Kia Australia Aims At Optima GT Turbo Sports Sedan

The New York Motor Show is set to go in April of this year, and that is when the covers will be pulled off the fourth-generation 2016 Optima midsize sedan.

The vehicle will have an all-new design, which was somewhat shown off by the Kia Sportspace concept car that was teased recently.

The new generation Optima model is set to hit Australian dealerships in October or November of this year.

Locally-Developed Optima GT Rumored

Kia Optima GTWord is that Kia also plans on delivering a locally developed GT model to be the top of the line Optima model in Australia.

Damien Meredith, CEO of Kia Motors Australia, suggested that the company is set to deliver a 240+ horsepower Optima sports sedan before the year draws to an end.

There are very few details known at this stage of the game, but it is believed that the local market will get a turbocharged 2.0L Optima that will also have a suspension that is more finely tuned that the other Optima trim levels.

As it stands now, the Optima in Australia comes available only with a 2.4L 4-cylinder petrol engine.

The 2.0-liter turbo that is used in the US will be a welcome addition to the Australian market.

Leading the transformation of the Optima will be Graeme Gambold, a man who has worked wonders with the chassis tuning of all other Kia models sold in Australia.

In fact, when working on a proc_cee’d GT, he has done such a great job that the Brits now use the same calibration that Gambold developed for the 3-door hot hatchback.

Jeff Shafer, head of product planning at Kia Australia, will be heading to Korea shortly to discuss the changes that need to be made, as well as the role that the Koreans will play in making it all happen.

It is not yet known if the performance based Optima will be given the GT label.

Optima Wagon To Go On Sale, Too?


Kia Australia is looking beyond the GT for the Optima, as the would also love to see the Optima wagon arrive Down Under. That particular model will be seen as a concept model at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The wagon and the GT would make for a perfect combination that would certainly go a long way towards making the medium car a must have in Australia again.

There will be much more to report about both models once they make their respective debuts in Geneva and New York. (Source: motoring.com.au)

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  1. Graeme Gambold is the man.

    Always wondered why Kia just doesn’t use the Aussie-tuning for every market, or at least for the sport trims.

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