Kia Belgium CEO, 7-year warranty and lie detector test

Kia Belgium CEO undergoes a lie detector test to assure consumers about the carmaker’s 7-year warranty program!

In a first of its kind marketing campaign, Kia Belgium has strapped none else but its CEO to a lie detector machine and allowed consumers to ask him questions about the warranty and other services offered by the company.

The lie detector machine was used to assure the consumers that what was stated in the ad was in fact the truth, and there were no caveats involved. The most important question asked was whether the 7-year warranty advertized by the company was in fact true.

Because no other company offers a 7-year warranty, consumers were naturally wondering whether the offer was too good to be true. To get its message of this never before offer to them the company had to take this first of its kind step. To this end, they contacted Legal Connections, a company that gives polygraph services, and asked them to hook up their CEO, Benoit Morrene.

Kia Belgium CEO & lie detector test video:

The question and answer session was done in a live webcast, where the public had the option to ask him any question about Kia cars. They did, asking him whether the 7-year warranty had any loophole, to which he replied there was none, among other questions.

The video is now available online, and makes for an interesting example of how to establish trust with consumers. The event was heavily publicized through newspaper ads, banners etc, to reach as many people as possible.

The campaign was run by LDV United from Antwerp, Belgium, and its creative director was Kristof Snels. The event created a lot of buzz, and its numbers show that it was highly successful in getting its message across to the public. According to Scripta, an independent media company, the Brand recognition for the campaign was 42 percent as against the sector average of 32 percent, and its Attribution score was 42 percent compared to the sector average of 62 percent. Its Effectiveness rating too was 11 percent higher than the sector average of 20 percent. Most impressively, its credibility rating was off the charts at 80 percent!

8 thoughts on “Kia Belgium CEO, 7-year warranty and lie detector test

  1. OK, Now lets launch the same 7 year Warranty Program here in North America.

  2. but, the 7 year program is bumper to bumper, its only 5 years in the US and Canada. It’s the power train that is 10 years in the US and only 5 years in Canada. This would be better overall for North America if a compromise was required.

  3. Greg………well, any comment? Were you implying the 5 year 60K Bumper to Bumper (or) the 10 Year Drivetrain Warranty?

  4. I though that the 7 years was only powertrain. This is what I got from the Kia Europe site:

    “Some items have a natural limited life/durability and are therefore covered for less than 7 years. These items include (but are not restricted to) consumable parts such as worn windscreen wiper blades, clutch linings, etc. The vehicle battery is warranted for a period of 2 years. The audio system is warranted for 3 years/60,000 miles and vehicle paint is warranted for 5 years/100,000 miles.

    For all other components, the total cost of parts and labour associated with any warranty claim are covered. “

  5. Greg, perhaps your right. I guess one cannot assume that what Warranty is offered in Europe might necessarily be better then what is offered here in the USA. Different world markets dictate different marketing ploys. Would be (sweet) if it offered the 7 year/84K bumper to bumper warranty and we got it too eventually.

  6. I think the 10 year NA Power Train Warranty is a good advertising “ploy” but what percentage of original car buyers keep their vehicles for 10 years and 100K? Most have been traded long before then and unless a Timing Belt fails and the engine blows during that period, its questionable if that would be covered anyway due to the fact that they recommend its replacement at Owners Expense after 60K. Both Kia and Hyundai I`m sure pay out very little under this Drive train extended warranty. Most of the Warranty expense is paid out with the Bumper to Bumper 5 year 60 K Warranty anyhow.

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