Kia and Hyundai cars among safest models

Four Kia minivans and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors have been included in the list of 34 “safest” cars selected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the United States.

According to the companies Friday, Hyundai Motor’s “Santa Fe,” “Veracruz” and “Entourage” and Kia Motors’ “Sedona” earned the “Top Safety Pick” award for their performance in safety tests.

Hyundai Motor’s Santa Fe was selected as one of the top picks in the category of SUV along with the BMW X5, while Kia Motors’ Sedona (known here in South Korea as the “Grand Carnival”) got a nod in the minivan category.

“We are extremely proud that the Sedona was the first minivan ever to earn the IIHS `Top Safety Pick,”’ said Len Hunt, president and CEO of Kia Motors America. The Sedona has been included in the list for three years in a row.

“To continue to earn this honor is yet another example of our dedication to providing quality vehicles equipped with the highest level of standard safety features available,” he added.

From convertibles to pick up trucks, the IIHS puts vehicles to the test, rating how they do in front, side, and rear collisions. It also checks the performance of the electronic stability control (ESC) of the vehicles.

IIHS says that the ESC, a safety feature that kicks in to keep cars from spinning out of control or flipping over, could reduce the likelihood of a single-vehicle fatalaties by more than half.

Beside the four South Korean-made cars, there were 13 Japanese vehicles including the Honda Accord, six German cars including the Audi A6 and five Swedish automobiles such as the Volvo S80 in the list. [Source: Koreatimes]

12 thoughts on “Kia and Hyundai cars among safest models

  1. speaking of safety. I also wanted to remind everybody that the 1998 Kia sportage was the first production car in the world to be equiped with knee airbags.

  2. I hope next year the Borrego is top safest.
    To Boris: Really. I didn’t know that? So the KCD-2 is not the first Kia with knee airbags.
    I learn a lot from this blog.

  3. Well, thats what it said in wikipedia – “The 1998 Kia Sportage was the world’s first production vehicle to be equipped with a knee airbag.” the knee airbag is present in sorento now…..I think…..By the way the COTY award is going to be announced on 19 nov. Hope Cee’d wins. fingers crossed!!…. heres a para from wikipedia – – –

    —“Sportage was sold in either a four-door or a two-door soft-top. The first-generation Sportage was discontinued in North America for 2002 and worldwide for 2003 and put on hiatus until a second generation model was ready. The 1998 Kia Sportage was the world’s first production vehicle to be equipped with a knee airbag. This first generation model (1995-2002) sold in low numbers even domestically in South Korea, however, and was RECALLED twice for rear wheels dismounting while driving.”—

  4. The Kia Sorento has had knee airbags ever since the beginning of production!(About the popularity of the prev-gen Sportage; I live in a town with a population of about 6,000. There are at least 5 Sportages around that I know of, and the nearest Kia dealership in 2002 was 178 miles away.)

  5. This option must have been offerd only in US! I’m from Europe and don’t know anything about the knee airbag offered.
    Now the question: Kia has the knee airbag technology, why they don’t use it? So far, acording to wikipedia, it was only avaliable in Sportage. Why not using it in all of their vehicles? Afterall, the knee airbags are becoming a standard feauture in cars here in Europe.

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