Kia Announces All-New K7 700h and Refreshed K5 500h Hybrids

Kia is all set to launch the refreshed K5 hybrid, as well as an all-new K7 hybrid!

There has been a lot of talk about the forth-coming Soul electric vehicle, lately.

The zero-emission Soul EV is coming to the market in 2014 and will be Kia’s first mass produced all electric vehicle globally.

The buzz around the 2015 Kia Soul EV made us nearly miss the latest news about the upcoming hybrid versions of the K5 and K7 hybrid sedans, which are scheduled to go on sale in Korea in mid December.

Scheduled to go on sale on December 16., the K5 and K7 hybrids are going to lead the lineup of the carmaker’s mid-size and large-size hybrid sedans and mark the official kickoff of its full-scale entry into the hybrid market.

Kia has yet to release first official details about the upcoming hybrid cars, but we have learned that both cars will incorporate a 150-horsepower 2,4L Theta 4-cylinder engine coupled with a 35-kilowatt electric motor.

Kia K5 500h, K7 700h Hybrids Image Gallery

Kia K5 500h Hybrid Car  Kia K7 700h hybrid photo

Based on the refreshed 2014 Optima sedan, the K5 500 hybrid will achieve a fuel efficiency of 16.8 kilometers per liter, while the larger K7 700h sedan (based on 2014 Cadenza) will achieve 16 kilometers per liter of fuel.

While the K5 hybrid sedan has already been on sale in Korea and elsewhere around the world for a couple of years, the K7 700h hybrid sedan is an all-new version of the K7 sedan that has not been available before.

Stay tuned for more news! We will soon publish the very first pictures of the K5 500h and K7 700h hybrids!

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