’s Kanban, Kaizen, Just in Time…

  15. this is a great car,i dont normally see things i dont like about hyundais and kias,so i love evr thing.

  16. Only now Thai-o-ta is running scared. Has anyone else heard of the runaway LS350 from San Diego. A CHP Officer who was on his off-time driving a loaner Lexus with his family couldn’t stop the thing in crowded SD streets and crashed and burned, killinh him and three of his family. Very sad case. He couldn’t brake the car to a stop, they were going 100+ mph in crowded streets. Stuck accelerator? Or the matt got stuck under the accelerator and that caused the high stuck speeds. People have blogged that he could’ve pressed in the start-stop button in for 3 seconds and the engine would’ve stopped. Or put the stick in neutral and braked to a stop off the road. Or turned the key off. Oh, wait, it has a button start-stop. Thing is, he shouldn’t have had to face this out-of-control acceleration problem at all in the first place. There are 9 other incidents of bad accidents with Thai-o-ta’s since 2000 in court. Faulty electronics, some are wondering. Thai-o-ta CEO has said he’s very sorry to the survivors. Thati-o-ta’s in trouble, carnuts.

  17. On the dash instead of the shiny plastic, they could’ve used some brushed plastic surrounded with chrome on the edges, that’s what I thought it’d be before seeing these pictures. Disappointment.

  18. Shiny Plastic is like an IPOD/Cell Phone thing. Its intended for younger people. Plus the shiny plastic has a useful purpose, to allow the LED Interior lights they have behind that shiny plastic to shine.

    I can see a lot of company boss’s 24 Year old sons driving this thing with bling rims, along with a few young professionals, and people who work in the services sector making better wages than most.

  19. The piano black trim is far too much and already looks awful. What a fingerprint magnet. I would have chosen a different material, or just used less of it.

    Regardless, this is an incredible vehicle.

  20. Post more pics of the exterior and interior, please! I see new ones on vgclub/club-vg but I can’t access them.

  21. “Bryan Says: October 24th, 2009 at 3:23 am
    The top 2 on your list are the only two credible carmakers on there, IMO.”

    Most ridiculous and misinformed comment in this thread.

    So Honda, Mercedes and Porsche aren’t credible? Please.


  22. Not to this car nut, they are definitely not credible at all. Period. Done deal. End of story. Over. Out. Go Seahawks against Dallas!

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